A double beer o’clock review with NRS pfds! And Urbanaut beer!!!

Hey it’s Daniel here at Further Faster and
Long Cloud Kayaks. It’s beer o’clock time and we’ve actually
got some gear to talk about this time around and some beer so what are we drinking? We are drinking a Urbanaut Imperial Stout
Boozy Chocolate Coffee. It tastes like it has whisky in it. Boozy chocolate coffee is a fair description
of it. I’m only having a little bit of that. It’s only 8.5%. Anyways, onto gear we’ve got lots of new gear
in the paddle department. We have an empty wall over here empty wall
not anymore so we ordered a couple pallets worth of gear to fill that space and lots
of other space if we just cruise around we’ve got a range of new PFDs on everyone. We’ve got Jo, the fishing PFD, The Nora for
pack rafting. Also over here the men’s version of it so
we’ve got lots of men’s and ladies versions you know by NRS by the way NRS yeah all the
way around yeah good sea kayaking, general recreation, boating obviously fishing. I’m the fishing master here exactly. These two are great just kind of general you
could be sea kayaking it, sit on top kayak, super low profile. Low profile backs on them so vented so they’re
really nice summer PFDs so again good rec boats good for could be good for pack rafting
as well and if we cruise around over here just overdo it we’ve got lots of different
colors of the same PFD and then this is really nice we’ve had this siren in the past. It’s a super comfortable minimal low profile
PFD, we got more of that and then again more colors. So I gotta say we’ve got a lot of PFDs we
got like a double-walled PFDs happening here. We might have the most kayak PFDs in town
– I’m not sure. I’m not finished yet we’ve got some more coming
in right in two weeks time boom. There we go so lots of gear come and check
it out at Further Faster.

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