3 Reality Transurfing Money Manifestation Techniques More Powerful than the Law of Attraction

in this video I’m going to show you
three reality Tran surfing techniques that you can apply in order to attract
more money into your life I’m going to share with you ways of using these in a
daily practice that makes it so that you resonate with the kind of money that you
want to create in your life welcome back to another video my name is Erin and I
help people expand their kindness now in this video
we’re going to be specifically looking at how to use three reality tran surfing
techniques in order to create the abundance and the money that we want in
our lives now first off let me just give a little bit of context for what reality
Tran surfing is in case you haven’t seen my prior videos on it or in case you
haven’t read the book itself now that’s exactly what it is it’s a book that was
written in Russia by a quantum physicist whose name is Vadim zealand it’s now
being it’s been translated to a whole bunch of languages now and it’s becoming
more and more well-known I think it’s one of the best-kept secrets when it
comes to the law of attraction or understanding manifestation process and
in reality it’s more so a philosophy or a way for seeing the world than it is
just a manifestation process now it has to do with a couple key principles of
which I want to share with you because those will also kind of trickle in when
we’re talking about the techniques for creating more money in our life so the
first main idea I would say it’s understanding the alternative space the
alternative space is the understanding that there are an infinite number of
parallel realities that exist now the dim Zeeland was a quantum physicist so
this makes sense that this was kind of the focus and it’s something that I’ve
been talking about as well is understanding how to manifest using
parallel realities and the major game changer this makes is instead of
imagining that there’s something we want to attract outside into our life like
it’s over there I want to attract that it’s about realizing that if the
parallel realities if all potentialities exist the reality that you want to
experience also exists right now in the present moment so then the focus then
becomes not so much how can I get that from over there to into here but more so
how can I resonate with the reality of me that
exists right now living the kind of abundance that I prefer to experience in
my life now the idea is that we are constantly shifting through different
parallel realities that look so similar that we think it’s one long fluid type
reality now this is also something you can think of when you think of a
filmstrip this is the filmstrip analogy that you many of you’ve maybe heard
before that you have a filmstrip that you stretch it out and then on that
filmstrip there are individual little frames that sometimes look very similar
to the other ones because when those are going fast and there’s light being shone
through it it looks like one fluid motion like this however everything is
always changing and at the same time everything exists here and now this is
what quantum physics shows us this is what we’re really starting to learn and
accept which means that as I go like this right now I am shifting through
different parallel realities that maybe look so similar but in fact they’re
different and just to clarify this a little bit if one thing changes if that
person over there were to move you know in the house next to me were to move
like a quarter of an inch that would be a totally separate physical reality or a
parallel reality in the same weight on a frame you could have two frames that
looking demmick ly similar but if there’s just a small little difference
it’d be a totally separate frame and even if it appeared to be the same a lot
of times would be a totally different frame anyway so it’s about this
realization and what we can then do is realize that what puts us on what is
called the life track of us experiencing the parallel reality that we want has to
do with our intention and our focus if you simply are to set more intentions in
your life you’ll find that things start to happen in a much more powerful way
most people they just don’t have that direction they don’t know what they want
so therefore they get exactly that they just they don’t know what they want so
they get that in their life of that uncertainty and that lack of focus it’s
kind of like a boat that’s in the ocean without a sail it just kind of you know
just kind of goes wherever the wind you know you’re not even the one can take it
anywhere it just kind of just chills you know it’s in stagnation so this is about
the awareness of that another part of understanding reality Tran surfing is
this awareness of what are called pendulum
pendulums are the thought structures that are created for multiple people
thinking the same thing there are pendulums around everything you can also
call this a certain level social conditioning so there are pendulums
around being any label you can imagine republican-democrat being for or against
a certain sports team or any sports team in general there’s pendulums around
absolutely everything it’s anytime people are thinking similar thoughts or
beliefs those thoughts link up together and they start to carry a life of their
own now these pendulums want to remain alive this is the idea the metaphor that
we can give it because they will suck the energy out of us if we resonate with
them so for example the media is a pendulum and when you are watching it
you might feel sucked into the drama sucked into the negativity well those
aren’t really your thoughts they’re the thoughts of the pendulum but you are
absorbing them in thinking that they’re that yours
therefore feeling the same emotion and perpetuating that to grow more and more
this is why it’s important to understand how to in a way kind of have a stronger
barrier of what you focus on have stronger boundaries that’s what I meant
to say and as you do that you find that you really start to live in a much more
powerful way I’ve given up media I don’t watch media anymore
I don’t I I just I have this belief that I know the things I need to know when I
need to know them so therefore it’s like you know you can’t how did you not know
about this that happened it’s like well I figured out eventually anyways if it’s
meant or relevant for me to figure out so this also in the nether part of
reality transfer fiend that was the major game changer for me it has changed
so many people’s perspective that I watched my videos that I get people that
are like thank you for showing me this this has really changed my life is this
idea of decreasing importance now anytime we over value something or we
make something more important than it has to be metaphorically speaking there
are balancing forces that come into play that neutralize that energy so for
example this is why you might not get what you want when you are trying to
attract something into your life and you just make it so important I really
really really want this the ideas that really really really want is also
vibrationally saying I really really really don’t currently have because if
you want it it’s over there you don’t we have it so this is about
understanding resonance and how when you decrease the level of importance you
give something you actually increase the probability of you experiencing it
because you start to resonate with it it starts to become more natural for you so
this is something also if you want a meditation that will help you do just
that I’ve created a free meditation it’s a guided meditation that I
recommend you listen to for at least 21 days it’ll help you decrease the level
of importance as well as wire in a lot of these reality Tran surfing ideas that
I think can change your life so that’s in the top of the description box below
if that’s something you want to do that is there for you so let’s get into the
money part of the video which is the main title of it so we’re gonna be
talking specifically as the first technique has to do with something that
in the book it’s called a reality amalgam al am al ji am amalgam now what
this is is this is an overarching belief for the way we see the whole world
so in general we may be saying I’m gonna focus on this I’m gonna be focusing on
this but if we have contradictory beliefs that say I don’t always get what
I want or I have to work really really really hard for me in order to attract
it then even though we might be focused on it all the energy might be there if
we have an overarching belief that blocks it then we won’t actually
experience it so an amalgam is kind of like a light phrase that we might say
throughout our day it is something that we wire in through repetition I’ll think
of this the subconscious mind is wired through repetition and we have just been
hypnotized in a way to say the same things day in and day out about
ourselves like stub your toe this always happens to me
and then something else happens this always happens to me this always happens
to me that’s an amalgam that’s maybe unconscious but what we can do is start
to wire in a reality amalgam that actually works for us that is tied to
abundance or is tied to money so we could say that I am such a lucky person
now the luck doesn’t mean always it’s just about money but understand that
luck that’s an overarching belief that then will attract more of that to you so
I do that because I just start to assume I’m grateful for how lucky I always am
I’m always in the right place at the right time I always get some type of
benefit out of any negative situation I’m so lucky that I get to do what I do
for a living so as I focus on the things I’m already lucky to be doing in a
certain perspective and we could argue and say well maybe that was hard work
and stuff like that but if you start to associate yourself with being lucky what
you do is you literally shift yourself to more and more favorable life tracks
that are more conducive of who you prefer to be so think about it this is
one way that you can also use this in a powerful way what you do is the next
time something small happens of something favourable for you it could be
something as small as somebody opens up the door for you when you’re walking
somewhere something very small it’s a very very small win somebody opens up
the door for you you then give it a lot of focus you say thank you you say to
the bank you don’t have to like go overboard but thank you so much oh my
god but what you can do is be like thank you and then when you’re walking to your
car wherever you go and you’re like that is awesome somebody opened the door for
me I feel like I’m so lucky I feel like this is just you know this is such a
good thing and you focus on that and it sounds small this sounds kind of corny
but what you do is by focusing on it more and by feeling grateful that
somebody opened the door for you guess what the energy state that you are then
in that you are emitting out is one of favourable life track and by doing that
surely but you know that by doing that it gets more and more momentum to where
then things like that will happen more and more you’ll find immediately that
that starts to happen more places people start to open the door more for you but
you’re not doing it so that some people open the door for you you’re doing it
because it’s a natural like miracle that things like this happen in the world
that’s the kind of perspective we can have and when we start to see it as
we’re just lucky in general it’s just a part of what happens that’s when things
are really begin to change because we’re changing our whole overarching belief
about what is happening so what I recommend you do is you start to
associate yourself not associate like from a dependency but just start to
assume just assume that’s a better word for it
start to assume that you are just a lucky person and when things happen
acknowledge them and feel grateful that they are there and as you do that you
are literally shifting yourself to more and more positive life tracks that are
more conducive of how and who you prefer to be so the key to this and the
technique that you can use is to say this daily and if not five or six times
a day at least that’s what I recommend do it a couple
times in the morning throughout the day when you remember and at the end of the
day and do it small small little things just start to
remind yourself of certain things you can make this a Malcolm this overarching
belief about anything you want one that works very well that a lot of people use
is every day gets better and better every day in every way I’m getting
better and better that’s a very common one that you can start to adopt one that
I have is every situation is neutral and if I choose for it to be positive it
will be positive that’s a perspective that I have that in every moment that
something happens to me what happens is in that moment there are different
probabilities of the effect that I get out of that if I choose a positive one I
shift to a positive life track of that a positive experience if I pick a negative
one or I choose a negative experience guess what I go down the negative track
so in that moment I always choose the positive one even if that positive
experience or effect I get from it is a learning lesson that’s like yo that dude
is different next time and then the next time I do it it happens in a much better
way and I’m grateful that that thing happened even though it looks like I may
be deluding myself the idea is is still a positive effect and it’s still
something that you end up learning from the second technique that you can use
when it comes to attracting more money in your life has to do with
understanding the goal-setting process itself now money inherit in itself means
I want more physical paper I want more money of that even though we’re not
physically thinking I want more physical paper of that but here’s the thing and
this is the most powerful one of the most powerful parts of reality Tran
surfing is understanding how to connect to your passion and how to connect to
your heart so what we do is we realize that money is not something that
connects to the heart now the reason this is is because the money is
something the mind understands the mind sees the money and goes look that’s the
money that money translates into freedom and I want more freedom the heart says
oh yeah the freedom but it doesn’t recognize the money the heart does not
understand it so what we must do is make the goals something that we emotionally
can connect to something that’s exciting for our heart to follow and as we do
that we start to create more money in our life anyway see this is the thing
money is a side effect of you doing your passion money is a side effect of you
adding value to other people and when you start to really come at it from that
frame it then becomes how can I attract this – how can I do this
and you see this is connected to the heart so start to find things you’re
passionate about if you have a goal and you’re like oh I want to make a hundred
thousand dollars this year but you don’t know what you’re passionate about then I
would reverse engineer that and a single what am i passionate about and how can I
follow that and what can I do to generate income with my passion and
start to tag those two things together as you do that more and more money will
be able to flow to you because of an abundant state of being you’re in you
see when I create videos right now it puts me into a certain state of being I
feel so like I’m in the flow State I feel like I’m allowing this information
to kind of like come through the way it has to come through and this positive
state of being is a signal to me that says this is your passion this is what
you’re meant to be doing and in that energy state guess what happens
abundance flows to me so easily because it’s just a natural byproduct of who I
am I’m following my purpose when you start to follow your heart and when you
start to follow your purpose the abundance will come to you because
of the state of being that you are in and as you are in that state of being it
flows to you so easily it’s more of an energetic thing that it is some
logically thing there are tactics that you can use but this is more so about
the genuine authenticity of your heart so this is something that also the heart
math Institute has shown that the electromagnetic energy
the heart is thousands of times more powerful than that of the head so start
to put your awareness more in your heart and that leads me to the third one which
is creating a slide this is a technique that you can apply that is put so
powerful because as you focus on a certain outcome what you do is you bring
more characteristics and opportunities from that focus that what we’re going to
call a slide into your life experience so there’s an infinite number of
parallel realities that do exist now when you’re focused on certain
perspectives and certain versions of you certain sectors of that that’s what it’s
called you end up bringing in the characteristics from that so a slide is
when you create remember that filmstrip analogy we used take one frame one frame
that’s representative of your passion of you having the kind of abundance that
you want but what I recommend is instead of thinking of yourself with just the
money you imagine yourself with a million dollars and you know living in a
really nice house or whatever it is instead of just that focus on how you
would feel doing your passion with that as the side effect so me for example I
imagine I’ve told you guys this before but I think giving and sharing this with
you guys gives you an emetic kind of a metaphor or a symbol for how
you can apply it in your own life is I imagine myself traveling the world
speaking in front of large groups of people being in front of people and
speaking talking about things I’m passionate about seeing people in the
crowd resonate with it and how it causes them to kind of transform the way they
see the world after that meeting up with people that I admire that I are in my
same field and like people that are you know maybe subscribers and stuff and
going out for lunch or dinner and go into a nice restaurant you see that is
one picture in my mind and even though it’s not just one frame just like you
know I can frame like me about doing this in front of the crowd it can be a
moving picture it doesn’t have to be just one frame but a representative
memory of what that would be and what you want to do is you want to think of
that continuously not not all the time but maybe three or four or five times
throughout the day and start to associate and and know that that is who
you are that is who you choose to be that’s what’s meant for you and as you
do that you start to once again pull in those probabilities pulling
characteristics from it and that becomes a part of who you are now another tip
for this is to imagine yourself as if you’re looking through your own eyes
don’t do it like you’re watching a movie and you’re in the movie like I’m
watching myself on stage in front of people like I’m watching a TED talk more
so I am looking out I am on a stage and there are people in front of me and they
are looking up at me and I am speaking to them I make an eye contact with them
and I’m feeling the vibes and it’s it’s all good
so that’s how I view it so these three techniques can profoundly change your
life if you apply them remember it’s not so much about the money that should be
the focus but the goal of you doing your passion the money is a side effect of
that this is more about understanding the alternative space understanding the
infinite number of parallel realities that exist and how you shift yourself to
the more favorable ones from the choices you make and from the intentions that
you have so remember what you can do is create what is called a reality amalgam
which is an overlaying belief that you have over the whole process that as you
do that and start to associate yourself that being lucky you’ll start to
experience more and more experiences of that let go of the goals being for
specifically the money allow the goals to be connected to your heart as you do
that you are using the power the electromagnetic energy that has
thousands of times more powerful than that of the head and then finally create
a slide that is representative of you doing what you love for a living and as
you do that and think of it you are literally pulling in from the
alternative space different experiences of that and you will start to create
more abundance and money in your life so with that being said I hope you guys
enjoy this video feel free to like that video if you guys like to subscribe if
you haven’t already that meditation on decreased importance will be in the top
of the description box in case you guys are interested and as always please much
love and namaste

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