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– Hi, I’m Amy Gan, from AASI. We’re here with REI Co-Op, and we’re gonna be talking
about Intro to Freestyle. These are the five basic tricks to get you started riding freestyle. The tricks we’re covering are gonna be the most basic freestyle tricks. They’re tricks within themselves, but they’re also the building blocks for almost every other freestyle trick. We’re gonna be covering ollies, nose presses, tail presses, 50/50s, and straight airs off of a jump. Ollies are the most basic freestyle trick. It’s basically generating
pop from your board and getting air off of flat ground. To do this trick, scoot the board forward, towards your nose, shifting
the weight over your back foot, then jump off the back
foot, and when in the air, match your feet evenly
so that you can come down and land with both feet at the same time. Tail presses are great beginner tricks because we start shifting our weight over different parts of our
board, specifically our tail. To do a tail press, we wanna
focus on keeping alignment with our shoulders and
hips with the board. We wanna shift our weight
to the tail of the board, making sure our center of mass, our core, moves over the back foot. This should start to bring
the nose of the board off the ground a little
bit, but if it’s not, you may need to pick up that
front foot just a tiny bit. You’re gonna use this trick
on flat ground terrain, and mix it in with other tricks, as well as taking it into the park, using it on boxes, rails,
and other features. Nose press is very
similar to the tail press, but this time we’re gonna
be shifting our weight over the nose of the board
and picking up the tail. We use this on flat ground
terrain and in the park. To do this trick, shift your weight over the nose of the board. Make sure that you flex
your front leg a lot. This is gonna keep you in balance. You may need to pull up your
back leg just a little bit to get that board off the ground. You wanna make sure that
your shoulders and hips stay in line with the board. If we start to open up, we
may start to spin on accident. You can do this standing
still and stationary before you try it on the hill. This is the most fundamental
trick on a box or a rail, and it’s riding straight across the box. The most important thing is
that we keep our board flat. Your first time doing a 50/50, you’re gonna wanna practice
this skill on flat ground before you move it onto a box. What we wanna really focus on is being able to ride
a perfectly flat board for a certain distance. To do this, we need to make sure that our ankles, knees, and hips
are in line with the board and really flexed and relaxed. The goal is to not get on
edge, which is kinda weird, because we’re normally on
edge when we snowboard. Practice this until
you’re really comfortable keeping that board completely
flat for that entire distance. When looking for a good box to try this on for the first time, you wanna find a box that’s
low to the ground and short. You wanna make sure that
the box doesn’t have a gap from the takeoff to the box, and that you can just ride
on without having to jump. It’s a good idea to watch
other people doing this, so you know how much
speed to take into it. As we drop in for the
box for the first time, we’re gonna be making all our adjustments in the zone before the takeoff. This is when we can change our speed and get lined up for the box. As we head up the takeoff, this is when we wanna flatten our board and make sure that we’re totally aligned with our board and the box, so that we can make it across smoothly. As we get onto the box,
this is when we wanna relax our ankles and knees, make sure that that
board is completely flat. Look to the landing, and as you
come off the end of the box, you just wanna relax
and absorb the landing, ideally landing with both
feet at the same time. A straight air is just using
a jump properly in a park. So we’re gonna be taking off the takeoff, and landing in the landing zone. This is the foundation
for all jumps in the park. These are the same skills
we’re gonna be using when we add on tricks
later, like grabs or spins. When looking for your first jump, you wanna find something
that’s pretty small. Hopefully only five or 10 feet. You also wanna find a jump
that if you don’t quite make it to the landing zone,
it’s not gonna be a big deal. As I approach the jump,
I focus on the takeoff. And as I get in the air,
I look to the landing, and focus on that until I’m
all the way down on the ground, and riding away. As we head into the jump, we
may be making small adjustments to get our speed right. As we roll up the takeoff, we wanna be flattening our board, and maybe with a little bit
of pressure on the toe edge. While you’re in the air, you really want your body to
be in line with the trajectory, so as you go off the takeoff, your shoulder’s gonna
be at the same angle, and throughout the maneuver in the air, you’re gonna be floating so that when you get to the landing,
everything’s in line and matched with the angle of the landing. Stay relaxed and in a
comfortable athletic stance, so that when you land, you
can absorb comfortably. Give yourself a lotta time
to practice these tricks, get a lotta mileage under your belt, that’ll just make you more
comfortable and more versatile. Use these tricks all over the mountain, and we hope you enjoy them. We hope you learned
something from this video. Please check out our others,
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