An average day at work: Scuba diving into a BAT CAVE! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 219

OK, Yep. We’re in the bat cave! You guys ready? Yes. Where are the bats at? Ah. [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] [INAUDIBLE SINGING] (SINGING) One dot
represents what people say. The people are original, and
they’re from my homeland. Like my old man said,
there’s nothing impossible. So we have to bring this message
home and brought it lyrical. Straight from the crew. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey. Hey. Today is a very special day. We’re leaving Bequia. Hey, that all rhymed. We’re on our way to St. Lucia. about halfway between–
well, not halfway between, but on the way,
we’re going to stop through St. Vincent
on the coast and we’re going to dive the bat cave. Oh! It’s about 11 miles from here. We’re going to dive
the bat cave and then we’re going to do an
overnight sail to St. Lucia. Where is the bat cave? On the southwest
corner of St. Vincent. It’s a– I don’t really know. It’s a cave that cuts
through a peninsula, and you can dive down into it. There’s bats above you, and
then you scuba dive down the backside, and it
goes down super deep. Cool, man. Yeah. [MUSIC PLAYING] What’s going on? I don’t know. Something’s wrong
with the rudder. Like it’s not giving
any power, or? No, it won’t turn. Oh, wow. Wait. What’s wrong? I was stupid. The autopilot guy was on. Of course it wouldn’t turn. Sorry, false alarm. Oh my gosh. What the hell? I already have my mask on. I was ready. I was jumping in. I was like, it really– it
really felt like something was stuck in the helm. Yeah. Somebody get Brian
another coffee. [MUSIC PLAYING] So teach me. Upwind sailing a ketch 101? Yeah. Just imagine that
you’re in a car, right? Let’s say that you
just get into your car and you’re not going anywhere. Let’s say there’s 10 knots
of wind blowing towards you. Yeah. You can sort of feel that. That’s the true wind. Yeah. But if the car is moving
forward at, let’s say, you know, 40 miles per hour and you
stick your hand out the window, it’s like crazy because
the car is moving. So the apparent wind feels more. Yeah. Well, it’s the same
thing on a sailboat. So you know, the
wind is 20 knots, but right now, we’re
moving forward at, you know, let’s say 8 knots. So instead of it
being a true 20 knots, the apparent wind is like
25 knots or something because we’re creating
more wind for ourselves. And it also changes
the angle of the wind. And then so obviously,
you’re downwind and it’s obviously
like the faster you go, like your apparent
wind is less, right? It takes away from it, so it
could be blowing 30 knots, but if you’re going
downwind at 10 knots, then it feels like you have
20 knots of wind, right? So the idea with
sailing upwind is to point the boat as high
into the wind as possible, while still
maintaining good speed and keeping the boat comfortable
for everybody on board. And in these
conditions that we’re seeing right now, which is some
fairly moderate seas and about 20 knots of apparent
breeze, we usually target like 40 to sometimes
45 degrees apparent, depending on how fast we want
to go and how big the waves are. And what we’re
actually going to do is we’re going to focus
on trimming the sails so that the sails
are balanced, and we can move through the
water without needing to turn the rudder too
much, because if we’re using a lot of rudder,
that’s creating drag and is actually going to
slow us down quite a bit. So by balancing the sails,
we can almost sort of steer Delos without using the
rudder, which is pretty cool. So right now, the sails
are trimmed pretty good for sailing upwind. We don’t have a lot of lee
or weather helm or anything. What I’m going to do is I’m
going to screw up the trim, and I want you to tell me
how that feels on the wheel, like if you can feel
a difference when I over-trim the boat. So now the boat– she
wants to round up, right? Yeah. Because we’ve created,
basically, a huge weather vane. Now the boat wants to do this. So now you have
to steer to port. Yeah. To keep us from going too hot. So now we’re two bars– And then when I do,
it’s adding bars. Three bars. Yeah. And sometimes, if
it gets really bad, you can have a lot of rudder. So what we’re going
to do is we’re just going to ease the sails to
keep us trimmed and balanced. OK. So I’ll fix it back again. I think general people
over-trim the sails. How does it feel? It feels good. When I watch Brian, he’ll
just be sitting here and he’ll just kind of
instantly know, like, OK, we need to ease
that or trim that. And for me, it’s like there’s
so many factors that you kind of have to balance all out. Like you’re thinking about,
what’s my wind direction? Is the wind changing? And hand steering is
a fun time, but trying to keep your course– it’s a lot to process,
and I’m sure in time, it just becomes more of a feel. But like for me, I’m checking
all these instruments and I’m like, oh shit. Like I’m going too far
to starboard or now the wind’s coming
around this way. And yeah. It’s cool, though. It’s fun to learn, for sure. [MUSIC PLAYING] Do you think we’re
going to anchor? Or are we just going
to like drift it? We should go over and take a
look at some of these mornings and see if they’re capable of
holding doubles, because that would be the easiest thing. There is a mooring,
but it’s too shallow. The other ones are
all lobster pots. So I think we’ll
just hover around. OK. Copy that. Conditions are calm and sunny. It’s ID. OK, we’ll come back out. But you can come pretty
far in with Delos. It’s super, super
deep all the way in. The bat cave– even right
in front of the bat cave, it’s 5 meters. Copy that. Sounds good. All right. The bat cave dive plan. What we’re going to do is
we’re going to pull Delos up as close as we can. You guys are going
to jump off the back, surface swim into the cave. The cave looks big, but then it
contracts down to about 4 feet. Swim at the surface
as long as you can. You’re going to have bats going
over your head, supposedly, and then when you
can’t go any further, then you’re going
to dip under water and then you’re going
to be in the crack. Keep going until the
bottom drops out. It should be about 40 feet to
the other side of the cave, and then you’re going to
make a left hand turn. You’re going to
dive along the wall, and then you should be popping
up right around the same spot where you got dropped. There’s our dive plan. Don’t get swept away by
some bats, little Kazza. OK. Don’t get bit by bats. Myths. Hopefully, they had
their tetanus shots. Bats, here we come! [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh my God. [MUSIC PLAYING] OK. We are in the bat cave. You guys ready? Yes. Where are the bats at? Where are the bats at? Ah! [LAUGHTER] Oh, it smells in here. It smells like guano. Come on in. So many– but I don’t want to. They’re kind of freaky. Oh my God. Wow. There’s heaps. Hey, I’m switching
to my regulator. OK. Right here, OK? OK. I’ll meet you guys
down right here. [MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHTER] A nice dive. Very cool, huh? Very cool! Very cool down there. Yeah. [LOUD CHEERING] There’s something weird about
diving off of your home, pulling up to this
crazy cliff face, and just dropping
people in the water. It’s a good Sunday or Monday
or whatever the– it is. Oh, it was freaking cool, man. It was awesome! It was awesome. How many bats did you see? Thousands! I don’t know. [INAUDIBLE] Yes. I’m so excited. Back inside it’s quite dirty. But if you don’t
fight it, it’s fine. You just sort of sit
there and a bunch of bats fly around you and
like poop on you. Yes. Did you get pooped on? Definitely. [LAUGHTER] Best– Let’s do it, man. Was it amazing? Yeah, it was really cool. You guys will like. There’s so many bats. It’s crazy. Look at these conditions. It’s so freaking calm. The dive gods are smiling
on us today, for sure. Thank you. Praise your dive god. [MUSIC PLAYING] Whoa, dude! Hello. Hey! How was it? Wow, that was pretty– incredible, man. Yeah. Like three dives in one. Yeah. Towards the end,
we’re over here. We found this crazy mini-wall
that drops to 20 meters and it has like these caves and
swim-throughs and the biggest school of mini-reef fish
I’ve ever seen in my life. Cool. Thousands and thousands of them. Yeah, that– that was
an incredible dive. I think today could be one
of the most magical days of my life. That dive was
incredible, and now– freaking rainbow! Oh my god! Woo! Look at this. Woo! St. Vincent, you beauty. That’s beautiful. Yeah. That’s a good end
to a perfect day. Yesterday, I said that
yesterday was my favorite day. This is my new favorite day. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. Really peaceful
out here right now. So quiet. We have 44 miles to go to St.
Lucia, and we have 13 hours. So we need to go very
slow, which is really nice. It’s so peaceful
out here right now. There’s like almost no wind,
light little swell, rainbow, dolphins, and it’s just quiet. It’s very calming. [MUSIC PLAYING] So it’s 10 miles to
the top of the island. So I think we can maybe just– we totally ran out of wind. The wind started coming from all
over the place at 1 to 2 knots, so maybe we’ll just
idle, take our time, take a few hours to get to the
end of that island, and then we’ll try and sail
as slow as possible because we only have
about 45 miles to go. We don’t want to get there
too soon, so that’s it. Senor’s working on
something real nice. Yeah. Yeah, we’re doing Mexican. You’re up first, Lou. Look at this. Fresh guac, olives,
jalapenos, street taco sauce, and Brady’s world-famous beans. Spinach, cheese, beans. So me and Kazza [? Tron ?] got
the first watch of the evening, and to say that
it’s smooth would be a severe understatement. But it is beautiful out here. We just passed this little– kind of looked like
a canyon, and you could see that it was
raining down in there. And all of a sudden, we got
kind of a land breeze of this– I’m not going to say cold, but
chillier than the normal wind. And you could just smell the
earth because of the rain. And yeah. Just a breath of fresh air. And you can just tell that St.
Vincent is very raw like that. So it is like 8:45. I just started my
watch and we’re coming to the end of
the St. Vincent island. I can see the lights of
St. Lucia in the distance. The wind’s thinking about coming
around, making the switch. It’s a bit rolly. The swells are hitting us
like right from the side, so kind of like lurching
forward then rocking to the side and lurching forward
and rocking to the side. Tallis is going on watch. She’s going to tack when she
feels like it’s appropriate, and maybe hand steer. It’s just that the autopilot
doesn’t drive as good as you, upwind especially. So if you put it
on the autopilot, we don’t point as
high as we could if you’re not driving by
hand because you can just react more quickly. How far away are we? From the island, straight
line distance from where we want to go, we are 10.8 miles. But it wouldn’t
surprise me if we had to sail 20 miles to get
there with the wind being like it is. It’s pretty much coming straight
from where we want to go. OK. [MUSIC PLAYING] It is 5:30 in the morning and
we’re pulling into Soufriere. But the sun is just coming
up, which is very nice. Lets me breathe a little
bit easier because any time that we’re near
land and it’s dark, and especially if
we’re approaching land, it’s always just a little
nervy checking radar and just like checking
for lights just in case there’s any local
fishing boats out here. But we’re going to arrive
there– perfect timing. And hopefully we get an amazing
sunrise over the Pitons. So fingers crossed. Next up on Delos, we
make some local friends. Little fist. Little fist? Yeah. Nice to meet you, man. Yeah, man. The girls have a girls’ day. There you go, Kazza. Oh, beautiful. And we sail to the nature island
of the Caribbean, Dominica. [MUSIC PLAYING] Got the main up. Gentle breeze. A drone ruining the quietness. Can you hand me a
flat-head screwdriver? Yes. This one? [LAUGHTER] [ENGINE SOUNDS] Oh, gosh dang it. You’re a mess, Brian. I dropped my ham
and my sunglasses. But we’re sailing
into the sunset. Oh, it’s all right. We should go dive right there. Business in the front,
party in the back. Look at that. Like it? I like it a lot.

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