Alana Blanchard Aloha Kauai – Alana: Surfer Girl Ep 101

I grew up on the island of Kauai, it’s
probably the most magical place to grow up. Growing up there, It’s just naturally which is always in the water. Wasn’t like I had
to be in the water, it’s just like I was in the water, like everyday. Then I started surfing and I think around like age 8. I just got super into it
and I was like I wanna do this, like I wanna do play surfing. Being of the National Surfer, you’d definitely would like to travel a lot and it’s definitely gets exhausting but you never to
let go home and just like hang out and be with your friends. … My favorite thing on earth since … This year has been busy for me I just been traveling constantly and I finally have had sometime at home. And,
I was lucky enough to be home when two of my best friends, Camille and Leila were home. I’ve known Leila and Camille my … whole life, we
jive all day, everyday. You know we love it! We love it. We are definitely going to crash right now. “Can we crash?” it’s really funny, we all just grew up surfing together. Every single one of us were surfers. We
have this competitive vibe and everyone was best friend at the same time. So, it’s super cool! Everyday we’d surf like, you know five hours a day at
least. Like that’s all we wanna do, is surf. Everyone enclaves all of that surfing and that’s all you care about there? If you surf, it’s like you have a respect of the ocean and a respect of the community and
to be able to be in the waters of life. It’s something that everyone respects you for. “Let’s find the owners?”. “The boys are going to show us how it’s done.”
“Yeah”, “Yes”, “Some local boys”, “Look at this some local boy right here!” Queens Bath is kind a like a place that everyone goes on quiet when you were little. It’s like the sickest place
because there’s turtles and there’s … of rocks. And it’s kind a like a THE ZONE for little kids. “Have you guys, kissed girls yet?!”, “No!”, “So. today’s going to be your first?”,
“Hahaha!”, “That’s my boyfriend.”, “That’s my boyfriend!”, “In a couple of years.” We went down there and there’s little boys and they were so really funny. It just brought me back when I used to
go down there and have fun and times flew by. We were just down there for like hours and didn’t even matter. Being on the water and stuff you don’t realize that what’ts underneath
the water and how beautiful and amazing it is. Once you go under water, it’s so cool to be in like such
a completely different world than the one you’re living at. It’s always like such good times when I am with Leila and Camille. The best thing
in the world for me is just like being home with my friends and family. We’re all experiencing really cool things right now. We’re travelling a lot more and having a great time but we always will know that
was here is the same and it’s never gonna change. So, to be able to come back to this, it is so special. “… wanted?!”, “They’ve never found the bottom before.”, “Like there are sea monsters that coming
down to me, it’s just like pulling me down until I am gone”

100 thoughts on “Alana Blanchard Aloha Kauai – Alana: Surfer Girl Ep 101”

  1. Before you read my post I want to say. I think Alana is a very beautiful girl and a very talented surfer. She is a very nice person, friendly to her fans and everyone, and just generally a wonderful person. This post is about her attitude towards the WTC and taking PROFESSIONAL Surfing seriously. CLICK READ MORE…

    +Van Damage The Surfing community in general knows you're right. When she loses her spot on the WTC she will fade away from this 15 minutes of fame she is enjoying. Remember Kelly Slater did the whole "Bay Watch" thing for a year or two (he was also losing credability as a PRO surfer during that time too), but he finally realized he couldn't do both and become the WTC WORLD CHAMPION, he made the choice to be a 100% world class PROFESSIONAL Surfer and look what he accomplished, and Alana will have to make that choice soon or lose her spot on the WTC. I hope this is just a phase she is going through and she chooses to be a Professional Surfer soon. She has the potential to be a world champion if she would get focused. She bearly made it into the WTC for 2014 and if she keeps playing and doesn't start taking the WTC seriously she is going to get bumped off the tour by some of the WQS girls that are taking it VERY seriously.

    Maybe she really doesn't care about the WTC or the World Title. She is a silver spoon girl. She can just live the rich life without it or the wannabe modeling she does. I don't think she has the ambition to be a world champion at all. I don't see her ever being the WTC Womens World Champion if she continues trying to juggle so many balls at once.

    This is just my opinion. I have nothing against her personally and love her surfing and her delightful personality. She is a great person. I once thought she would be a world champion but she has way to much going on to focus enough on the WTC and be a world champion at this time.

    P.S. Yes, I compaired her to Kelly Slater. If she got focused on professional surfing again and found the desire to be the world champion I think she could easily be the "kelly slater" of the Women's WTC. But her choices in 2013 gave me the impression that she really doesn't care that much.

  2. So what do they do for a living? Or do they pay the bills by surfing?
    If there is a way to pay the bills in Kauai, im moving there tomorrow!

  3. probably ten years of  beuty,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and a liffetime of  ignorance,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,good job,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  4. FU,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,its AMAZING TO  me,,you people have to be about the stupidest peopke I have ever come across,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,good job,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  5. Alana all the coral is dead(water temp). No color. Kauai has changed. Still awesome to see some marine activity. Sad on the inside, freakin love da sea. Ocean child forever. Surfin is Life, the rest is details. GOTCHA

  6. You're not going to be swimming in the Pacific Ocean much longer.
    Fukushima is leaking 75,000 tons of radioactive water straight into the Pacific ocean every day and it's been leaking radioactive water now for over 4 years.
    The radioactive water has finally reached the California coast.  Sand on San Francisco beaches have been tested with geiger counters: and found to be over 270 times above normal levels.  British Columbia sea life has gone extinct: wiped out.  The entire coast line has lost its entire aquatic eco-systems: there is no life, no shell fish,  no kelp, no nothing.  One eighth of the Pacific Ocean is now a radioactive soup.  Fukushima has not been fixed. The rods are buried under the destroyed plant and they can't get at them without disrupting their delicate positions.  They are pumping water into the buried rods to keep them cool and praying they don't touch because if they do you will have a nuclear explosion and a complete meltdown.  Once they pump in the water that can't do anything with it except to store it in huge temporary holding tanks and those tanks are leaking badly.  They can't do this forever.  There's no place to put the radioactive water.   They haven't solved the crisis.  They haven't cleaned it up.  They don't know what to do.  The entire global media has shutdown all news about Fukushima.  The Japanese govt has stopped all reporting on the conditions of the ongoing disaster. So far it hasn't reached Hawaii yet, but it will: and then you can kiss your surfing life goodbye and ask yourself why weren't you following what's really going on in the world when you could have done something to stop this deadly pollution from spreading, instead of living your selfish me-only lifestyle and ignore all poverty, the pollution, the corruption, the greed, the ego, the stupidity, the venality, the snobbery of your industrialized money society..

  7. i am 13 years and i would like to be a surfer when i grow up but i live very far forma the sea and i can only surf in summer, i don't now what to do…

  8. How about some real Hawaiian lady doing this ?????????   I wish I can see a local beautiful lady doing this..YOU kNOW …a real Hawaiian girl.

  9. so jelly! They are incredibly lucky to have friends like that and grow up on Kauai! So many people can't say that their favorite thing is to be home and with friends, and on Kauai!!!

  10. I live in Puerto Rico and almost all the people surf here 🙌 is amazing been surrounded by water

  11. they're living my dream life 😍 I'm watching this while working in a cubicle in a corporate office, but one day I'll be there in kauai surfing too lol

  12. alana sucks thats why she aint on the tour anynmore all she good for is sexualizing her body and takin it in the ass dumb haole

  13. Three beautifull women, sadly utterly devoid of any perspective but their own. As if no-one else in the world could possibly see things any other way than they do. In about thirty years they will only be able to cringe upon they see this video.

  14. Just reading some of these comments makes me so sad. Alana is a beautiful girl and she's doing what she's always dreamed of doing. So why do people have to keep saying that she's a terrible surfer and only good for showing her body? If a girl can surf and get somewhere in a male dominated sport then that's pretty amazing, in my opinion. I think that if she had the choice on how she would want to present herself, she would have focused more on her skill than her looks. But looks are a classic marketing tactic. It's what sells and gets a person noticed, which is kinda sad. 

    But hey, that's my opinion. 🤷🏽‍♀️

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