2020 Starboard Waterline Stand Up Paddleboard

The Waterline is our newest innovation in flat-water paddling. Designed with effortless acceleration and glide with zero splash. The narrow vee-shaped nose slices through the water without any sound. Even when paddling at power, it displaces the water easily. creating a feeling of pure efficiency and speed. The nose gradually widens into a more parallel midsection giving you stability. Behind the mid-section, the tail is kept wide to maintain stability and to give you float for carrying gear. The profile of the board optimizes the true waterline while still providing enough volume to glide smoothly. A defined rail edge helps cut through the water restricting it from wrapping onto the deck. Inspired from years of success in windsurfing the cutaway at the tail increases speed by creating a smooth release. When conditions get choppy, they catch and stop the board from rolling. A recessed standing tray lowers the center of gravity, for increased stability and control. The deck is precisely angled to let the water flow effortlessly out the tail. The soft EVA pads have standing position to indicate where to stand for the smoothest glide. There is a dugout recessed storage area underneath the bungee on the nose. The gear on the board is also sitting lower on the water. This reduces the windage, limits water flushing in and makes the storage even more secure. The fin box is positioned far back for a straight line tracking. The Waterline is the most efficient touring board we’ve ever designed. So, you can focus on the adventure.

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