2016 Resolution : First Time – Me, Ice Skating, & Hugging 서울

happy 2016 so I came up with my 2016’s resolution which is every week I will do one new thing for the first time in my life and this is one of them thank you guys so today we’re going to die skating I’ve never done ice skating before in my life and I’m with Kevin Kevin have you done this before yes have done this before Indonesia okay so here’s more experience so he’ll take care of me today I don’t want to fall Kevin let’s see so we’re going to the one in yo yo it’s just across from my office if you want it to my office hey it’s gabe yeah so we’re going to the common one now there it is well so many people where’s this huge isn’t it boom I’m still closed right we shouldn’t wait until four so many kids I guess because it’s sunday it’s family time so we are late for a day for p.m. so we have to buy the 6pm one why do we have more this is the entrance and they started asking to borrow the car ok it’s on before thousands or both of us right yep so it’s like two dozen free ok so now while waiting let’s go somewhere else so this is a yo-yo Hangang Park in yeongdeungpo goo when it’s not cold they usually have concert do any kind of sports here but during winter they turn it into an ice rink it’s open they’re going in now bye because we came late so we have to wait until six so let’s just see them playing first the plate looks so thin I don’t think if I can stand on it he’s really good oh it’s so cute scary when your parents are fun till I guess but now I guess I prefer to skate with the boyfriend so now we’re going to take our scheme number sendiri yes thank you kevin is changing my skates for me because it was a wrong size he asked my size and I said 40 and he thought it’s 240 Karina sighs this is pretty interesting for me because before I came here I only knew the European ND US size see all the lights are up there ready I don’t know if I can stand in this system ok we’re going to enter drain stuff I first time skating and it’s at nine so romantic I should have brought a date instead of caffeine here then I can pretend to fall and then he can catch me so slippery you could ok all done with me right good we’re struggling here just talk I hug again when a guy for 30 minutes and we’re exhausted now oh do you yeah we just hop yeah we just acted yeah maybe cuz it almost fell and I just crazy more dangerous but seriously what is it with me and skating and I can random people okay it’s not quite that I made a turn there is no I think one lesson you can get from this is kevin has mastered the art of balancing him he Kevin almost falling but he did it all about the boss and now this girl wanted to help you wonderful hahaha stupid and it is on course to heart it is ok them so we’re done we’re going out now I guess so now we’re done ok so now we’re going to find something to eat nearby so we’re walking towards the office of my area and let’s see what we can find there so it was a fun first time doing I skinny so sorry it was so tired and Kevin Sabbath because he wants to be better on it so he will come every day every day every day of it I really got in there yeah and then we’re going to do ice skating until he is really good but I think it’s pretty good yeah the last time I get end thank you for watching guys after Dad we ate like crazy because we’re so hungry

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