ARRIS Surfboard Modem WIFI Router!!! Unboxing!!

hi guys i’m here to unbox motorola arris
modem router i bought this so i can get rid of the Monthly payment for renting
modem and Wi-Fi router on your internet providers so we’re going to
be doing unboxing for this modem so here we go ok so first you’ll see it quite big I initially thought its small because of
the picture but inside of it it’s continue there’s plastic and check it out yeah so you can see there’s a logo there Arris I think this is a previous
motorola brand but they just call it Arris nowadays so oh they’re still I don’t know if you can
see it but there’s still a logo from motorola so I guess now this is still
motorola but they started branding it Arris so it’s actually the latest model
that I got, the Ethernet ports which is around four and and here’s the coaxial port
and here’s the power adapter so I like the look of it compared to my
old Arris from AT&T so quite nice. So let’s try removing this.. so what else do we have inside a box ok we have here data cable i don’t know
how many fit is this one and… we have the power cable and nothing much left some quick start
guide and just some regulatory information and some calling card for
support so yeah that’s it this is the arris modem Wi-Fi router hope you enjoyed it

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