Серфинг для утюга. Отзыв о гладильной доске Sarayli Tamara.

Ironing board “Sarayli Tamara” in use for 1 year. I will tell about its advantages and disadvantages revealed in the process of its use. The main thing that you need to make a start when choosing an ironing board is the surface area for ironing. Width – 42 cm, length 124 cm. The second point to consider when choosing an ironing board is the stability of the ironing board itself. This model rests on cylinders with plastic ribbed caps. Next, I will note the shortcomings that are peculiar not only to this model of the Sarayli Tamara ironing board, but also to a number of other ironing boards priced at up to $ 100. In the description of the ironing board on the sites of sellers that this Teflon case is positioned. Under the case there is such a felt sealer, felt fabric. And the board itself is made of a single sheet metal with such perforation, painted with white enamel. When using the iron, water droplets condense on the metal surface. When I read reviews about this ironing board, recommendations that it is necessary to acquire a whole sheet board, that it is resistant to moisture and does not deform when heated. I will tell you that this is not true. When using the iron … do you hear? When heated, the ironing board bends and straightens with noise. (You can hear how the metal surface “shoots”) They say that an ironing board made of chipboard twists when using a steam iron. In my opinion, this is a publicity stunt, but in the end a deception. For 6 years I used an ironing board made of chipboard, made in my country of Belarus, and already other people use it today, and the ironing board made of chipboard is not twisted from moisture and steam. What I will not say about the linen of the Belarusian factory “Svitanok”, after each washing of which the place of the seam twists like a spiral. One of the accessories of the model “Sarayli Tamara” is such a lattice shelf for folding linen in the process of ironing. It can also be used to dry clothes that can be hung here. This shelf can be easily dismantled. Turn the key and remove the shelf. With the help of such clamps, you can change the position of the board relative to the floor, adjust the lifting height from 60 to 90 cm. Complete with a board there is such a plastic shelf for ironing the sleeves of shirts is absolutely useless thing. The shelf is made entirely of plastic. There is a felt lining and the so-called “Teflon” case. Another disadvantage of this board and most of the boards, I think this stand for storage of iron. There are silicone or rubber square stops in order not to scratch the working surface of the iron. This is not so important, because if the iron in the process of ironing is set to the steam supply mode, you cannot install the iron on the stand horizontally, as steam will be supplied. You can put the iron only in a vertical position, but this is not convenient, since the stand is not solid. I propose to make a flat one-piece stand, which is firmly attached to the ironing board without gaps, because when using iron, the power cord falls into this slot, clings to it, the braid of the cord is erased and torn on the sharp poorly processed edges of the metal stand. Please note that the cord always falls into the gap between the board and the shelf and breaks. You use, set, removed. I consider this iron holder to be another drawback, which can be lifted and fixed in this position as standard. It is attached behind the ironing board, with the power cord sinking into the gap between the board and the shelf when sagging. I would advise the manufacturer to attach this holder between the board and the shelf so that the power cord does not sink into this opening. As for the outlet and extension cord of the power cord, they are quite reliable. The contacts did not burn over the year, and the cord did not deteriorate, and so did the plug. Both the plug and the socket are equipped with a grounding pin. The socket is fixed on the stand for the iron with two self-tapping screws. The shelf for the iron is fixed to the bottom by welding to the ironing board, so it is impossible to adjust the position of the shelf relative to the ironing board. Consider these recommendations when choosing ironing boards. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Can you please do an English interpretation of this video,I just bought the ironing board, and don't really know what the functions of some of the things on the ironing board is about, which let me kind of confused. thanks

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