ALMATY: CouchSurfing | Modern Kazakhstan | Places to visit | Shymbulak

I am at Shymbulak You can come here either by these cable cars They are also called Feniculars You have to pay 1500 Tenge to use them Shymbulak is like a mountain resort like Auli and Gulmarg in India You can also go to the top – Talgar pass, by using these cable cars Its 6 pm and everything is closed now So better visit this place in the morning We are at the altitude of 2000 metres whereas the Talgar pass is around 3000 metre height The information counter is also closed now I can feel the fresh air of the mountains Its like I am in Himalayas Cable cars are available from Medeu to Shymbulak between 10 am to 6 pm This is all covered with snow between November and May You can also trek from there This is Army’s van He requested me not to show this vehicle from outside Now I am going back Feeling good its 7:45 pm Bus fare from Medeu to Hotel Kazakhstan=150 Tenge From Hotel Kazakhstan, I will catch another bus for Navoy My hosts stay there So in total, I paid around 200 rs for travelling in these buses. Comes around 3 US Dollars Almaty is way cheaper than USA I have finally reached I am happy to be here Though there was a lot of traffic on the way Look at this home isn’t it big! This belongs to Pavel and Meera This is their living room According to them it is a typical Kazakh appartment Its 9 pm In India its 8:30 pm These are some vegetables and this is a bread They have prepared a vegetarian meal specially for me It is called… A Georgian meal Let me introduce my hosts They both are Russians We do not understand each other’s language, but I said… emotions and feelings are rather more important I told them about you you like the Russian series and It feels I am going to relive those moments here I am quite hopeful with this series now just because of the people and culture of this area sorry, I don’t have much to say… I am just happy 🙂 its 11:30 am Today is 27 August 2018 The day is beautiful weather is pleasant This is the area where I stayed I couldn’t show you yesterday because of poor light I have reached on the main road. Here are the buses I am going to visit First President Park I have to come back in some time Then I will go to the airport See how she is asking for rides (paid) Now she will negotiate… but the driver refused this is how you can also travel in Almaty I wanted to walk and explore this area slowly while talking with you Let me tell you what am I carrying in my day pack! 1 water bottle refilled it from Pavel’s home 1 sneakers my passport a few US Dollars mobile and gimbal chargers 1 universal travel adapter So I am carrying the most important things right now also a packet of cookies and besan ke laddoo … made by my mother oh! I forget them at home I’ll eat them later on My mother prepared almost 2 kgs of ‘Laddoo’ for this trip I told her that I can’t carry all of them but I took some of them so that she doesn’t feel bad But I had them on the first day… when I arrived in Almaty When I was not getting anything easily… so I ate them So you can also carry such things for emergencies Traffic stopped for the pedestrians using the zebra crossing You can rent these cycles but I can’t understand this language, so can’t say about the charge, etc.. This is the website They also have apps on Android and IoS Download apps to use them 500 Tenge for 1 hour or 1 day! not sure I am not going to use them as I don’t have much time left with me But shared this information for your reference Its around 25-30 degree celsius today I can see Airconditioners in that building A glass of juice costs 200 Indian Rs… seems quite expensive! Pomegranate juice for 500 Tenge Now I am going to ask the price of some other things So that you also know about it I am going to buy 2 bananas just to know their price I paid 200T for 2 bananas After a lot of calculations I came to know that these 2 bananas cost 40 INR Oh my god!! very expensive ! Do you remember what ATMs are called in Russian! Thats the largest bank of Russia This is First President’s Park A memorial, dedicated to the first president of Kazakhstan Astana Airport is also named after him Gentlemen! I welcome you to Kazakhstan This is the largest city of this country – Almaty It is the former capital. Now its Astana This is the largest country in Central Asia This is 9th largest country in the world India comes 7th This is also world’s largest landlocked country Unlike India, it is sorrounded by countries and closed sea The cars, buildings & other infrastructure says everything about the economy of this country Economically, this is the strongest country in Central Asia Factually speaking, it contributes 60% to the total GDP of the central asian countries It is relatively cheaper for tourists public transport is cheap Uber and Yandex cabs are also available But the best thing is – wave your hand to stop any car quote a lesser price whatever you see in Uber App but you should know the local language to speak with the people Not many people know English Kazakh is the official language… but people also speak Russian as this was a part of former USSR A few common words in Russian will help you a lot Getting vegetarian food wont be easy I went to a supermarket to buy bread, biscuits and chocolates There are a lot of supermarkets in Almaty This is a secular country Variety of people stay here togeather I think you should come here to see this country its 2:15 pm and I am back now i am going back to the airport My flight time is 6 pm Both of them asked me what should they do… after I turned the camera ON I enjoyed the stay

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  1. The travelling living legend of the legends!!
    Sir, you are the best vlogger cum traveller out there.
    Living life to the fullest comes at ease to you!

  2. Kazakhstan looks fabulously beautiful. Such nice people. How entirely different from western media propaganda. My special thanks to your host family, a wonderful couple. Namaste to them from India for hosting Varun bhai….

  3. kazakistan is a awesome country its people are so familiar
    as compare to egypt which i seen previously EGYPT is a asshole country i am only interested in egypt becuase of pyramids thats all

  4. Full enjoy in hole life varun bhai
    Developed country kajakistan and clean /grean city beautiful buildings and people

  5. Use Google translate to help communicate with people vaise aapko Merse zayda pata hai but aap travel krte rahete ho islea aap ye app rakha kro or Google translate ke belar baat hr language download me almost 50MB jata hai islea aap kisi or app ko download kro but usme ye default hai aapko net chahiye lekin speed ka koi chakar nahi to mai aapko ye prefer krunga vo download kr lo Google nhi baki aapko zo suitable lage vo sahi 😄😄

  6. I am so so glad to see that people around the world are so nice, happy, helping… Good Luck. I wish I could travel like this one day.

  7. Varun Bhai make a video of Laos Pls…mujhe Jana hai Laos to explore Buddhism over there..main bhi Buddhist Hoon so..

  8. Really, people's in Kazakhstan and Russia are very sweet And genuine.
    I hope to be travel there at least for once.

  9. I have been to around 20 countries. All are cleaner than India. Pata nahi humara desh kab saaf hoga

  10. This channel deserve at least 10M subs…. After watching ur videos bro… Really feels soo good.. Everyday i watch ur videos before sleep…

  11. Біздің Қазақтар маймыл көргендей жабыса кетеді туристерге фотоға түсіп, бір жағынан қызық шығар 😏

  12. to all Indian people watching : we have shittest government after North Korea and china and Russia, they are TOTALLY corrupted

  13. after watching many of your videos i have come to the conclusion ki sirf indian subcontinent ke countries ke roads aur saaf safai ki bhasad machi hui hai

  14. You must use Google Translate and Google Lens on your phone for understanding of languages and things.

  15. Hi varun
    Kazak seems very clean and frndly country…….. Like the way ppl approached you to talk .
    I have seen ur many videos but this country is damn good.
    I request you to make video on japan….. I have visited japan last year and my experience was great

  16. Of course it's not like traffic like India , coz population is few than there. We don't throw garbages on the road and water.

  17. Varun Bhai men pichle 1 mahine se aap k video dekh raha hun behad pasand a rahe hen mujhe. Or aap ka bahut bahut bahut sukriya ki aap apne video's Hindi men bol kar Banate hen

  18. U r so cute Acha lgta hai Jb ap khty hoo Acha lag rha hai😄😄😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 love from pk

  19. Pavel and Mira are looking so cute together. God bless them with beautiful kids 💕♥️. From 🇮🇳+🇹🇭 with love💕💕💕💕💕

  20. Өз елімізде бәрі орысша сөйлейді. Біздің тілді ешкім менсінбей ді(

  21. aare bhai tjhe ye nhi pta ki 1 us dollar me 387 tenge milte hai na 100tenge bhai aise hi forgien ghumta hao yaar

  22. You should have bargained. 200 tenge for 2 banans is way to much. They were spaking russian and she said she wanted 100 tenge fist. You shouldn't have shown the money in advance.

  23. मुझे नहीं पता था कि कजाकिस्तान इतना सुंदर है और वहां की सड़के अच्छी है जो रसिया और यूएसए की सड़कों को मात दे देती

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