A Story About Surfing

We are in New Zealand, Aoteroa, South Pacific. Bottom of the world it’s a pretty
wonderful country I grew up here. I grew up on a farm in the South
Island. I’m lucky that my wife and I get to travel a lot shooting
people and I love doing their thing. But we always come home to New
Zealand and it’s this great reminder of
like ahhh, this is a great place to be from. I think the biggest thing about New
Zealand that people go away from it with,. After they’ve been here for a
couple of weeks or couple months whatever,. Is that hopefully the people are kind and interesting maybe a little
strange sometimes. With a weird sense of humor but that the people are one of a kind with remarkable
strength. We own a business called Arkade hire which is arcade. Arkade hire sounds like a gag. Arkade fire, Arkade hire. I always say that and people are
like stop saying that. It’s a really interesting business
to be a part of. Then we own another business could
boxful, which is like a packaging sort of thing focused for
photographers. We spent quite a bit of time with Bayly & Moore wanting to give our couples a physical experience. And maybe rekindle some of that
experience that you had on your wedding day. Narrative is a Mac OS based app which is a benchmark game changer for the end result which is doing great storytelling with images. The process building a blog post in Narrative looks a lot like doing whatever the hell you want. It’s as easy as just dragging, dropping, moving around resizing, using negative space. Narrative helps with SEO in a pretty remarkable way. So if you’re like me SEO is just like a mind screw, Narrative lets me know, am I on track with this little sweet traffic
light system. Here which is like red light, try again. Orange light, try a bit harder, green light, you are good to go. I can add individual keywords to individual images that make that image show up on google image search. And it’s really fast. There’s one thing that I can’t
stand, it’s having to wait for apps to grind away and do their thing. But the beauty of Narrative is it’s
offline. So the thing is fast, blazingly fast. I love knowing that if I was going
to jump ship from say from WordPress to Squarespace all of my blog posts
content is still with Narrative. The Narrative support team are
based here in New Zealand and they’re just
wonderful friendly New Zealanders. Who are keen to help get your thing
done, a pretty great experience of just
like hey here’s a friendly way of. Figuring out some of the best
features so you can get what you need to get out of it. I love that with Narrative I can
make a site that looks different to
other people’s sites. Narrative means that you can work with negative space to get some
white space back or to get something back
that just looks different,. As a different way of storytelling
than every other person’s site. As a photographer,. my passion is storytelling and Narrative is probably the number one tool to
help me to tell stories that I’ve come
across ever. And it’s fast and it’s brilliant and it means that I can get on with the stuff that I want to do
which is. Shoot people in love having a wonderful experience and know that the storytelling side
of it is going to be a piece of cake afterwards.

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