Alex Botelho Survives Jet Ski Incident at 2020 WSL Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge

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100 thoughts on “Alex Botelho Survives Jet Ski Incident at 2020 WSL Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge”

  1. That Massive closeout transformed into a double-up ricochet just like that! Ocean always wins. Looks like that hinge fixed man-basket on back of ski turned him into point of spear upon splashdown & it was all tumble washing after that.

  2. Why is everyone so triggered that the announcer is laughing in amazement?? Watch this dude get fired now because there are one of these tender nipples on the board of directors lmao. God help us ***I'm rolling on the floor laughing my balls off because I just found out the dude laughing is PETER MEL 😂😂😂🤯🤯🤯💦💦💦

  3. Terrifying. Wishing guys involved a full recovery and better days ahead. The intensity and awareness of surrounding imminent danger by that recovery crew in the wash must be off the charts. Hats off to you.

  4. I feel like since nazare appears to break a lot slower than the majority of powerful big wave brakes that it seems to visually take away from the presumptive power of this place. But then you see something like this and how this plays heaved that jetski in the air as if it was nothing, "a flee on the balls of mother nature" if you will. I thank God he's now Okay.

  5. That is extremely hard to watch. What a blessing Alex is alive!!! 🍀🍀🍀 What a blessing the other surfer/jetski driver is alive!!! 🍀 🍀🍀How is the other surfer/jet ski driver in this video?!? 🍀

  6. I heard the announcer was fired afterwards for wishing they would've died… Right after he ripped the head off a cat and drank the blood from it's leaking orifice. Than punched a homeless Portuguese in the face and took his clothes to disguise himself and slip off into an allyway.. 😏😏😏🙄🙄🙄

  7. I don't hear Peter Mel commenting… someone laughed about the situation and was NOT funny. Fortunately no one got seriously hurt.

  8. Right , remember when Peter Mel shoved a microphone in Mick Fannings face at J Bay immediately after he almost got eaten by a shark and then asked him to comment on what just happened … is that the same guy laughing in the video while he’s watching another one of his competitors nearly get killed and have his ski get completely destroyed in the process.

  9. Maybe the ski operators need a big inflatable attached to them… For these white water hold downs. They're the worse because you can't swim up through that foam.

  10. That was terrifying. So glad the guy made it. Immediate medical care probably made all the difference. Water safety and medical crew congrats, you totally won the internet today.

  11. That was super gnarly. Alive is good, I hope he's actually ok though, definitely was face down in the water and not moving. Edit: looking at the crash again it looks like Alex came down face first on the sled after it launched off that wedge, really hope its not a spine injury. That looked really bad…

  12. Muita atrapalhado este resgate.. faltou organizaçao entre os s v…

    muita gente em cima de um trampo que 2 sv faz.

    mas fez o trabalho. parabens.

    acontece com pessoas muito queridas.. todo mundo quer salvar!

  13. Sending Love | Support | Respect to you and your family Alex! and Big props to the water patrol for getting him out in time!

  14. What a truly horrible situation, just hope Alex makes a fast & full recovery. It was an amazing event, put together by passion, heart & soul. I heard so many great comments from various people during the broadcast, 'Its all fun & games until something heavy happens', 'This is the game', 'Perfect call', but my favourite was 'Everybody's here helping everybody'.

  15. Laughter sometimes happens involuntarily at times of being overwhelmed by almost anything, it's not an indication of callousness.

  16. Sorry, aber wer diesen "Sport" betreibt, sollte vorher seine persönlichen Angelegenheiten geregelt haben. Mitleid habe ich nicht – diese Person hat sich bewusst in Gefahr begeben.

  17. It's pitifull that people that don't know the event format or the ppl involved come to this video trash talking everyone… The pilot of the jetsky is Hugo Vau. If you don't know who he is, google it. The event format is teams of 2 where both surf and both drive (with the exception of Justine's team). The comentators are some of the best and only realized the situation when they saw Alex floating… they thought it was a piece of the jetsky…. Check WSL for full replay and you'll understand how insane this was and how long Alex was out. This accident happened at the last 10 min of the last heat, after 6 hours of glorious surfing (with some major wipouts but no serious injuries)… If you don't know what you are talking about, just shut up so you don't make yourself look like a arse.
    Great event WSL and cheers for all you gladiators riding those beautifull mountains 🙂

  18. As they say in the bull rings of Mexico… “La sangre valiente fluye primero” in english- The brave blood flows first. Big wave surfing has always been on the dangerous edge of human abilities. Ask Peter Cole. If, however, you want to eliminate these sorts of accidents in professional surfing, get rid of the loud, obnoxious jet skis. A 400 pound chunk of hard, dead weight in 20 feet of churning white water? What could possibly go wrong. This is not surfing. It is tow in surfing. Machines do not belong in the waves. If you cannot surf a wave without one, you cannot surf that wave. Recent inventions of life saving devices have given big wave surfers a much better chance of survival, and have radically increased the size where paddle surfing can be done. Sure, it might make for more exciting competitions for those who don't understand what is going on. All you have to do is share the waves with a big, heavy, stinky, noisy machine that can crush you like a bug. They have no place in the lineup. Strap a motorized propeller to your feet and go wingsuit flying. Sell it to the coyotes. Just stay out of the lineup with your jet skis. They suck, unless you're trying to sell energy drinks.

  19. Terrifying. Don't feel bad for him though. You do this kind of risky things you should expect things to go wrong. It's just plain stupid. Still, good that he is OK.

  20. 0:07 is one of the most massively violent over the falls I have ever seen. They got rag dolled for like 100 meters at 30 mph after going over. A lot of times surfers claim that "if they fall they die". It is almost always total BS. In this case, the chance of death was truly significant. If not for outside aid…at least one person dies. Well done to all those that came to their aid and saved their lives.

  21. Looks like the surfer knocked himself out on the back/transom of the ski coming down. The driver stayed conscious and was able to swim.

  22. Thankful that Alex is OK. Man what a beast to survive such a heavy situation. Much love brother, sending good vibes for a full recovery. Also, kudos to the whole rescue crew, they were so critical to the positive outcome of this situation. Props to everyone out in the water yesterday, the contest was incredible.

  23. The power of the ocean. Wow! He vanished with the wave crazy. Yes, he was face down. Hope all is well with everyone involved. The ocean is angry. Those waves are f/$king massive. ✌️🤙🏄‍♂️ Be safe..

  24. I'm not sure I would want any of those guys anywhere near me if I was injured. I have never seen such rough treatment by rescuers. Just drag the poor guy out of the water. Even after he was well up on shore, they just flipped him up on his side to get the board underneath him. Can't these people control themselves? You never treat an injured person that way. My word that was awful.

  25. Just the size of that 2nd wave that pummeled both guys & the jetski, absolutely insane. That shorebreak was like triple overhead!!!

  26. On the comfort of your couch no really gets how much DANGER is there until things go south quickly! Take it from someone who has their windsurf board broken in half by a 10 foot wave these are almost 100 ft

  27. business side of this story should be next. sponsors should be paying more, bc surfers are putting there life on the line. stay tuned.

  28. Maybe don't be an idiot and put yourself directly in harm's way? Honestly what do these people think is gonna happen, a happy ending Everytime? I don't wish harm on the guy but damn people can be stupid sometimes.

  29. Unfortunately his condition got critical in the past 12 hours. He is now connected to a lung machine. Boa sorte e as melhoras Alex!

  30. Glad the guy is alright but really, if you participate in a dumbass dangerous sport, don't expect people to feel sorry for you if you get injured or killed. Being out in those waves is just asking for trouble.

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