Algarve Portugal Boating in Caves

We’re in the Algarve in Portugal One of the best things to do out here is to go explore the caves in a boat. We’re going to do that now. Here we go! Lagos Ponta da Piedade Getting down to the caves is a little bit
of a challenge. There are about 180 steps, quite steep, but
very picturesque and beautiful. It’s a little bit choppy. It’s choppier than I thought. You have to wear mandatory life jackets. That
makes you wonder. Some of these sections are so low that you
can touch the top. I just missed that one actually. Wow! That’s exquisite. Look at the camel. That’s a camel. Oh my God. That’s crazy. What are we doing
here? Are we going through? Some of this is quite scary actually. Ah wow. That’s amazing. There are all these different formations. We’ve seen gorillas and elephants. This one is the Titanic hitting an iceberg. It’s very pretty, but if you’re prone to seasickness
like I am, then it’s quite choppy. My stomach is turning a bit. It’s hard to get off huh? It’s so beautiful. What a nice way to see
the caves. It took us just over half an hour. Long enough
for me, I managed to not get sick. Getting down is certainly easier than getting
up, but that’s the price you have to pay. Have you been to the Algarve? What was your favourite part? Let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. Bye!

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  1. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love this view!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love this sea!!!!!!!!!!!! so blue!!!!!!!!! so wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!

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