6 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Need POOL LED LIGHTING | Swim University”

  1. What about bugs? I've been told LED lights won't attract bugs. Is this true? We've only had our pool for two years and bugs are the main reason we haven't gone swimming at night.

  2. most led's do not attract bugs, the warmer the color, the better.  if you have a cool color 5000k+ you might attract some bugs.

  3. I have Jandy LED lights (they are amazing!) and use them via my iaqualink app. It is brand new so i know very little. How do I customize my lights? for example I know red is in there because it it is in the USA light option but not available on its own.

  4. i have replaced 3 ip88 rated led lights in 3 years, at $350 each, due to moisture ingress, so they dont last longer at all. beware

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