AIZAWL : Hotels, Local transport, Mobile network, Bike Taxi…(from a Delhiite’s eyes)

There isn’t an airport in Aizawl. In a village named Lengpui, situated 40 kilometers from Aizawl is an airport by the name of Lengpui Airport. There is no public transport available to come from Lengpui Airport to Aizawl. I arrived here on a Sunday. The main problem is that this entire region remains closed on a Sunday. Small cars like WagonR are only available on a Sunday Bigger cars are available on weekdays. The rate for a small car is a 1,000 Indian Rupees From to the Lengpui Airport to anywhere in Aizawl. This is a Tourist Lodge. I’m in Chaltlang Tourist Lodge, in Aizawl, capital of Mizoram. This is the tourist lodge of the Department of Tourism, Mizoram. It’s a guest house with 41 rooms. 600 for single bed room and 800 for double. Apart from that, you’ll also find suits here which cost around 2,500 Indian Rupees. You can make a booking through a call. The guest house is good. For now I’m leaving to explore Aizawl! Mizoram Tourism guest houses are similar to the ones I’m staying in right now. And rates may also be similar. In fact I’ll be staying here for a week. I’ll keep sharing more and more information. The food is quite good here. You can get dal for 30 INR. Apart from that the quantity of food is also very filling! The weather remains pleasant all through out the year! Even in summers, the temperature does not go above 35 degrees. Quite natural! This is a nice place to stay. I’ll share the phone number for making a booking at Chaltlang Tourist Lodge. First come first serve basis. This taxi will take me somewhere. After that I’ll use the public bus. These small taxis are quite common here. You’ll find Sumo’s on a shared basis. Very cheap prices of 10 INR. This is Aizawl! Today is 16th October, a Monday. It’s my second day in Mizoram. Let’s see how this week goes in Mizoram! People are very friendly, with great hospitality. I experienced this as soon as I landed at the airport. The taxi drivers, police and all the other people were very friendly. The minimum fare is 10 INR, with maximum fares not going above 20 or 30. Shared taxi is not available everywhere. The lady sitting in front of me is from the Department of Tourism. Aizawl city buses are quite small in size and are not very spacious. These mini buses have fares ranging from 5 to 25 INR. There’s a lot of problem of the availability LPG cylinders in the north-east. Often this shortage is artificial. Basic infrastructure is still a matter of concern in the north-east. Roads are not very good. Our government should focus more on the north-east. Things can be a lot better. A local bus of Aizawl. A lot of people are standing behind me. I have to go to Khatla. A great seat! The bus stand ahead is named Israel Point. There’s the zebra crossing and people are actually crossing through it. And the best part, the car driver stopped for them. What a sight! I’ve seen this for the first time in India! Traffic jam! I’m able to see a lot of women shopkeepers, even for small shops. North-East is an ideal example for gender equality. Male to female ratio is very good here. That was the Raj Bhavan. Even I have worked as an officer in Delhi’s Raj Bhavan. A few years back. Ka lawm e! (Thank you in Mizo) There was the BSNL office behind me. I’ll tell you about the mobile network coverage here. It’s my second day here in Aizawl and Jio is working fine. Airtel and BSNL are also working fine. The people in a yellow helmet are the two wheeler taxi. State Bank of India, Khatla. I’ve gotten on a two wheeler taxi. Rate is 10 INR per kilometer. This two-wheeler taxi costed me only 20 Indian Rupees. Now I’ll hitchhike to reach the Directorate of Tourism. I’ve reached my destination! The weather is very good. Temperature might be around 25 degree Celsius. The people are also very nice! Very helpful. Just like him. To escape from the traffic jam, take a two wheeler taxi that’ll cost you 10 INR for the first km and then 5 Rupees onwards. This is Civil Hospital. This man is from Karimganj in Assam. It’s at the border of Bangladesh. I had been to Karimganj and from there I had taken a bus to Agartala. There’s a dustbin behind him. That’s why no loose trash around. This shows the difference between Mizoram and the other states. Now I’m heading back to the Chaltlang Tourist Lodge. Either he didn’t understand or maybe I couldn’t make him understand. He was charging 100 INR for 2 kilometers. Though, I was just asking for information. I’ll anyways be hitchhiking. As per Google Maps, Chaltlang Tourist Lodge is 2.3 kilometers away from here. The man behind was charging 60 INR whereas ideally it should be less than 20 INR! This looks like Shimla! Toilet here. I’ve finally made it to Chaltlang Tourist Lodge!

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