I get nervous [Music] can i watch Oh like is this what people do everything well I’d like to thank Ventura and also venture what is it are you naked oh my gosh look I’m not any more naked than I was on the beach okay my legs so I’m not exaggerating this is literally the speed that I’m gonna be in today like this is me Oh [Music] [Laughter] what is a long shot it’s the opposite of the shot that I took last night Oh [Music] that’s the Ventura walk I can’t do this alone is it mine is that that’s Mike wait I want both of these I want yours too doesn’t get any better than this and on that note can we actually go to that Park and I want to take my shirt off and actually get a tan why are you gonna take your shirt off so I can actually get a tan you’re going up no bra I not just say that you got a bra I just saw you put the pasties on it that’s pasty okay little Kim did it on the red carpet and clearly mean little Kim or the same person so don’t reason this one’s also for you a thousand one pitfalls in French well that one is for me it’s like you told me put your shows it shows turn commercial yeah well that’s your thousand one pitfall will give me give me that one I’ve heard of these they’re not friends you know I read about those in questions to getting know everyone remember oh my god we should ask you should have four dozen question why are we the same person I was gonna ask you these questions we were gonna go to the park and ask each other question we should ask ourselves why are we the same person that’s questionable in German in a nutshell I don’t think you can wrap up German in a nutshell little boy anything you order they blog good yet what is there a book of like are you gonna how to get rid of Damon Dominique I need to have my try to process a credit card payment payment refuse I kind of wanna slap the people have books like this what getting by on a hundred thousand dollars a year oh whoa what a tragedy what is that oh that’s a fruit my dirty mind well that does not look like a fruit me I didn’t know we would get this crazy and that’s my hotel key like I know we get this crazy okay back to being a millionaire next okay in just these items a little light reading finally ready to purchase it must be so interesting for you to see all the books that people happen to choose like each person comes in and picks up random books that you probably would have never guessed they would have chosen [Music] okay [Music] Hammond’s tiny like zero Cal dinner just right here on the side of my ear [Music] like don’t look at me in my hour seven choose to another hot date but you that’s my another hot day venture what are you trying to act like you had another option it was me all along even if even if I am they didn’t love you got me every time Cheers so Plan B’s working at home what what you talking about back there there’s one Damon and Jo on the Internet he had an uber passenger that said there’s another Damon and somebody else from Fort Wayne who makes YouTube videos my brother says I’m gonna go break all their cameras right now hi the cuties in the bow they probably think it’s JLo over here paddling this kayak I said don’t be fooled by the rocks I got jewelry is expensive but it don’t fade on this episode of kayaking karaoke we go through all the limits JLo LL Cool J Busta Rhymes I know you’re independent you can make it on your own here and that’s a good one what was that something he did wrong I could probably be a famous rapper what would you come contribute with wordplay the delivery the hit him with a purse this life vest is choking me I thought it was a lifesaver didn’t know I correct even though I was a hater choking but you took it cuz you don’t know how to breath choking cuz you told us you’re no noise at his weight I’m here paddling with paddles and he bring in the burst I didn’t know that your was gonna burst chillin in my car yeah clicking back relax a while Damon does everything cuz he wants a back workout for the first time no crime no rhyme you putting me and Jack giving me that jail time give you eight bars [Music] especially in that first row it’s okay Rob reap yes I’m done here we are with a subscriber Andreea we were on our way to the bathrooms and she stopped us yeah I ran on like over here I was like books like this how to make a solid profit in the apartment business year after year there’s something about a small town in a bookstore in the poor local business you get all that energy if geez how you get all of that it’s Tommy I’m liking my okay crimes or acts we need the crime side


  1. You guy probably won’t see this, but I would love to do a profile on the two of you for my schools writing assignment.

  2. Omg omg I’m from Ventura whaaaat this is so wild like I go get coffee there too omg I’m having a moment because like no one comes here

  3. Hey guys, i'm a teenager and i'm french. I watch your videos since 2 or 3 months and I love all of them ! They help me to improve my english, so thank you very much ! ♥️

  4. Gente sou nova no canal, eles são o que, irmãos? Casados? Namorados? São tão foofoos ❤️❤️

  5. Because of y’all I’m deciding that I’m gonna teach myself a language but I can’t decide between french and Italian😤you guys make both of them sound so beautiful

  6. I've read Aventuras and thought about the Dominican bachata band hahaha I was expecting Romeo Santos. Love you two <3!!

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  8. Je crois que c'est vraiment mes youtubeurs fav , que de la bonne humeur et des voyages 😊 love u guys

  9. 😂😂 Damon, you really tried having an indepth conversation with the librarian but she wasnt having it

  10. Damon talking philosophically at the bookstore to the lady: water and air signs

    Lady honestly answering Damon: earth and fire signs

  11. Omg! Just started watching you guys and i’m from Ventura! 🙂 Nice to see y’all enjoying the city!!!

  12. is ‘all i have’ y’all’s anthem??? i feel like i’ve heard that in a video of yours before already😂

  13. Ventura kind of reminds of LA back in the 70's. There's something rough about it. A good thing to do is to visit Ojai and then visit Ventura. You can get your spiritual spa moment and then your blue collar surf town vibe.

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