3 Ways to Attract a Relationship using Reality Transurfing (Law of Attraction Alternative)

this video will show you three ways to
attract a relationship using reality tram surfing I’m going to share with you
ways and steps you can take in order to create that in your life using this
powerful manifestation process welcome back to another video my name is Erin
and I help people expand their consciousness now as I’ve been sharing a
lot on this channel about the idea of reality train surfing which is a
manifestation process that was written in Russia by a Russian quantum physicist
it’s now being translated to a whole bunch of different languages
kind of like the best-kept secret when it comes to manifestation or like the
processes we can use to create what we want in our life because we written by a
guy named videos eland there’s five books in the series what I’ve been doing
is I’ve been sharing the content the information from it breaking it down and
easy-to-understand ways and examples using the process
itself so first off let me just say that what I did is I was actually recommended
this book from a friend to read it I read it I started to apply it and things
just started happening so much easier there’s a couple concepts in the book
that if you apply it makes things so much easier for them actually happen and
some of them actually go against the grain of what we learned with the law of
attraction and even though they do they bring in the eastern philosophy of
detachment of letting go and of really just having the awareness of parallel
realities which is something I’ve mentioned a lot especially in the
beginning of the channel maybe like a year ago so now I’m kind of getting back
to that kind of explaining it and I recommend you just to simply try it for
yourself and to see if it works don’t just take my word for it but I’ve had a
whole bunch of people emails me since I’ve been sharing this process telling
me that it’s been working so I’m gonna keep doing I’m gonna keep making videos
on it and this video is the three steps we could take in order to attract a
relationship so how can we apply reality tram surfing to that of attraction what
we want in the form of a relationship now first off let me say that just to
give the context for what reality Tran surfing is it’s a process and more of a
way of thinking it’s a philosophy on life and the way things work and then
within that there is the manifestation process that we can be using now first
off it comes with this awareness that there is what is called
the alternative space this is what you can think of as infinite number of
parallel realities now any possible like a mat is something you can imagine when
it comes to parallel realities any possible it’s called a variation or
potential that you can imagine exists right now in this moment now the idea to
make it a little bit easier is even as I go like this right now I’m shifting
through different parallel realities as I do this the only moment that exists is
this moment right now and what we think of continuity is actually the brain able
to piece together the different parallel realities think of this like a filmstrip
but if we had like a filmstrip where the light goes through and it makes a movie
it looks like one continuous moving picture but in the actuality there’s
different frames that overlay each one and if you were to stretch out that
filmstrip you would see individual different frames now the idea behind
this is understanding that every possible reality you can imagine and
when you think of reality transfer theme think of it like surfing through those
different parallel realities think of it kind of like a wave and you’re like
surfing on a wait you know there’s certain principles that go into that
that make up what that works like the idea is you know when you think of a way
for example you can think of you can have an intention to go on the next wave
that you see coming up but it’s not like you’re controlling every different
aspect of it you have the inner intention to go on the wave the way you
want but the idea is the outer intention is the form of the wave and that’s one
of the concepts in reality tramp surfing there’s something called inner intention
and outer intention now just to get clear the most powerful thing that you
can do to create what you want your life is to simply set more intentions when
you set intentions that is kind of like the direction of you pulling from those
infinite parallel realities you are then pulling the potentialities from there by
setting intention and most people just simply don’t set intentions and
therefore they don’t get the results that they want now the idea behind
reality train surfing as well is that there is something called pendulums
pendulums are thought structures that are teamed up from
people so think of it like this every time we think of thought we put it out
there it actually has some type of electromagnetic existence
now we think thoughts throughout our day and constantly we are putting something
out there not the idea is that other people may be thinking thoughts as well
and that is all going into the environment think of the collective
consciousness as in a way having a thought bubble around the whole planet
and every time we think thoughts consistent to something else to somebody
else those thoughts team up together and in a way it creates a thought structure
so many times we may think that we are having the thoughts of ourselves when in
reality we are absorbing a pendulum of some belief system of some type of
ideology you know there’s pendulums around any
kind of like constructed ideology you can imagine like for example being
republican-democrat being for certain sports team there’s a whole pendulum
around NFL and NBA there’s pendulums are on all of this and that’s why when you
go to a game you may feel the energy of the crowd where you’re feeling the
energy of a pendulum now not all pendulums are bad but the idea is to be
aware of what pendulums may be having power over you and how to become aware
of it and then decide how you prefer to live now the other parts we’ll get into
in a minute but that gives a very general context for what reality Tran
surfing is and the first one the first step you can take to attract
relationship into your life has to do a mix of two things one it’s acting on
your passion when we create from the space of connecting our heart to our
mind what we do is we start to become the-best-version-of-yourself
and that’s when in reality Tran surfing you have the most leverage and you’re
most likely to go on what it’s called a life track of what you want to
experience now you might be like how does that relate to attracting a
relationship well the idea is that you get a
one-on-one reflection of who you are and if you aren’t following your passion if
you aren’t on that highest life stream of those parallel realities you won’t
meet the person that resonates with you in that deep way you might meet somebody
that resonates with you know the version of you that doesn’t do what they want to
do for a living so therefore it’s like there’s maybe potentiality for that to
grow but at the same time you want to meet the best person that’s a one
on reflection for who you want to be you want to become whole and complete
already so that you meet somebody else that’s also whole and complete so that
you’re not in a codependent relationship where you’re bouncing and kind of
reacting to the other person and playing out with us you know could be called
karma so the idea is to become the best version of yourself by following your
heart by following your passion by choosing the lifelines that coordinate
with you being excited to do what you do so that’s the first part the second part
of this number one is to set an intention simply set an intention that
you are going to meet somebody that resonates with who you prefer to be and
as you set the intention you are putting the direction out there and from there
that’s where everything really starts just see synchronicity in your life you
start to see things coming back but remember this is the important part as
well life is like a mirror it will always reflect back to us who we are how
we are feeling and our beliefs that we have now the thing is is there is a
delay process between us looking into the mirror and us seeing our reflection
so sometimes we might say I’ve changed I feel whole and complete I don’t need
somebody else to make me feel happy and there may still be a reflection that
takes a while for it to adjust they give it like this you know those picture
frames or like that old school pictures that you would take a picture of and
then the pitcher pop out and it would take a minute for it to form to see what
the vividness inside of the picture that’s similar to the kind of mere
reflection we get it takes a minute for the mirror to start to show the new
reality because there is a delay process and that delayed process will take
whatever time that it really takes but if you trust it and you don’t keep going
back and then say you know what I don’t see it now I’m gonna change my state of
being or change my thoughts or drop that intention then you start to scramble
like an etch-a-sketch that picture that was forming so the idea behind us is to
set an attention and to also make a decision and a choice to follow your
passion because as you follow your passion you start to line yourself up on
what is called a life track which is in the direction of you loving what you do
and finding that person that resonates with that version
of you now the second point is the most powerful point in general with the
reality Tran surfing process now this idea is what it’s called decreasing
importance so many times if somebody wants to attract relationship into their
life they may say this is what I want this is what I need this is really what
I prefer and what happens is is they may meet somebody that they start to like
but what they may do is put this person on a pedestal they may really like them
and think that it’s meant to be but the moment that you put someone on a
pedestal is the moment you start to feel like you’re not connected to that person
it’s the moment that that person will feel off of you that kind of desperation
and you may have noticed that personally in your own life if there’s ever
somebody that you really like you put them on a pedestal that that cause
resistance and that’s what this point is about anytime we make something more
important than it has to be balancing factors come into play to make it so
that that balances out so if you really really really want it it’s actually not
conducive because anytime that you say I really really really wanted you’re also
saying I also really really really don’t have it so this is where you have to
become much more aware of what your desires are and this is where you can
learn to create from a more of observation point of view we’re gonna
get more into that next one as well but mostly we think of desire as such a good
thing right a lot of the stereotypical lob attraction processes talk about how
to have a white-hot burning desire and this isn’t wrong this is just a
different philosophy and it can work remember all of these processes work
based on the belief that we put into them now that can work because a lot of
times desire will lead to taking action will lead to intention but this comes
with the awareness that many times the desire can block us so what we can learn
to do is to see it as natural for us to be in that kind of experience you know
this is something I realized I’ve given this example before but just to get give
you like an actual you know real-life example of what this could mean I
remember that when I was first at like maybe seventy eighty thousand
subscribers on YouTube I was thinking to my mind you know it’s creating daily
videos I was putting a lot of work into I was thinking where I get to
and this channel gets to 100 it’s going to be this amazing feeling it’s gonna be
like this you know just this static feeling like maybe on a scale of 1 out
of 10 I’m gonna feel like a 10 out of 10 right and I remember I went to bed one
day at 98 thousand I woke up the next day at 101 because there was a video
that went viral it was the Sedona video I did in Sedona
on raising vibration and I remember waking up and I thought I was like wow
we did it was so cool it feels so good and here’s what happened it really was
just natural if I felt like it was just a part of who I was it wasn’t this high
expectation of this is how it’s going to feel and that’s a lot of times what we
do is we put this high expectation that almost makes it so that we can’t really
feel into it it was kind of just a number in my head and then what is the
mind do the mind goes a hundred is cool but we’re by 150 what about 200,000 what
about three or four hundred thousand subscribers you see that’s what the mind
does and there’s always an availability to up the ante so this is why it’s
important to decrease the level of importance by knowing it’s just
naturally who you are when you’re following your passion when you have an
intention it’s natural for you to meet people that resonate with you there and
it’s natural for you to meet somebody that you’re attracted to that you have
great chemistry right if you have that perspective it becomes much more fluid
it becomes much more smooth think of it like reality Tran surfing you are
surfing through the different parallel realities it’s much more smooth right
and something you have to force all of the time and that’s why this is about
understanding that degree of observation and how to create from more of an
observation point of view that is detached from the outcome because you
are already whole and complete now the third step you can take has to do with
actually a technique that you can apply in your life now this technique is
called a slide now is the slide technique involves understanding that
there are an infinite number of parallel realities exist that you’ve set your
intention that you want to move in a certain direction that it’s not that
important because it’s just natural for who you are now this part is about
knowing that there is a certain snapshot that you could start to think of so
think of a representation of what this ideal reality would look like maybe and
it is you going somewhere with this person you
at a beach or you guys are you know what would be the daily life be like or what
would you do me doing if you guys went out to dinner together
you know once a week or whatever it is think of it like this because what this
does is this starts to imprint a frame into your mind that begins to pull from
the alternative space it begins to pull that reality more into your experience
now there’s a couple keys to this first off don’t make it more important than it
has to be this is a process that you can use but if you use it too much and you
put too much importance on it you may create resistance remember this is more
about the observation of it now the next part is the consistency do this
continuously but not too much to where you build resistance so what you want to
do is you want to make sure you do this maybe four or five times a day and what
this is is this is a snapshot of the ideal reality of you experiencing what
you want so for me for example it would be me
you know I use this in general for me being able to travel the world share at
seminars I imagine myself in front of like a large crowd speaking people
enjoying what I’m saying getting a lot of value out of it me then after that
you have to go with friends to like a restaurant or something like that and
then deciding what we want to do that day in the city that we’re in and then
having this like level of abundance coming through you see so that’s an
actual like picture in my mind I can imagine it doesn’t have to be a pitch or
two it can be a moving picture it’s kind of like you’re watching a movie but the
important part is that you’re looking through your own eyes you imagine it as
if you’re in first person and you’re looking around and seeing it versus you
like seeing it as if you’re like walking around your house or something you see
it like you’re watching a movie of you in it so that’s the idea is to create a
slide that slide will pull from the alternative space you can do this with
the relationship by imagining yourself you know in a specific scenario with
your other person the person that you’re intending to attract into your life and
as you do that you will find those things starting to come up you will just
have to simply trust the process trust the process know that there’s a
reflection of what you believe to be true and what your current energy is but
it’s kind of like an old school picture that it takes a while for the picture to
form you have to simply trust that and as you trust that everything can begin
to change now if you want to learn how to decrease the level of importance if
you want to learn how to wire all of these in I’ve created a free mp3
meditation that you can listen to that will show you exactly how to go about
this process how to decrease the level of importance and how to resonate with
what you want to experience using NLP using imagery and really just wiring in
all of these ideas it’s something I think is very powerful you can get it
it’s going to be in the top of the description box and I think that if you
do it for 21 days you’ll start to see profound changes in your life so what
that mean you’ve said I hope you guys enjoyed this video feel free to like
this video if you liked it subscribe if you guys haven’t already and as always
I’ll see you guys on the next big piece what you love and namaste

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