Adley Snowboarding for the FIRST TIME!! dont fall the snow is lava!

– Whoa. Whoa. (electronic thunder) (screaming) (laughing and cheering) That’s why I was a little
bit nervous. (laughs) (Mom laughing) – [Shaun] What are you doing? You got toys in your backpack? (Mom laughing) You can’t wear two backpacks! You’re silly. Hey, backpack girl,
where are we going today? Snowboarding? You’re gonna be like Mommy and Daddy? Hadley, you need a wand if
you’re gonna go snowboarding, do you have a wand? Okay, good. (footsteps running) (Mom laughing) We’re ready to go, let’s go. (grunting and struggling) If she can’t even open the
door, can she go snowboarding? – Uh, she’s opening it. Wait for us, we’re not ready. – [Shaun] Hey, I don’t have
all my backpacks yet, wait. – [Mom] Wait for us! – [Shaun] Your fingers! (bouncy rock music) (Hadley giggling) That one, okay. (Mom laughing) – You ready? – [Man] Oh my gosh. – [Shaun] Did we get your snowboard? Where is it? Oh, that’s such a cute snowboard. Whoa, okay, ready? Look, come stand on it. Like this. Whoa. Whoa. Okay, we gotta put your boots
on, these are snowboard boots. (bell dinging) Are you in? Okay. The other one. (Hadley giggling) Whoa, don’t touch the snow. (Hadley giggling) Okay, do they work? Jump. Yeah, high-five! Looking good, should we put
you in the snowboard now? Hold on, let’s see what foot goes first. Ready, stand right there. Left foot first. (laughter) (boots clicking into place) (gasps) You’re ready. Good job, Hadley. Can you jump? Whoa, good job. (wind blowing) (Shaun cheering) Do you see Mom? She’s right there, let’s go get her. – (cheering) Look at you! Hey, are you boarding? – Show her how you can jump. – Whoa! (laughter) I have some glasses for you. – Oh, get your glasses on. Oh, yeah. – [Man] Whoa, those are
cat-eye glasses, I like ’em. – Okay, here, we’ll make you a snowball. You give it to mom. Okay, bye! (all cheering) That’s the motivation, right there. Snowball, go throw it at Mom. (laughter) – Yeah, good job. – Good job, Miss, you are killing it. High-fives. Okay, let’s go back up. She’s loving this, dude. – [Cameraman] Yeah, it’s so rad. – Okay, you ready? There’s Mom, make a snowball. Okay, I got one. You gonna go throw it at Mom? Okay, let’s go. (Hadley screaming) (Mom and Shaun cheering) – Hey, you got me again! – Dude, she’s good. – [Mom] Hadley! (Hadley screaming and Mom laughing) Oh, you got me. (laughs) (Shaun cheering)
Good job! – Good job, girlfriend! Hadley, you did so good! High-five! Can I get a snowboard kiss? (kissing) Throw it at Mom. – [Mom] Don’t get me. – Get her. – Don’t get me. (all screaming and laughing) – Do you want to watch Daddy snowboard? – [Mom] Do you want to
watch Daddy for a second? – Watch, ready? Here’s Daddy’s snowboard, should I do it? Okay, watch. Whoa. (Hadley giggling) Whoa. (Hadley giggling) (Shaun screams) I’m doing it! Help, help, help, I’m gonna fall! Oh.
(Hadley giggles) Oh, I got to wear my gloves. Whoa! (all cheering and laughing) – [Mom] Where you going? – [Shaun] Hey, where you going? – [Mom] Where you going? – [Shaun] Hey, I’m gonna
go take a run, okay? You guys gonna go inside? Okay, high-fives, you did so good. I love you. Hey, will you take the vlog? (grunts) Good job, thank you. – [Mom] Yeah, (laughs) you guys. Yeah. Are we taking a break? What’s Daddy doing? (upbeat electronic music)
– [Shaun] Whew! – [Mom] Daddy’s taking a run? (upbeat electronic music) I don’t know, he hasn’t come down yet. – This is gonna be a bit
sketch, look at this. Welcome to powder in
April, we got nine inches? – [Cameraman] 13 in the last 24 hours. – 13 inches in the past 24
hours and we’re on snow decks. Good luck. (upbeat electronic music) (cheering) Look at this, starting young, good job. You can be friends with Hadley someday. (upbeat electronic music) Whoa, he pulls it out! That’s called a power
run, on a snow skate. How did you survive that? You were in the tree. (upbeat electronic music) Jumps. Alright, so the problem
here is there’s a jump and then there’s a gap
and then there’s a box. We gotta jump onto the box,
I’ll let you know how that goes. You’ll see how it goes,
you’re coming with me. I’d be lying if I didn’t say
I wasn’t a little bit nervous. Alright, here we go. (upbeat electronic music) (record rips) (screaming) That’s why I was a little bit nervous! (uproarious laughter) As soon as I got on that, I was like, this is so not happening. It didn’t hurt at all but it
was like, oh there’s a problem. (laughter) Alright, where you going,
middle, left, right? – Um, I’m gonna do the right. – This is my buddy Cody Lee,
I’m gonna license some of his really cool snowboard tricks
and pop ’em in right now. (“Island Ave” by Jacuzzi Boys) Alright, I hope you
guys liked that license, I paid a lot of money for
those, so give it a thumbs up. Alright, what are you hitting? – Regular tube deal. – Okay, regular tube deal. – Do you film on that, dude? – Are you joking, this
was made for filming. (upbeat electronic music) (screaming) (upbeat electronic music) (cheering) (upbeat electronic music) That was seriously the grossest
front flip I have ever seen. Guys, Cody, I’m gonna hit his
Instagram in the description. If you care at all about snowboarding, you better be following Cody. What’s up, bro? (upbeat electronic music) (cheering) (upbeat electronic music) (screaming) (cheering) (yelping) (cheering) Whoa! And the whole thing was
done by a snow deck! We bombing, y’all! (upbeat electronic music) Whew! Whoa! (laughs) Oh man, good stuff, right? High-five. (mimics explosion) Dude. – [Boy] That was so cool. – You’re gonna love the
vlog tomorrow, deal? – Alright, yeah. – Best day ever? – Yes, this is the best day ever. Yeah, what he said. (customers all talking at once) Hey, are you ready to go? Alright, I think Hadley’s
ready for round two. – Oh wow. – [Mom] Give it a hug. There we go. – [Shaun] You’re looking good. (all cheering) – (laughs) Hit me with
a snowball this time. – Ooh, should we get a snowball? – You’re welcome my baby. – Are you gonna go get Mommy? Okay, let’s go get her. We’re gonna get you. (all cheering) – I got you. You got me, whoa! (laughing) – Jump. – [Mom] Yay. – Spin! (whipping noises) (laughter) Okay, we’re going down to your boots. Watch out Mom, watch out. We’re going down to your boots. – Give me high-fives. Woo-hoo! Oh, you want to touch the snow? – [Shaun] Hadley, was it fun? (laughter) (wind blowing) – [Mom] Whew! – [Shaun] The vlog was outside! (Hadley giggling) That’s silly. – [Man] Look at this. Goes up, hits it once, bounces
back, hits it again, bam. – Whew! This is a really important
Rock League match, it’s almost the end of the season. Like, I don’t know, it’s (all cheering)
intense, I promise. Get it, boys, I’ll film one goal for you. We’re blue and we gotta
hit it into the orange. This is so intense. I’ve never watched sports, but I imagine this is what it feels like. (laughter) – [Man] I don’t feel good about that. (all groaning) How do you just not choke
at those situations? They just do it consistently
and they always– – ‘Cause they play on a
controller, not keyboard and mouse. (laughter) Yeah, once you stop playing
on a keyboard and mouse you’ll probably be a little bit better. – [Man] I’m a keyboard warrior, okay? – [Game Announcer]
There’s only one team left that they can pass, and
they’re gonna have a– (guys all cheering and laughing) – [Shaun] Did you just hear that? They said if we win here, we got it. – [Man] Give it up! – [Shaun] Get it out. One to zero, okay. (all shouting in disapproval) No! Oh, one to one. – We got demoed, it was
rough, it was rough. – We did get demoed. I’m gonna keep filming
until we get a goal, though, I promise. Okay, there it is though,
I’m feeling good about it, trust me, I’m feeling good about it. – [Man 2] Come on, Vince! (all cheering) – I told you! Did I tell you how I felt about that? Look at this! Uh, uh, I knew, there
was something about that that just felt good. – [Game Announcer] Ricochets into the net. – Alright, I’ll give you
the final update after this. – Look at this, that’s over, like it’s— – Uh, I turned off the
camera and then we scored three more times. This is game three, we just
won three out of three games against the number one
Rock League team right now. One more goal, one more goal! (all cheering and applauding) Yay, we won! (all cheering) Oh, I love work. – [Game Announcer] Three-oh
sweep for Space Station, they’re in the top four,
so fans across the world can be happy for that, at least. – Fans across the world, be happy for us. (upbeat rock music) Hey, I don’t have all
my backpacks yet, wait! – [Mom] Wait for us! – [Shaun] Your fingers! (electronic explosion) (screaming and car skidding)

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  1. "#1 team" Arent you forgetting RLCS teams like NRG, G2, and complexity gaming. Your team is in RLRS not as good as RLCS. RLRS is like the minor leagues where RLCS is like the major leagues.

  2. shonduras remember the space station sell you were planning I don't live in Utah but I would want to buy a snowboard or a skateboard from you and can you please give me a shout out

  3. I don’t understand how Adley is just so consistently cute! That girl is awesome and I can’t wait to see what kind of person she will grow into!

  4. Hey, i just started watching this and instantly knew I wanted to see more adley snowboarding, maybe put it on her channel, but in the shonduras' style of vlog.Thanks!

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