AN INDIAN TOURIST IN A TURKISH VILLAGE. Does it also happen in India?

it’s okay to get lost every once in awhile Just leave yourself to the situation and enjoy it This is what happening to me right now We are not able to understand each other’s language even translate app is not working because of poor internet After Aiyden left me with them… He is Mr Omer He is Mr Shareef not Nawaz Shareef! Then they asked me Did I had food? I said No Though because of the language barrier, I couldn’t understand what exactly they wanted to say then he offered me to join them Now we are going to attend a wedding ceremony In such situation, i am going to attend a wedding They have followed me everywhere Now I am popular even in this small village I want to show you whatever we interact with eachother but we don’t talk that frequently but the conversations happening between us are interesting They are still discussing me and my channel I am enjoying this finally he understood I am not staying in a hotel anymore Now going to stay at their home YouTube worked I always find the people of villages are warmer than those living in cities I am going to attend a wedding in this attire! After his repeated requests now I am going inside After coming here, it feels like I am becoming the centre of attraction instead of the bride and groom I am enjoying this its 9:30 pm after attending the wedding we went to a hospital where he works then finally we came here this is Mr Omer’s house Now we are going to have dinner Before coming here, he said… I am not sure you’ll like my house! I replied, I would be honored to be your guest he felt comfortable I do Couchsurfing to experience the local culture Actually, initially he also arranged a hotel room for my stay but after watching my YouTube videos he offered me to stay with his family So thanks to you and YouTube There are many things to eat Thats my favourite and many more things… I hope it dont hits me I am Mr Omer just had Pear They grow them here This is their house he is their youngest son They grow everything here Green Chilly, Capsicum, Tomatoes, other vegetables… also hen here is the cow This is a typical village I always wanted to stay at such place The region adjacent to Black sea is Moutaineous Its called Black sea region I wanted to stay in a village I had a comfortable stay last night Though sometimes I feel hesitated while staying with a family I dont know when I will overcome this but still I enjoy stay with such people Cow is called INEK EKMEK is bread SU is water Süt is milk CHAI is tea ŞEKER is Sugar SABUN is soap I am a MISAFIR, it means a guest We are all together There are a few things which I cant eat thats mutton I can eat these things This is how they eat togeather After having the breakfast I was about to leave they wanted to gift me something I said, you’ve already so much for me I can’t take anymore Yesterday I gifted them a souvenir from India But now they want me to accept their gift They want me to gift this… They are nice people They want me to visit another house They want me to see how Gozleme is made Actually Gozleme is not like Indian ‘Parantha’, but.. what I had in breakfast looked like ‘Parantha’ So for you… Gozleme is something like Indian ‘Parantha’ You can stuff it with things like Cheese, Potato, etc During my childhood My grandmother used to make things like this sitting together with other ladies at home He said… they are stocking these things for winter time to leave, its 10:30 am They are very nice people I expected this warmth and friendliness from the rural people of Turkey They were amazing people I had a wonderful time with all of them i will cherish these moments forever These people are as beautiful as this landscape is

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  1. Oooooooo my god what a journey ??? ya ilahi illaahh..bhagwanijii sabka Bhalla Kare hi matalab hoga???? god bless you …sab logo ke face pe kitni masumiyat thi ??

  2. 4:35 sir ye janab to vahi h jinhone apko lift di thi car me jinke per kam nhi karte mene another video me dekha tha inhe kya me sahi hu sir ?

  3. You said 'La Ilaha Illallahu..'. Be careful, when you return to India, Narendra Modi and gong may think you a Muslim. 'Apki halot bahut kharab kar diyega'. We don't want to miss you and your videos.

  4. Ab tak ka sabse best video. Aur aap India ki bhi respect badha rahe ho. Uske liye behut behut faqar

  5. Turkey people are so humble and warmly welcoming and nice to outsiders,,, thanks Varun bhai for such an amazing vlog,,, Allaah bless you

  6. Hahaha sir nawaz shariff
    You are the great. From Pakistan
    Sir Pakistan b kabi ao na. Kpk desi area ko please.

  7. In karnataka in Kannada we have a word "Vishwamanava".
    That means a person who thinks the world is my family .
    And you are that person Sir.
    What a humble person you are Sir , that mannerism , that politeness , I'm glad that people from other countries see you and think that whole india is like you .
    On YouTube I love two channels I.e flying beast and mountain trekker .
    God bless you Sir.

  8. First time cane through ur channel..ur awesome..just loved the way ur travelling and mingling with ppl frm diff countries…hats off to u fr sharing such beautiful experiences

  9. The reality of the people and country is so different from what the media portrays. Thank you for your perspective. It's heartwarming & enlightening. I almost felt like they inviting all of us, in with you.

  10. I had no idea that Turkey was so beautiful or Turkish people were this warm and hospitable before watching this video.

  11. Meaning of 'ला इलाहा इल्लल्लाह' (अल्लाह  तआला के अतिरिक्त कोर्इ सच्चा पूज्य नहीं)

  12. Very good and very nicely ise ke ko bolte hi insaneyat aur ise ko bolte hi bhai chara???I love Turkey ???I love my india ???

  13. varun how do feel in other country sitting with moinaritys…….do u love them……………this is called Islam….Islam love all the cultural people but in India why hates muslims…

  14. Bhut achha lagta hai aapke wajah se indian ke baare me kya sochte hai other country ke log pata chalta hai

  15. टर्की में ब्लैक रोज़ पाए जाते हैं। सुना है गांव में खेती की जाती है।।

  16. Its a Muslim Country So Clean, Beautiful Friendly People, & so Developed kash hamara India aisa hota, Fells so refreshing just by looking at the vlog, Beautiful & Friendly people, so safe, roaming in those streets Wow Turkish People are so Lucky

  17. ورون صاحب آپکے لئیے بہت محبت اور نیک خواہشات ۔ میں آپکا مداح ہوں اللہ کریم آپکو خوش رکھے ۔ آمین

  18. I just love ur adventures journey.. Ur videos inspires me to travel the world.. Thank u and good luck brother for ur adventures life.. 🙂

  19. Please somebody tell me about background music from where I can download it…name of title of music plzzz

  20. Sir, Aapki video dekh ke bahut positivity aati hai… ! aisa lgta h ki m khud waha hu or sb chije experience kr rha hu… You are connecting different peoples from around the world, whether they follow different religion ..they knows you are human, we all are human, we must connect and live with this harmony. wow, village life is best life. Thank you Turkey and thanks to you varun sir. Hope someday i will meet you…!

  21. भाई मुस्लिम एक साथ मे खाना खातै है बहूत पसन्द करते है

  22. Greetings from mumbai…..India, to all my turkish frds, pls visit us too. As Indian culture Turkey has go culture too

  23. hindu people are doing opposite what this Muslim family did with hindu man…this is Islam..peace for humanity..
    indian seculars are killing Muslim in india and Kashmir (indian occupied) proud to be a Muslim

  24. Prophet MOHAMMAD S.A.W said that :- "exchange gifts ,as that will lead to increasing your love to one another "

  25. Some words meanings..
    Chok shukur…..a big thanks
    Evet …………yes
    Allah razı olsun….Allah aapse khush ho

  26. Big love for Turkey from India❤️❤️… And video was amazing… How to narrate a journey so amazingly need to learn from you… Thanks a lot for sharing such great experience…

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