⛸First Time ICE SKATING!

(soft whimsical music) – [Jeremy] Where we going? – Ice skating. – [Jeremy] This is your first time, right? – Yeah. – Gotta try to stand up. – Whoa. – I want to play in the puzzles. – [All] Yeah! – I want to play in the box. – [All] Yeah! – [Laura] I want to play all day long. – [All] Yeah! – [Laura] I want to play all day along. – [All] Yeah! – What are you wanna do with baby. (giggling) – [All] Yeah! – And you want to be a princess. – [All] Yeah! – And you want to be in Tangled. – [All] Yeah! – And you want to dress
up pretty like Tangled. – [All] Yeah. – You are in a whole new world with you. – Yeah! – I can’t help but think about what Laura’s gonna do when she grows up. I think she’s gonna be a rockstar. – You love me! – [All] Yeah! – And I love you. – [All] Yeah! – And I love you! Jumping!
– Yeah! – Mommy’s coming with us, right? – [Jeremy] She’s gonna take ya. – So with it being winter
we’ve been stuck inside a lot, and some of Caleb and Laura’s friends go to this art class one morning a week, and so we figured we’d
let them try it today. They’re excited they get to pack lunches and go and spend a few hours doing all these fun creative activities. So, something new, we’ll see how it goes. Oh, in other news, I’m
totally getting sick. Sorry if you can tell
in my voice, but, yeah. – [Laura] And I’m starting to get sick. – You’re getting sick? – [Laura] Yeah. – I don’t think so. – And I have a headache. – [Kendra] You have a headache? – Yeah. – Little copycat. Miss Laura, are you
excited to go to a class? – Mhm, it’s my class. – [Kendra] Yeah, did
you pack your lunchbox? – Yep. – [Kendra] How are you feeling buddy? – I’m good. – [Kendra] Are you excited
about the new class? – Yeah. Is it basically, I feel like I’m too old. – [Kendra] You’re not too old. It’s for everybody that
doesn’t go to kindergarten yet. So it’s for preschool and pre-K. – Oh yeah! Bye mom. – [Kendra] This way guys, this way. – [Woman] Bring ’em down,
see if he gets here. – [Kendra] Cub, are you painting already? This is cool. – Me too. – [Laura] Mommy are you gonna leave? – [Kendra] I am gonna leave,
are you gonna be cool? – Yup. – High five. You have fun with your friends. Aw, I love you pumpkin. High five. Thanks buddy. Well I am craving homemade
chicken noodle soup, so that’s what I’m gonna
make for dinner tonight. So I decided to stop at the store just real quick, just to
get a couple things I needed for homemade chicken noodle soup, and I ended up doing a
full fledged shopping trip. I got a ton of stuff, but it’s definitely
needed, so that’s good. There was something else
I was gonna tell you guys. Oh, so I’m pretty much an
incredibly indecisive person and when I’m tired or sick, or not feeling well emotionally,
I’m even more indecisive. And so I was standing
there in the store today laughing at myself, because I literally made one of my choices using eeny meeny miny moe. Like, I’m an adult, I should not be using eeny meeny miny moe, but I just couldn’t decide. So poll question, when
was the last time you used eeny meeny miny
moe to make a decision, or have you never done that because you’re more decisive than me. Thumbs up if you are. So it’s really weird being home with Caleb and Laura. We never don’t have the
little kids with us. – It’s weird. It feels like someone’s sleeping. – [Kendra] Like we need to be quiet? – Mhm. – It does feel different. Anyways, I’m getting some school work done with Isaac and Elise before they go out on their adventure with dad, and it is really quiet here. Okay. – I’m so excited. – [Kendra] For your adventure? It’s coming. K, keep reading. Which one’s next? – Face. – Good job. Elise is doing a reading assessment today and she’s nailing it. – Garden. – [Kendra] Good job. – Paper. – [Kendra] Good work. – I can get each one right, ’cause this is a review
and I can do each one like they, sticker, there, sticker. – [Kendra] Yeah, it’s an assessment, it’s reviewing what you’ve learned. – It’s easy peesy lemon squeazy. – [Kendra] You’re doing awesome. – I had a dream last night and
dad was bringing in the baby. She already grew hair
and like she laughed. – Was she cute?
– And dad was trying to like make her be quiet ’cause everyone was sleeping. – [Kendra] But dad was
bringing the new baby home? – Mhm. – [Kendra] What a fun dream. – And I kept on holding her. Like when she needed help. – [Kendra] Are you excited
for the new baby sister? It’s coming soon. – I know. – Mama. – [Kendra] Mommy’s back, hi big girl. Hey mister man. So Caleb, how was your art class? – It was the best thing ever. – [Kendra] Did you like it? – Yeah. – [Kendra] Do you wanna go again? – Yeah. Mom I wish you could
shrink down into a kid and come with me. – [Kendra] It would be fun,
I think I would like it too. What was your favorite part, the playing, or the friends, the art? – Hm. Playing. – [Kendra] Playing was your favorite part. – Could you even hear that? – [Jeremy] Where we going? – Ice skating. – [Jeremy] This is your first time, right? – Yeah. – This is my second. – [Jeremy] Yeah, you’re a pro. Come on. (upbeat music) – [Elise] I’m scared I’m going to fall. – It can be scary. It’s a little awkward to walk on. – [Elise] Yeah like it’s high heels. – [Jeremy] Its like high heels. – So now Miss Laura is taking a nap, and Jeremy is taking the big kids, and I get to have time with just Caleb. He’s gonna help me make dinner, we’re gonna snuggle, and he said that I should take a nap. – First, because– – Do you think I should take a nap? – Mh. First, yeah, so you can
get all of your rest. – He’s such a sweet boy. (kissing) – Well I’m excited, we got here before school
is out, for public school, so it’s not busy yet, which is awesome. Hold on to the side as you come in. (upbeat music) (laughing) Got to try to stand up. Kicking your foot. – [Elise] Whoa. – [Jeremy] That’s the motion. You’re getting it. Good job. (shrieking) – Woah. – [Jeremy] That was close. – So I really needed a nap this afternoon, so Caleb came in here and snuggled right next to me, and played on the iPad while I rested, and it was so nice feel to get a rest. We try not to give the kids
a ton of electronics time, but the exception to
that is the month before and the month after I have a new baby, because that’s just survival mode. We’re just doing what we
can to make it through. (coughing) I’m hoping with some rest
I can get rid of this cold that I’ve gotten. – Want to hear the music
of my own building thing. – [Kendra] Oh, okay. Great music. Hey cubby, do you want to
come help me make dinner? – Um after I do the rest. – Well baby girl has
the hiccups right now. – Good job, you’re getting better. Reach out to the side, okay. Alright, end of the wall, end of the wall. – [Elise] I know. – Ice skating is a good workout, but helping kids try to ice
skate is a much better workout. ‘Cause you have to be
balanced and hold them when they’re almost falling. Whoo. (shrieking and giggling) You guys ready to really venture out? Alright, she’s doing it. You’re skating. (shrieking) Oh, you okay? – Yeah. – [Jeremy] Sometimes you fall. – Yeah, and that’s okay. – [Jeremy] That’s just part of it. – Uhuh. – [Jeremy] I’m gonna go find Isaac. You skating? – Uhuh. I didn’t think I could get
close to doing that good today. – [Jeremy] Well you are
doing good, I’m proud of you. – And we act just started. – [Jeremy] I know. – [Kendra] Caleb, what you doing? – I’m cutting a cucumber, well a whole entire one. – [Kendra] Is it a cucumber? – [Caleb] Yeah. – [Kendra] Are you sure? – No. – [Kendra] It’s a zucchini. – Yeah. – [Kendra] It’s to go in our soup tonight. Caleb’s been chopping the squash.
– Look how much I’ve done. – [Kendra] You’ve done awesome. Do you know what we’re
eating for dinner tonight? – No. – [Kendra] We’re eating
chicken noodle soup. Does that sound good? – Mhm. – What’s that called? – Chicken noodle soup and rolls, that’s what we’re gonna
have for dinner tonight. (upbeat music) – Alright, wanna get back out there? – [Elise] Mhm. – You doing it? You’re skating. Whoa. (giggling) Good job buddy. – Dad, look it. – [Jeremy] You got it. – Another happen down. – [Jeremy] Yeah, you’re doing great. – [Isaac] Nice one I was getting up. (upbeat music) (laughing) – I know how to skate. – [Jeremy] You’re doing a great job. – So we’ve been having a really good time. And we’re eating some
bananas with sprinkles and we’re gonna do some stuff. – [Kendra] Did you just grab the camera? – Yeah. – [Kendra] Did you want to vlog? – Yeah, I’m allowed to. – [Kendra] Which sprinkles
do you want Laura? – [Caleb] I’m gonna show them which one I’m gonna choose.
– Good choice. K, you show ’em. – I’m gonna have these ones. – [Kendra] Good choice. Alright, there you go,
bananas with sprinkles. Go sit at the table kiddos. (upbeat music) – Well I think Isaac and Elise would want to skate all day. But we got to get home. – I feel like I don’t have shoes on. – [Jeremy] It’s different to walk after having skates on, huh? – I’m sad to leave the ice skating rink. – [Jeremy] You loved it. – [Kendra] Alright the
chicken noodle soup is done. I like to make it with
lots of veggies in it, so it’s got squash, and zucchini, and celery, and onions, and carrots. And then it’s kind of hearty. – So Kendra finally took her temperature, and it’s over 100 degrees. She’s really not feeling good. We’re gonna end it here. J House out. – Today we’re doing the Jello Challenge. – The loser gets a bowl of
Jello dunked on their head. – [All] Yes!

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