Advanced Street Skateboarding : How to Improve Ollies: Skateboarding Tricks

We’re going to talk about another advanced
street technique which is how to improve your ollie. Many people when learning the ollie
is that they have problems ollieing higher. A trick to ollieing higher is keeping your
front foot back further than what you would normally would and keeping your back foot
further back on the tail than what you would normally would. Often times to pop a really
high ollie, you only use the very tip of your foot to pop the tail. First let me demonstrate
an ollie with my front foot just behind the front bolts with my back foot entirely placed
on the tail.
Now let’s try that same ollie moving my front foot back further away from the bolts moving
my back foot further on the tail. Hopefully this will give us more pop and improve the
height of the ollie. Move the front foot back from the position you had it earlier move
your back foot to the very tip of the tail bend your knees more than what you did the
first time and you’ll be able to pop it much higher ollie. After practicing this trick
enough, eventually you will get use to combining the bending of your knees, the placement of
your feet to make your ollie’s higher and more effective.

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  1. haha i love how everybody says, on every expert village video, this guy doesnt know what hes talking about etc. hahaha

  2. BEST TIPS: pop as hard as you can. jump as high as you can. throw your arms up and a out to sorta pull your jump up and give some sability. as you reach the apex of the jump remember this MOST IMPORTANT tip… KNEES TO NIPPLES… knees to nipples. then when done judo kicking the piss out of the nose, remember to sqare your front foot especialy and/or both feet back toward the boltz… haha… then fall/land.

  3. @skateforpeace123 Really!? u are calling me douche bag because of that comment, i just appreciate their help,and i want some thumbs up.worthless comment.

  4. Bio: Kevin Wilson has been skateboarding for more than twenty years. He spends most of his time street skating, but enjoys challenging his skills on ramps and bowls.


  5. everyone who bitches about the videos are ass holes these are meant for people who dont know shit like this so slow your roll

  6. @TheStanfordWhite This is why he isn't:
    Expert: Kevin Wilson
    Bio: Kevin Wilson has been skateboarding for more than twenty years. He spends most of his time street skating, but enjoys challenging his skills on ramps and bowls.

  7. I can't seem to control my board :/ when I try to jump up high and place my feet differently my board just goes off somewhere.

  8. they kicked him out of the park for not letting the little kids get on the kiddie ramps so he has to do the vidoes in the parking lot now

  9. want to ollie higher… bring ur legs up higher moving ur foot back just makes ur ollies sketchy and hard to control

  10. Why are you all bitching on him? Because his clothes aren't that 'hip' or sth of this shit and he doesn't look so good? Superficial people all over the world man, fuck off, the guy makes videos for beginners, shows off the easiest stuff, wants to teach skateboarding and then there are some 'advanced' or 'pro' skater who say he sucks, gtfo

  11. If u r a begginer plz dont listen to this guy that is not how u r supposed to ollie … watch a trick tip with a pro or skater that has some credit

  12. that is LE shit ollie my friend.
    Watch a proper pro and they ollie with their front foot just behind the front nuts and dont even slide their foot up.

  13. if you really skate then you would know that you only ollie to what heights you really need to clear the objective. you naturally and instinctively clear something to the best of your ability. if you dont know how to ollie… then dont try and clear anything… subscribe to my channel if you need any more tips! (only if you want to)

  14. Putting your foot back farther makes the Ollie more off balance and gives you a better chance if bailing

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