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if you’re a beginner or heading to the
mountain for the first time there’s a few things that you can do to set up
your day for success here are some tips to make it the best day possible give yourself plenty of time to arrive
at the ski-resort early that way you’ll distress your entire day
if there are lines to get tickets lessons things like that also you can
plan on most ski resorts will have a drop-off area so if you’re coming with
families and people with lots of gear you can drop them off right up front of
the lodge go park your car and then come right back up to the lodge and meet up
with them when it comes to carrying the snowboard it’s pretty straightforward
but I’m walking over pavement I let my arm rest against the binding hold it
like that and when I’m over snow I can just use this as a handle drag it along carrying your skis there’s really not a
wrong way to carry them but there are a few ways that’ll make it a little bit
easier to maneuver your way around the ski resort I could just slide one base
against the other slide them down so that the brakes of the skis interlocked
put them upside down so the tips are facing the snow bindings go behind my
shoulder and near the ski tips just to counterbalance them that way I don’t
need to use a lot of strength and carry the weight of my skis it’s only for
balance I’d want to do that if I’m gonna maybe walk from the parking lot walk a
couple hundred feet something that’s a slightly larger distance that way it’ll
be comfortable for me if I’m gonna just go maybe 10 or 20 feet and I need to
carry my skis I can just wrap my hands around the front of the ski pick them up
in a way I go that does require a little bit of hand strength though maybe the
easiest is making sure that the the breaks are such that the one that’s in
the front is the lowest one wrap my hand around the toe piece right here off I go
make sure that you take the time to have a good breakfast when you head out on
hill for the day we often forget that it’s an athletic sport that we’re doing
and we need to stay fueled take some breaks make sure you’re hydrated and I
always keep a snack in my pocket just to make sure that I am fueled and keep my
energy up the whole day when you come skiing or snowboarding you’re gonna need
some sort of a pass to allow you with lift access that could come in the form
of an RFID card which is a hard plastic card make sure that goes in your pocket
away from your cell phone or credit card otherwise it just might not work another
ticket could be a paper ticket that you attach to a little thing called a wicket
which is either metal or plastic and it a fix
the ticket to your jacket make sure you keep it on the side pocket or your pants
not on the front zipper by your face otherwise the ticket could blow in the
wind and hit you and that wouldn’t be so comfortable when selecting a glove or
mitten it’s really a personal preference I like mittens because they tend to be a
little bit warmer but gloves might give you a little bit more dexterity I go
with a leather mitt because they’re really durable but you can also go with
something thats cortex it’s gonna be really waterproof cellphones if you’re
gonna take your cell phone with you skiing a good rule of thumb is when
you’re riding the lift go ahead and keep it in your pocket don’t take it out for
obvious reasons you could drop it off of the chairlift I also like to keep my
cell phone in my innermost pocket that way the phone stays warm the battery
doesn’t drain out quite so fast if you ski in humid conditions snow or rain go
ahead and put it in a plastic bag before you stick it in the pocket
that way it’ll stay dry when you get off the lift make sure you clear the area
quickly so that you’re out of the way for the next people coming behind you
goggles are great at keeping the wind the Sun and the elements out of your
eyes that said they can be a little bit persnickety and it’s really important to
keep them dry on the insides especially if you’re out skiing and it’s snowing
and the snow gets caked on top of your helmet or on the sides when you’re ready
to take them off pull them out away from your face and then very gently pull them
up over your helmet so if the snow doesn’t go on the inside of the goggles
and we keep them dry if they do get wet when you take them home at night pull
them out of the goggle cloth put them in a place where they’re gonna dry out
really well when stopping on a run make sure you’re off to the side and clearly
visible from above thanks for watching we hope you found some of these tips
helpful the more you know the more fun you’ll have so we hope you watch the
rest of our videos and when you do go skiing or snowboarding the best tip I
can give you is to sign up for a lesson with a certified instructor have fun out
there we’ll see you on the slopes

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  1. #1 tip for 1st time snowboarding… Strap your foot in your front binding, push yourself around then stand on your stomp pad… repeat, repeat, repeat. When you get off the lift for the first time, you might ride it out.

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