24/7: Kelly Slater (2019) | Surfing Pipeline (Promo) | HBO

a friend of mine
had a picture of Pipeline
on his wall.
I just used to imagine that wave
and think, “There’s no way
I’ll ever ride that.”Pipeline’s our Mecca.There’s really no wave like it
in the world.
I feel like I’ve built my life
around it. ♪ (SLOW MUSIC PLAYS) ♪I’ve always had this
relentless, undying desire
to be the best
at whatever I do.
I think as a competitor,
in your mind,
you don’t ever age.
Like, when I got on tour,
the oldest guy on tour
was 28 years old, I think. I’m almost 20 years older
than that.I have won the Pipe Masters
seven times.
If I could win the Pipe Masters
this year,
and if it was the last contest
I ever won in my career,
I would die a happy man,
for sure. ♪ (MUSIC CONCLUDES) ♪

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