3 Above Water Oxygen Tank Invention Ideas

I’ve always been fascinated with being
underwater, the freedom, the serenity, the excitement. I’ve longed for a way to stay underwater with ease, just like the beings that inhabit it, and now, I can…. this is Nomad. Nomad is a cleverly designed dive system that is compact, lightweight, and ultra portable. Your dive harness doubles as a backpack for carrying Nomad to and from the dive spot. The flotation tube is stored on the
inside of the shell, and automatically inflates with a push of a button, and the air hose is conveniently wrapped
around the outside of the shell when you’re done diving. Nomad will support
one diver to a depth of 35 feet with a run-time of over an hour, depending on the diver’s breathing. The prototype we have now is quite amazing; it has almost full
functionality, so we’re really only a few steps away from completing the final
design; with the money that we raised from Kickstarter, it will enable us to
complete our mold design and our electronics design, in order to bring to
market an amazing product. Here’s to exploration, here’s to conservation, here’s Nomad. With 71% of our world covered by water, that world should be accessible to everyone. I’m Matthew McJunkin, founder of Reef-Croaker Designs and inventor of the Hookahroo. Being a water enthusiast
myself and realized the limitations, I made the Hookahroo, which allows you with little or no experience the opportunity to explore with ease, the underwater world. With universal fittings and quick
disconnects, our product is simple, sleek, and portable. Hookahroo is a
patent-pending product by Reef-Croaker Designs; Hookahroo is simple in design, and the user friendly approach, allows water enthusiasts a world without limitations; Hookahroo allows you with little to no experience the opportunity to explore
with ease, the underwater world that would rival any scuba dive experience. We
at Reef-Croaker believe in a world without limitations, we strive to bring
our enthusiasts user-friendly products and designs, that allows you the freedom
to explore with ease, and adventure you can create. We look forward to the opportunity to
supply you one of our creative designs that allows you to achieve your dreams.

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