57. Narrowboat Swept Away! Averting a Flood Tide Boating Disaster!

Hello. Hello! Colin’s looking forward to today.
Colin isn’t looking forward to today! We spent a lovely six or seven
weeks on the Lancaster Canal but today it’s time to go, so we’re heading back
towards Preston and the Millennium Ribble Link.
I even hate saying it! Why? It’s just… Eeeuugghh! Back to Tarleton and Rufford. So we’ve
done all the checks we need to do this morning. We’ve done the engine checks. There was
loads of weed in the weed hatch. That’s the thing you’ll find if you come to the
Lancaster this time of year, especially towards Preston there is a lot of weed,
lots of weed. So we’ve cleared the weed hatch, checked the oil, I’ve checked the
gearbox oil, checked the belts, checked the coolant levels, everything’s been checked
to make sure that we’re good for the Ribble Link. We’ve got the anchor out and
we had a bit of a discussion. Shaun used to be in the Navy so he should know how
to deploy an anchor. I was a chef! (laughing) So the anchor’s out and ready just in case we
need it. You never know, you might get an engine failure.
Hopefully none of that’s gonna happen but I am rubbing my hands a little bit nervously.
It won’t happen! I know! I know! but I’m just like a nervous nellie that’s all.
The tide time today is at 13.50 and we’ve got to be down in Preston for 09.20. It’s like usually four to four and a half
hours before the high tide, so we’ve got to get down Savic Brook and be waiting and
then get across the Ribble back onto the Douglas and back into Tarelton Lock which
should be sometime later this afternoon. It will. not should. I need another coffee
again. Come on let’s get a coffee! We’re here! So we are in the basin at the
top of the staircase lock. The first two boats are just going down now. We’re the
second two and then we’ve got a cruiser behind us, so we’ve got to reverse into
the staircase lock. Who’s doing that? Oh, you! Gongoozlers are not watching me! So there’s two boats in front of us, two
narrow boats. There’s us two narrow boats. Us and another one you can’t see, and then
we’ve got a cruiser behind us. So the plan is, as each two narrow boats go down
each lock, the boat going through leaves a paddle open to refill
the lock, so by the time the next two boats get to it
the locks are already full so we can get through it, leave a paddle open for the
cruiser to come in behind us. That’s the plan, and then by the time we’ve got down
these four locks towards Savick Brook we’re all going to meet up again and
then as soon as we can get under that bridge and onto the Ribble, Off we go!
Yay! Onward! That was lock five of eight. Eight? Yeah.
You said there were five locks. (laughing) The first one was lock four. That one was five and
then we’ve got six seven and eight to do. You’re making this up as you go along.
I’m not making this up as I go along. So there’s eight locks. Three of them are the staircase locks. So we come out of the staircase which is eight seven and six, then we did
five and four and then we’ve got three two and one Okay. Yeah! We are in the brook! Savick Brook.
That was lock eight. Next one is lock nine which is the rotating sea lock. I keep meaning to say
revolving sea lock. So when we came up the water in Savick Brook itself was
really low and it was dropping. We could see it dropping as we came up, and we
were panicking that we were going to get grounded, and the CRT man has just
kindly let us know that there’s actually less water in it now than there was when
we came up (laughing) Thank you! So we’re now on Savick Brook. Next stop is the jetty
just before we come out of the sea lock and they’re going to hold us there until
the level’s right and we can go out onto the Ribble. This is where I start biting
my nails. So after coming under bridge number 10, Savick Bridge
we come to the final jetty. These are where we’ve now got to wait until we can get
out onto the Ribble and for us we’ve got about an hour, so time to go get some
lunch I think! Here we go then! We’ve just been given the wave from the CRT man and… I think Shaun’s gonna hit the side.
No I’m not. And we’re off! So we’re just getting to the end of
Savick Brook, literally about 200 yards from the mouth of the Ribble and we can
really start to feel the tide coming in against us. So we’re doing about 1,400
revs at the moment and we’re struggling. We’re probably doing about one and a half or two miles an hour. As soon as we get (engine revs up), as you just heard, as soon as we get close
to the mouth of the Ribble we’re really gonna have to power up otherwise we’re
just gonna get swept eastwards towards Preston. We don’t want that we want to go west! Go-go-go!
You going? More power! More power! It’s taking us! You’re just gonna have to…
Put more power on it Shaun! Shaun! Turn it!!! Just take it hard right.
I am! I am! I think the same will happen to us. Video this! Bloody hell, it’s incredible! Look at the speed of that!
Yeah! Can you see it? Watch the sandbank! God, it’s shallow here! We’ve come too close! Oh no! The cruiser’s gonna lose it Oh, no! Come on, Mister Cruiser! No…! Don’t lose it! Wow! What a rush! That was sphincter clinching lovely!
Sorry about the noise, it’s very windy but yeah we made it, just!
Only just! Tell you what, that current is bloody strong, isn’t it?
I didn’t think we were going to be able to turn the boat. As soon as we got to the mouth of
the Savick Brook and the Ribble, off we went! (laughing) We were on our way to Preston. We were
going to Preston. Luckily 2,400 rpm of engine power and a sharp starboard turn
and we made it, as did the other four boats which are behind us and we’re currently heading west down
the Ribble on an incoming tide at about one mile an hour and at
about 2,200 rpm. Getting stared at by sheep!
I can think of 10 million things I would rather be doing right now.
It’s absolutely fab! At least the sun’s shining.
That’s a bonus! I love it! So you should be able to see two
landmarks. There’s like a stick in the river with a little triangle on top. That’s
just a mile marker, and then just beyond that that is the very welcome Astland Lamp.
So we’ve got to go just beyond that before we bear portside onto the River
Douglas which weirdly enough is only there, so really it looks like we could
do a port turn now onto the Douglas but we might get caught on those walls just
underneath the river, so we’ve got to go carry on forward until we get past the
Astland lamp then we can bear port and then turn onto the Douglas. And there it is!
Astland Lamp, that’s a welcome sight! So we’re now taking a left turn, a
portside turn, and going down the Douglas, back towards Tarleton. So a little tip, as you’re coming up the
Ribble down towards the Douglas you might be tempted to cut across that great swathe
of water there. Just don’t do it! It is very very shallow. There’s walls underneath
and you could get caught and grounded Oh look at that! Perfect, absolutely
perfect. Well done, Shaun. Have you calmed down now, anyway?
I’ve calmed down a little bit. I hate this! He was panicking.
Now most sane people will probably not mind this. There’s a convoy of boats
behind us who are probably having a whale of a time. I don’t like this and
we’re not doing it again. Ha ha ha. Next year. No! This is more like it. We’re back on a
canal. Smile’s back. Heart rate’s down. (sighs) I am a bit super sensitive to it but…
I don’t know, (mumbles words) What do you reckon? (laughing) He’s fine, he takes it all in his
stride. Yeah, I’m glad to be back on the main network anyway, back to two and a
half mile an hour. I’m still a bit fidgety but I’m sure I’ll be fine.
I need a bath and a massage! (laughing) You need a bath and a massage! So we’ve come out of
Tarleton Lock, we’re just now heading back towards Tarleton visitor moorings where
we’re gonna… there’s supposed to be a really good well recommended tandoori
takeaway restaurant, so we’re gonna treat ourselves to a tandoori takeaway – yeah
and some Coke and some Gaviscon and some wine, and then tomorrow… Well
tomorrow and Sunday we’re going to have a couple of days off and we’re going to
chill on the Rufford for a couple of days – yep – before we start the next part
of our journey. A new canal, new direction. Where will it be?
We’re not telling you. Tune in next week to find out. Yeah. Never again! Yeah.
The next time you want to do the Lancaster Canal you can drop me off at
Tarleton, go over yourself, and I’ll get the train and meet you in Preston. That’s fine.
I don’t want to do that again, I didn’t find that fun. Exhilarating? Yes. Scary? Yes.
Adventure? Yes. Fun? No. (laughing) The speed of that incoming tide, the
current, was just phenomenal. Go back and just watch that clip of coming
out of Savick Brook again, watch the water going by. It was just.. we were on
full throttle and not moving at all. It was as fast as a car. Yeah, a fast car!
We hope you’ve enjoyed it. As usual if you’ve liked the video please give it a thumbs
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If you got any comments or questions or feedback leave it in the comments below,
and as a special for this episode we’re releasing an unlisted vlog. It’s a
question and answer session and also our top ten tips on how to survive the
Ribble Link. The link to the link is down below, so click that if you’d like to see it. Anything else? We’re gonna take a few
days off but we’ll be back next Friday, four o’clock as usual, until then
take care, see you later, bye bye. Bye! Hello! It’s not recording. Oh… (laughing) I didn’t think that you’d pressed it (laughing) Errr… attached!
And we’ve also got it secondary attached. What happened there? You got it right. No, that’s dressed to the left I’m thinking of isn’t it? That’s something different, isn’t it? (Shaun makes funny noises)
Testing, testing testing! I like these radios, it’s like we’re Cagney and Lacey!
Cagney and Lacey (laughing) I’m Lacey! (feedback on radio)
Oooh! (laughing) Echo! It’s not doing this time. It won’t do it in here.
Hang on, I’ll add some special effects. Echo! (Laughing)
That’s better! Aaagghhh! Covered in fairies!
Takes me back to my teens! Shaun wants to make a cheese sandwich but we’ve got no bread so he suggested beans on toast. (laughing) (Burps) I dunno, I saw it on a website.
What websites you looking at? Errrr… It’s like winter sports and stuff.
(laughing) Actually no, we’re just coming to lock eight. (sings)
Go west! The tide’s fully in (voice goes high) Oooh! Did you hear my voice go then? Just on your left hand side. our right, your left, and the phone’s ringing. If you haven’t, go to the shop and buy you something (muddles words) Awww, you were doing so well! (Shaun makes funny noise) It looks like there’s two suns. Whoa, the boat’s rocking! you

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