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Have you ever thought about going
on a trip to a foreign country, but were scared of traveling alone? In this episode we want to show
how you can travel to a new city, find some new friends, and have the best time of your life. With couchsurfing, you can stay with
locals in every country on earth. Travel like a local, stay in someones home, and experience the world in a way
money can’t buy We believe that connecting people is important. And it’s also pretty nice to have
someone to share your life with Travel broadens the mind. To get started with Couchsurfing, all you have to do is create a profile and search for a host in a city
that you want to visit. This time, we will find both
the host and the couchsurfer. The host will have to say yes
to voluntarily take in a guest, and house him or her for 48 hours. Our job is to give everyone a whole day
filled with magical experiences, laughter, and unforgettable moments. After we find our host, we’ll invite
couchsurfers from all over the world to send us videos telling us who they are, and why we should pick exactly
them for this episode. But first,
let’s find a host. Marius is ready. Kim is ready? Everybody’s ready! We are at Birkelunden,
and it’s easter holidays. It’s the yes horse! As long as you sit on this horse,
you will always get a yes. No! Not really! No. No! Someone has tagged on it, so I am
not sure if it’s working anymore Have you heard of Couchsurfing? No. You haven’t`? What we are trying to do today is, to walk around in Oslo and find someone who willingly will host two
backpackers on their couch. where we will arrange a fantastic day,
with lots of nice experiences and activities. I’m really not able to do it. But it’s a nice thought. … for 48 hours. Two nights. No…. I’m not sure our apartment would be the best… The couch is only this big. I am not so sure we would have
been so interested after all. But it sounds really cool, though! I’m not sure if it’s something for me.
I live with others, so not sure if it’s cool. You live in a shared house? Yeah! We are four who live together. Cheers! Awesome t-shirt! Thanks! It’s from the times when… From the time they made music. It was when it was music. i think we should celebrate with a toast for three…. three positive no’s! But maybe we could talk to those people over there? It’s about saying yes. If you wait until Anne Britt
gets here, she might do it. That sounds good to me! But I’ll be traveling
until May 5th, though. We have had some luck with girls. Maybe we should continue with girls? Then let’s continue with girls. Ok, then let’s do that. Hi, excuse me? Have you tried Couchsurfing before? No, I haven’t tried it. So today we are out here
trying to find a person who could say yes to host two backpackers, for two nights. It’s sounds really ideal, but
I have a studio apartment. You have a studio apartment? But you have a couch, right? Yeah, but i’s like a chaise lounge couch. But you know couchsurfers
are not really that demanding. It’s really good for one person, but Yeah! But for two people might be difficult. It might be that it will only be one person. One person is alright. Thanks so much for the talk! I’ll text you later today. Yeah! OK! Cool! I like it. Yeah! It was a pleasure. Alright! We are on our way to Ida
to check out her apartment. This will be exciting! Hi, I’m Ida. Ok, Ida! Yes. What have you said yes to? What have you been thinking? Are you having people here that are
already traveling to Norway? Or how will you select the people? What we have done is making an ad on Couchsurfing. And then we have asked them for video presentations. Ok. But I mean, this couch… I would be happy to sleep on this couch! Yeah, it is in fact nice to sleep on! Then we want to say thanks for now. Nice to meet you Ida. I will let you know. Good bye. Bye. The apartment was really cozy! I really hope everything will work out, so we can have her as a host,
and use her apartment as a hostel. To get couchsurfers interested
in joining our project, couchsurfing.com wrote a
blog post to help us out. Here’s a few clips from some
of the videos that we received. Hello guys!
Hi from Paris. It’s Bisher here. And I’m reading about your
initiative – Back to social, and I’m really interested to join you. Hello, My name is Mathilde. This year I decided to make
my dream come true, and see the fjords. Hello everyone! I am Ilya. and I’m Vitalii. To travel and can not stop! Whooooo! Hi. I’m Estevan and I’m an 18 year old solo traveler. I have always had the desire
to go on big adventures, and explore the world. Hey guys! Hey. We are leaving to Oslo! Being in front of the camera, like a
recording camera, is something weird. Wish us luck! We’re super thankful for
all of you that applied. Unfortunately we could only pick one of you. Doni and Manoj turned out to be our guys! To make the perfect experience for our new friends, we contacted some local places
to ask if they would help us out. They were all super helpful, and after we finished talking to all of them, we were sure that what we had planned would turn out to be an amazing day. Ok! Today, we’re gonna buy some
tacos for our backpackers. There’s a new taco brand called Broken Taco, and we’re gonna buy a lot of it! And make the world’s best taco buffet! Ok! Let’s go! Same size as my head! Almost illegal. Almost illegaaaaaal. Illegaaaaal. Gudrandsdals cheese. Then we have arrived at the central station. And we’re waiting for the two backpackers from germany. When will they arrive? 06:24 Whats up? Marius. Nice to meet you. Manoj. Doni. Nice to meet you. And you’re from Germany, right? Both? I live in Germany, and I’m
originally from India. She’s originally from Korea, but
she lives in France right now. I am very happy that you are here now! We’re super happy! Cool! We’re scared a bit. I saw your message, and then I was talking to her, I was like: Hey! We already have a place but… This sounds really cool to me, how about you? Yes? Then we just discussed a little bit,
and we were like: Ok! Let’s do it! Ok, let’s do this! This is from Beaujolais It is a french region and pretty famous for wine. Yeah? Yeah. And he got this from Germany. This is perfect, thank you. Welcome to the Opera. Peter likes food. He loves Turkish börek. I am so pleased with the backpackers we have found! I love them! Almost. We’re actually outside of Ida’s apartment and we’re about to knock on her door.. Are you guys excited? Yes! You wanna knock? Heeeey! Ida, Ida. Hello! Hello! Welcome. Hi. Ida. Doni. What did you say? Manoj. Yeah. For you… It’s like… You just like… met some…
three random dudes from the street. Well, I did consider the thought of
them being thieves at first… Are you hungry, Ida? Very! Haven’t eaten since 1 o’ clock. It’s so many! Mango habanero salsa. Wow!. Then thing is. In Noway… It’s a thing to have Friday taco. And it’s Friday today, so we
felt we wanna make tacos. I never made a taco in my whole life! The only time I made a taco was probably like I had everything in front of me,
and then I just put things in. Yes! But like making the ingredients and everything. No, no. Your turn now. Yeah. Uhhhh – this is kinda working. Broken taco! Security shades! So you have to like make like different versions? Different versions every time. So two or three things together… What if you eat your favorite first? Then you keep making it again and again. What if you eat your face first? What? Mmmm. That is a really good combination. Good night. Bye. Good morning, Marius. Are you ready? Yeah, dude! Går det bra, Yes! Was that the prettiest one?
The one in the middle? It’s a cozy morning. People are practicing. Ida is doing it very well. So what we’re gonna do is that we’re
gonna take these backpackers, our new friends, and our host, through the streets and up the river in Oslo. The magical places of Oslo. It’s gonna be super nice! Yes! Are you ready, Manoj? Yeah, I’m ready! Yeah, me too. Woooow! Let’s see if we got Kim as well. This is from the middle of Norway,
they’re from Trøndelag. Really? What? The sun is shining! Yeah, the sun is shining! Ok, hurry up – the rain is coming! And now it’s sun again. Yeah. I still don’t understand the
concept of this to be honest. It’s your first russekort? It’s my first card – ever in my life. So you are partying every day! Really? For more than a month. There’s a message. Get out of my way kid, you’re using my oxygen. So, right now we arrived at Lørenskog station. And we’re going to give the host and
the backpackers a little surprise. MEGAFUN! YES! I’m looking forward to this myself. Sick! Sick! The skin is reacting – it’s like… Now we’re given a walkthrough on the wind tunnel. So, we have one small surprise left. And it’s gonna be fantastic as an ending to this… fantastic day! Yes! Free tickets for the sauna. And ice bathing! What? Yaaay! Morning! Hi! Good morning. Damn good coffee! So this is Swedish: Knekkebrød. Norwegian brown cheese. When people come here they’re always introduced to this. You have to eat it, I guess. It’s like sweet cheese. It’s cheese? Do you like it? I taste the kind of gouda… Take another slice. Take double slice. I feel like we exhausted you yesterday. It was so tiring. Just kidding. It was really really awesome. Because of you guys… Well thanks to you guys… You managed to cram so many things within a day…. It felt like we were being treated. – You know.
– Yeah. Like we were having a treat or something
that we never planned to have. The best part was the sauna for me. And you jumped in the water. That was so cool! High five for that! Before I used to be a more like closed up
person, coming from Korea… You know… A bit more conservative about relationships. But now that I meet so many people, I can think from a much wider perspective. And I think it’s really gonna be ultimately better for whatever lifestyle I’m gonna manifest in the future. Thank you! And Ida’s apartment is so nice! I cannot emphasize… How was it hosting these two guys? It didn’t feel weird. The weirdest thing is that mess or thing in my face, but… Guys! We have something for you
from back to social and Ida. Thank you! Nice gift wrap, bro! This is the brown cheese. And then you got a traditional Norwegian cheese grader. And Norwegian milk chocolate. Oh my god, we’re gonna finish this! I mean, I’m gonna finish this! Thank you guys! You’re welcome. Thank you so much. So this was it for this episode. I wanna say thank you to Voi Scooters. Meny Bogstadveien. Megafun. Salt Saunas. Visit Oslo. And thank you to Couchsurfing. We had a great experience. Thank you so much.

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  4. Have you ever tried Couchsurfing before? If so, what do you think is the best part of traveling this way?

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