10 Incredible Couples That Make Us All Jealous!

10 Incredible Couples That Make Us All Jealous! Hello people! As winters are in full swing, love is brewing
with a cup of coffee and with cuddles under the blanket! However, still, the majority of people are
single! We know nobody is with you at this point but
our sympathies are definitely with you! Getting over your single life, let us come
to the point as we are here to make you jealous! No apologies! Celebs’ love life is the trending topic! Not just today but any day! Currently, we are obsessing over the power
couples who are making the world beg for a lover! The couples that are giving us the couple
goals! So, we have got you a list of incredible couples
that make us all jealous! Number 1. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher
Not exaggerating but they have the sweetest love story of the world! “I have the world’s greatest husband!” is
what she has to say about her husband! His behavior has never been less-than-spectacular
towards her! Their love story started off as a fling in
the year they both did movies like No String Attached and Friends With Benefits! They clearly didn’t see the ending of either
of their movies! Because in the next 3 months they were living
in together and in the next six months they were married! Mila and Ashton have two kids together. Their daughter, Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher, is
4 and their son, Dimitri Portwood Kutcher, is 2. Number 2. Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin
Their love life’s timeline is fully shown off on Instagram! It’s not perfect in the cliché Instagram
caption way but all the scenes that are behind the camera are more than what a girl would
expect out of her love life! And before we could know they got married! How do we know it? Instagram! DUH! That is where he said, “my wife is awesome”! From friends to a married couple, this journey
is a phenomenal one! They’ve been the speculation of ‘are they,
aren’t they’ rumors for years and now they’re officially married! Yaaayyyyy! Number 3. David Beckham and Victoria Beckham
Heard of love at first sight? That is what happened for these two! That too when the lady was drunk and whatever
she remembers from that night of 1997 is hazy! The love brewed in David’s BMW parked up
in the back of a Harvester’s pub! David got down on one knee and popped the
question on January 25, 1998, slipping a 3-carat, a marquise-cut sparkler from Boodle and Dunthorpe
on Victoria’s finger. In 1999 they flew to Ireland to tie the knot! There has been a storm in the sea but these
parents of four children are going stronger than ever! Number 4. Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn
We think we will have all kinds of love stories by the end of this list! This has turned from childhood sweethearts
to a hush-hush wedding! When asked about his wedding plans with his
fiancé, he blushed and gushed while showing off his love band! So we are assuming he has already done the
deed! He is every girl’s love but he had a crush
on his classmate and a meeting after years is what was required for this crush to turn
into a marriage! And he got his perfect one with whose shape
he is actually in love with! Number 5. Kit Harington and Rose Leslie
Game of Thrones is known for all the bad deeds and the sad endings but these two co-stars
of the series are living the fairytale love story! They got married on 23rd June 2018 after dating
for several years! Met on the set of the second season of the
series, these two’s love story started brewing in Iceland! They were seen dining together and holding
hands! “Watchers on the Wall” where Ygritte died
in his arms must have been the end of their on-screen romance but their off-screen romance
had just begun! Because their actual fairytale started when
they tied the knot in Scotland! Number 6. Ellen DeGeneres & Portia De Rossi
Theirs is a story which was meant to last and the latter one agrees to this fact! Portia has always said that being in presence
of Ellen is like a love song coming to life! And why wouldn’t it be? The sweetest, generous, loving, passionate
person has to be that way! Portia was in awe of Ellen the moment she
saw her but couldn’t do anything about it due to their respective partners at that point
in time! But no one comes in the middle of a love story
that can make people cry! If it were legal they would have married way
back in 2005 but they had to wait till 2008 and that is when they said their vows to each
other! Ellen being a great wife has always been very
vocal about her feelings on her show Ellen DeGeneres! A decade into the marriage and they are still
intact as they have not only defied the Hollywood odds, but also become one of the most beloved
twosomes in Tinseltown. Number 7. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
This is a love story that will stay for ages! A blind date was going to be turned into a
forever! After meeting for the first time they went
to Botswana where their romance actually blossomed! Prince Harry was worried about his looks and
said that he was actually thinking that he will have to up his game when he first saw
her! The oh-so-charming man ended up having an
oh-so-splendid love story! October 2016, they confirmed their relationship! Markle quit Suits, flew to London, and moved
into Kensington Palace with Prince Harry. After a week of intense speculation, the couple
finally announced their engagement on November 27, 2017! And the royal wedding which was the most awaited
wedding of 2018 happened on 29th May 2018. Number 8. Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka
Wanna have some hope of everlasting love? Look at these two and you will be struck by
the love storm! 9th Avenue between 44th and 45th Streets in NYC has turned out to be lucky
for these two! Just in case you wanted to go sight-seeing
and want to meet your love of your life! According to them, they were at NY intersection
at the perfect time! For them, it was passionate love! David broke up with his partner after the
first date he had with Neil! 10 calls and 25 texts a day! That sounds crazy! After nearly 10 years of togetherness, the
pair tied the knot in September 2014! And currently, they are giving not just couple
goals but also “dad goals”! Number 9. Beyoncé and Jay Z
Their incredible journey is aww-dorable! Amidst all the rumors of them dating each
other, they dropped a music video! “Crazy in Love”! And things started heating up! That year Jay Z expressed his interest in
Beyoncé and hoped for her turning into his girlfriend “one day”! After all the red carpet appearances and music
videos, the rumors were fueled! In April 2008, Jay Z and Beyoncé tied the
knot in a low key ceremony in New York. Instead of exchanging rings, they both got
match IV tattoos on their wedding fingers. No photos or footage was ever released of
the wedding until their ‘On The Run’ tour! Theirs isn’t a perfect story but who is
running for the perfect one? Right? Number 10. Bella Hadid and The Weeknd
This couple’s story has been greatly influenced by modern day love! Showing off love on social media, these two
are obsessed with each other! There have been ups and downs but who cares
if they stick to each other by the end of it! Weeks after Cannes, they were seen together
in Paris hand-in-hand and dining together! Moved in a lavish penthouse, they are going
strong and we can’t wait for the next step in their story! Which of these couples made you feel you bad
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