An Interview with Elias Elhardt // FWT20 Snowboarding Men 3rd Place Hakuba, Japan // Events Hakuba.

Jared: Alright, Events Hakuba here with Elias
Elhardt, the second rider down today. How were the snow conditions? How was your run?
Elias: It was actually better than I thought, you know with that wind event a couple of
days ago it got quite firm but maybe it recovered. But anyways, it was pretty fun and the further
down we got, the less wind affected it was and there were tons of hits along the way,
so it was pretty good. J: Nice! So you went looker’s left, is that
right? E: Right.
J: And what did you see down there in the terrain? Were there any trannies or anything
interesting that you hit? E: There was tons of stuff! Lots of stuff
actually that I didn’t particularly plan on. To be honest, I kind of came off track
of my line a little bit and then I had to improvise.
J: But just being spontaneous and creative, right?
E: Yeah, which isn’t always easy if you had a certain plan in mind, but it went alright,
yeah. J: That’s cool, great. Well congratulations
on your run. E: Thanks.
J: And talking about creativity, he’s also a very interesting film maker. He’s combining
narrative storytelling with snowboarding. And you just put out a new film. Can you tell
us a little bit about your experience in Kosovo? E: So for the new film “Narcis”, I was
in Kosovo for three weeks actually, in a little town called Brezovica.
J: Okay. E: And you know Kosovo had a devastating war
twenty years ago and in that place Brezovica, there’s Serbs and Albanians living together
and doing winter sports, which is quite a special sort of meeting ground for a lot of
conflicting parties actually. I thought that was a nice story to tell and see and just
engage with what winter sports can do, beyond sort of like just a fun experience that we
all enjoy doing. And just to be part of that scene down there for a little while. So that
was a really nice experience and kind of portrayed one of the protagonists that lived through
it all from, you know. J: Through the war, through everything.
E: Yeah through Yugoslavia, through the breakdown of Yugoslavia and then the war, and after,
and now the rebuilding stage. J: So yeah, snowboarding and winter sports
bringing people together. E: Yeah.
J: That’s very interesting. E: I would hope so.
J: That’s great, well congratulations again. We’re here with Elias Elhardt, the wild
card this year. Good luck bro. E: Thanks.

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