Adventures in Our Backyard: Montana Snowbowl

(dreamy electric beats) Morning! My name is Grace Gardner, and I’m the director of summer sessions at the University of Montana. Landon Gardner, UM alum, 2014 Management Information Systems. And today is opening day at Montana Snowbowl, a ski resort that’s only 8 miles away from the University of Montana’s campus. 2,600+ vertical feet, and 500+ skiable acres. We love this place, and we’re gonna go skiing today. Woo! Happy winter. (music volume increases) Opening Day powder! Woo! Woo! So after spending eight years on the U.S. Ski Team I moved back home to Montana to finish my degree at the University of Montana. And this is now our home. While I was a student at the University of Montana, I would sneak up here to Snowbowl in the mornings and afternoons in-between classes. and it is the whole point of winter. (music volume increases) Wooo! Wooo! (whistling) Are you singing “Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood?” Beautiful day in the neighborhood. It definitely is. 100 percent winter at 7,600 feet. Montana Snowbowl right now. Powder skiing! The University of Montana is a great place to study it’s also a great place to live here in Missoula ’cause we’re so close to recreation like this. Last run of the day, Montana Snowbowl. Lucky to be here, Missoula, Montana. (laughing) Happy powder. Powder! Great day today at Montana Snowbowl, just a short skip, hop and a jump from University of Montana’s campus. and it’s great to be here. Go Griz! Enjoy your surroundings.

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