Abstract Painting Demonstration Acrylics With Water | Surfer Rosa

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100 thoughts on “Abstract Painting Demonstration Acrylics With Water | Surfer Rosa”

  1. Am I the only one who feels anxiety during the early stages of the process only to be pleasantly surprised at the beautiful work at the end? Lol.

  2. Watching him paint gives me so much anxiety from all the paint being used & going to "waste" but then I see the final product & it goes away 😭👌🏽

  3. I love all your paintings I just think when you put your signature kinda covers most of the painting. No hate, I still love your vids😁😀♥️ I'm just suggesting😉😊

  4. Maravilhoso…. estou aprendendo muito com você, será que é possível me informar o nome da cantora e música da primeira deste vídeo

  5. bro which paints do u use plz tell by the way love ur drawing plz if u have free time check my on Instagram @onkarsethi_art.

  6. I’ll think, “oh, stop. I like it now… then now… … “ but you just keep making it better, more interesting – you are a true genius… I love, love, love your work!!!

  7. Am i the only one who thinks this is just a low class art some rookie lvl art i don't see any skills in it its looks good at the end no doubt but i dont think its a high lvl art

  8. Love your work. You said you use water. Was that white paint n water mix that made those colors like that?

  9. Kolejna piękna praca, ułożenie kolorów przypomina mi trochę kosmos… nasza planetę 🌍🌎🌏w bardzo dużym przybliżeniu….piękne!

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