*commercial, skip to 0:53* Hello, my dear friend I remember well the times when drunk people near subway with cardboard sign that says “need money for booze” had been sitting and begging for some change And now alcoholics dress up like blind people, take a cane turn their head back and forth ( throws his head ) and they don’t realize that real blind people don’t act that What else to expect from an idiot who is wearing (put on) a T-shirt with Putin printed on it? It’s a pity that no one gives him money – ‘Cause rumor has it, 86% of people who support Putin are living in the shithole Why isn’t anyone giving him money? (sign on the T-shirt) PUTIN – IT”S ALL GOOD! (“Everything’s good with us.”) It’s not just idiots in Putin T-shirts begging for money but also idiots in uniform. Guy: I’d like to ask if your odometer is ticking just for fun Police officer: Yep just for fun
(odometer measures distance travelled by the car) He doesn’t know yet that he’s being filmed that filthy cop who has his odometer running Odometer is that device that counts the rotatioins of the wheel But he’s going to see the camera now Guy: Well, I’m sorry for that ‘None of your business’?
You’re using your official service car and deliberately making the wheels turn without going anywhere just like they do in Moscow and St Petersburg the city services put their snowploughs and streetsweepers up with their wheels in the air so they just turn in place we’ve seen all that in winter, but you are doing it in summer too Police officer: What? Am I sticking my nose in your car? Guy: I don’t own a car The difference between your cop car and the car of this citizen is that you live off the money from our budget – what a disgrace and your car is paid by us, too (they are arguing about odometr) (man) I have filmed it. This is the evidence (cop) Rejoice Everything is like Water off a duck’s back. (cop) Rejoice The bastard (cop) was caught red-handed (camera) I will make a complain to prosecutor. (cop) oh please lol “Yes, please, ofcause” they (cops) don’t give a fuck about any inspections They (cops) don’t give a fuck about any of your complaints made. The don’t give a fuck about solving problems which were addressed legally . And for those who has (contrived to / managed to) steal 1 billion (by illegal manipulations) on the RosNano, which is managed by Anatolij Chubais which have been praised by Hovanskij(moron, russian video blogger), Malikov (crap singer) in theirs video clip (track) Nano engineers collects/gathers you likes (music) We, Ruslan and Me are on this subject (music)because is again on the hype. (music morons Hovanskij starts reading with the shit between his teeth, i am not going to translate it, shortly this douchebag is saying about what he has never been doing.) He (man on the article) stole over 1 billion (currency not stated) and he was released it was told that the fine/penalty of 100 000 R is no longer requited to be payed. Court suddenly has made a decision to exempt the defendants from payment of any penalty for the reason that the limitation period is up. L – LOGIC The crime was recorded in 2016 How the limitation period could expire, this is a big question But in Russian shithole this is normal behavior. You can record yourself to the history just for the 100RUB by placing your name on the stonebrick and also you can have your name on the cubic meter of concrete for 3000RUB and your name on the pile costs 25000RUB Donators who made a donation larger than 5000RUB will be awarded with some certificate It seems like a crowdfunding A project collects monies. If project fails to gain the certain amount, the monies returs to the donators Something is telling me that the money of the donors will never be returned in any case in this case that is why they are called losers,sucker For the subscribers of Dmitry Malikov’s intagram where Malokov with his fucking smile Continue smiling that way, he will easily sell his mother to the panel because for him everything is fantastically beautiful in Moscow, Sokol’niki, Tsaricino with the spelling mistake Malikov, fix the spelling mistake before Anastasiya Rakova fuck you up. From the budget of the Moscow city was spent more than a million of RUB and you are not advocating the monies spent on you. he has sold his ass to the government propaganda you will observe a lot of the rotten PR of the Sobyanin from people who as never been doing any politics, be sure they were paid fro the budget of Moscow city It would be better to spent this monies on installation of the normally functioning storm water drainage this is a center of Moscow you can see the Church and a puddle large puddle. The man is trying to bypass it. Moscow is not different from any other city of Russia. The only difference it that the budget of Moscow is 1.6 trillions of RUB. In the town Uzhny(Southville) in the Krasnodarsky Kraj (Nebraska lol) For the 4th day people were living without electricity they became angry and went out to block the traffic by crossing the road continuously. The law does not prohibit such behaviour I am encouraging everyone to act this way for 3-4 weeks already This is how the police reacts quite hard to translate Cops are almost tried “What next ahhh?” just listen how he speaks with the outraged people (hard to translate) (don’t belive what to RussiaToday and SPutnik, those 2 are crap makers)(also don’t be deceived by what you see on Russian TV. Every day Kiselov and other morons are talking about the war with NATO and saying that they will use nuclear weapons) The quality of the video is extremely low But again, the blocking the traffic on the road is quite effective way to protest, The Mayor of the city suddenly comes to the people and suddenly the the electricity supply was restored This (schkolnik – a pupil) pupil from moscow has constructed a Hadron Collider in the suitcase )))) Roman Nikolaenkov’s achievement was evaluated/appreciated by the scientists on prestigious science competition in USA(title was not said). Why the title of the prestigious science competition was not announced? The device of which he has developed and constructed is now wanted by the scientists from all over the world (russian scientists for some reason don’t give a fuck about this invention alot) This is just a special mission: to catch this pupil (schkil’nik) This is most talented and gifted pupil in the whole world (like Sheldon Cooper lol) (schkol’nik talks) This is not a huge construction, which you even can not move (schkol’nik talks) this is quite portable device. You would rather explain to people like me who is not good at science for what purpose this device is used this your portable Collider that is really wanted by all scientists Roman has become one of the nine Russian pupils which was awarded by the prize which is unoficially called “small Nobelevka” (I don’t know about what that bastart-journalist is talking about) Again the title of the award is not announced Someone has told that it is called “small Nobelevka” but this is not really matters I want you to pay attention not on the invention itself, because I don’t know about it anything who knows maybe he is really made some invention What is really important is that the award (monies) was given to him by USA. To this pupil and to the nine else exactly the money was granted by USA and in Russia nobody gives a fuck about them this is when we talking about support of the gifted children in Russia of cause talking into account that the invention is not fake To conclude, lets talk about not regular children. One of the subscribers of this channel has travelled to the Artek (children camp exUSSR) it was obviously that the Artek has become a propaganda shit hole we had different games where the rules were made the following way: we cheated people, payed high taxes … in out mini government Artek Separately, he is talking about BOSCO company. this company made a gym clothes which were made of low quality material. The stadium Artek arena, which was given by the Putin itself It seems Putin himself was building this stadium Stadium is new and modern but the cement became cracked New boats was again given by the Putin himself Especially, it was painfull to see how this 2 boats were left at the old shitty dock. The other stupidness was the 2 level elite boat, located at the same place with the logo ARTEK but children are not allowed to this boat. CHildren are allowed to use only old shitty boats And about the future of the Russia In this place rules are very strict. Children are taught to be patient to any conditions, keep silence, and don’t argue When one of us tried to argue, everyone else started to produce noise and to shut up this person. It seems there were no special people Probably it is already on the instinct level, to shut up everyone who are not agree That’s is how young zombies are grown Becasue, who is not going to support Putin or Sobyanin for free, they will never get a better conditions in future. They used to live like a pigs and cows on a farm in this Artek And not to argue or complain When person lives in a shit hole, this means this person does not respect himeself and he is proud of it I have nothing to say more THanks for watching! LIke this video, share with your friends to help us grow. Russian Youtube is manipulating with the views count. Russian Youtube is working in conjunction with the Russian intelligence office and Kremlebot. Please left some comments. translated by УГПУ 1

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