Alana Blanchard Oahu Training & Kelly Slater Surfing At Haleiwa, Ep. 205

This year I qualified for the Women’s World Tour So I’m pretty much now until next year gonna be training really hard Just this past year I’ve been really getting into cross training And it’s actually something I really like to do – pushing myself and it makes me more confident in my surfing It’s pretty amazing how this year on the North Shore, every house at Pipeline has a little training regimen It’s good to see it’s actually taking it that way where it’s actually a athletic sport Than more of a lifestyle sport. It’s a physical and a mental part of the game, because when you do the hard work in the gym then you go into the water, then you know you’ve done the work – and you’re that much more confident. It’s time to put it on the line, and it’s about you, the ocean, and time. It’s not about who you’re surfing against I definitely want to do good, this year, and I definitely want to show people I can surf. But I want to do good in contests for myself not for anyone else. We’re all gonna go surfing, usually it’s a mellow place. Not too many pros out, and we rock up and pretty much every pro is out, like Kelly and Sean Moody, and I think Shane Doherty was out too. You just never know over here. There could be 20 pros out, it can get a little intimidating. It looks really fun, but a bunch of guys just paddled out. It always sucks when there’s good guys out. Well I mean it’s really cool to see but, then they pretty much catch every wave. So, you know, just like Kelly Slater… Us girls were very intimidated after we walked onto the beach just because Sometimes I think we’re a joke, but you just kinda have to block that out of your mind and go have fun. I always try to go wherever the crowd is a little more mellow because it gets hectic out here. The whole different story from pretty much everywhere else, because every surfer that’s, you know, good, is surfing and everyone wants a wave. Everyone wants your wave. Everyone wants to be catching the most waves. It’s cool to be out there at the same time because you really see how… Kelly is like constantly moving and he’s constantly catching waves So it puts a new perspective on how to free surf, I guess. So in tune with the water, and he just has the knowledge – and you can see it in his eyes. To be right there is a cool thing. We just surfed with Kelly Slater, and Alana Blanchard. It was a good surf session for me and Leila. It was fun. Surfing just makes us happy, it’s really weird.

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  1. She can hold her own with the guys. Same can be said for pro women skiers. There are some great women skiers too.

  2. lovely nice video its awesome to see you practising for surfying. please give a reply to me so i can talk to god bless you. please reply.

  3. I really worry for my gender when I see blokes online begging to meet famous girls or whatever. I mean are there that many of us behind the 8 ball with girls?! Or are their standards just getting higher?! Lift your game men!

  4. That's one thing I don't miss about surfing waves. The aggressive cooks that want to catch every wave. I got into shooting IPSC after years of surfing waves. In ipsc shooting, everyone gets their chance. No one cuts in on you. We have a 180 degree rule. If you break in on a shooter's 180, you could get shot. You will probably get yelled at before you break it though. I miss the water and the waves but the way I figure, I had my share over ten plus years.

  5. alana??? ur a pro surfer to and one of the best girl surfers if the the best. so many younger girl surfers who are competing are looking up to you. stay strong dont get intimidated

  6. I'm only interested in Alana and her surfing, not skateboarding, drifting, BMX bikes and etc. Is there a way where Network A can give Alana her own channel so I only see her uploads?

  7. Great video! Stoked to see Alana Blanchard surfing very well and using Indo Board products in her training. And we are happy and humbled to be associated with NASM certified personal trainer, coach of the US Surf Team, and creator of North Shore Surf Clinic, NSSC HAWAII, Kahea Hart!

  8. Its great to see shots of here surfing and her ambition! I know she is gorgeous! But surfing should be where she gets her happiness! Any block from Hawaii gets that!

  9. i loved this episode! so nice. it really gave a great insight in the life of a female pro surfer. always excited for mondays;)

  10. don't let dudes intimidate you. i love girls that do sports and physical activities and guys who think your'e in the way or something (i really don't know) are stupid

  11. im not hating i just want to know if im the only one who thinks the only way theyre gonna get people like kelly to not to think shes a joke is by paddling out and going to he same peak and paddling for the best waves and to prove how good she is, not just going to another smaller peak?

  12. before i thought alana was whatever, but now that i watch this, i can really relate to her. haha i like her a lot more now.

  13. Kelly's the best surfer, but i'm disappointed in the woman he chose. He should be making babies with top-notch surfer chicks to produce genetically superior surfer offspring.

  14. Alanaaaa i wanna rip like you!!! blessings girl! truly inspiring and can relate to you! i havent been surfing long but when you paddle out and there are really good surfers out there i get intimidated but yeah surfing is about feeling great and having fun!

  15. Bikini model or not, if you want respect, it might be a good idea to start with not wearing bikini bottoms that basically put your ass out on display in such a way that makes it seem like that is more important than whether or not you are surfing at the top of your ability. Not to hate on a young woman's natural beauty, but please, leave something to the imagination and don't trot yourself out like a piece of meat and you might get more respect. Also, don't end your sentences like questions. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. hahah i just wanted to say the same thing! She surfs good but if she wants to be respected as a good surfer wearing boardshorts might be a nice start.. At the same time the surf industry almost forces girls like Alana to do this. If she would wear a normal wetsuit every day she wouldnt get as much attention as she gets now. I have no problem with it, i just think its sad for the girls like Tyler, Carissa and Steph, they actually deserve the attention.

  17. Very good point about the industry pressure. She's probably got very little idea that she even has a choice, or that she is being exploited (likely by her parents as well as her sponsors). I'm hoping that there are still many female surfers who don't hew to this omnipresent sexualization of everything, and have little respect for this sex product of a surfer. Sadly feminism has taken a big step backwards it seems, as women confuse their sexual magnetism and modern freedom with actual power.

  18. one thing I can say about Blanchard and Slater that cannot be said about many surfers is that it's interresting to hear them talk

  19. The women blew my mind at the Quickie pro this year far from a joke ladies,at the end of the day we are blessed to be just surfing

  20. She inspires me so much, her attitude is incredible shes so blessed and perfect, always blows me away when she talks how smart someone can be it reminds me to be more positive and hardworking like her

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