Yo! “how you been?” This is Eddie Removing the rust right? still rusty? still rusty what do you call that? the no skate grind ends with a face plant? there you go so boring Hi guys, I’m a future upcoming Twitch streamer my name is KidBuddha K I D B U D D H A follow me on Twitch I play league of legends , PUBG here comes Miguel rolling down the stairs mr. Ricardo sliding right there this is nothing yo, not even that high Yeah I said that your gonna see me do it soon phurba got that hes doing it as good as Ricardo you did a split you ok? yeah I’m ok his lighter! the lighter! you guys wanna go get pizza? lets go get pizza now I taught him that today, did you see that? I taught him that today Show them crazy legs viewers like that, people ask questions about it oh, you’re right its called insanity , hes right thank you for the correction do the hour glass, go don’t fall So Eddie here is a transitioning Ice Skater becoming a rollerblader Adrian is too, so let’s get their feedback what do you think about rollerblading and how can you compare it to ice skating it is so different , because like if you fall you’re gonna really F up your hands Im gonna have to edit that F word out, but its cool what is your take on rollerblading V.S. ice skating I started rollerblading, but then I got into Ice and liked it more but this is harder It’s definitely harder “that’s what she said” Dance off, dance off. Ricardo you first, dance off there’s no music just imagine it alright, whats your rebuttal, lets see the rebuttal ok, that means its time for pizza oh! that’s part of the sequence I didn’t see that coming I can do this on the ice he can normally grape vine on the ice, so lets see “Very, Very clean…” ok that’s enough of my footage wasted Guys lets go get pizza this video needs an outro, that might be it we have to take our skates off Can i get a bite? Can i get a bite? Did you skate with us?! I don’t give of F that’s it, that’s it that’s not the right answer you’re suppose to ask politely! Can I get a bite!? whats the last word? last word? PLEASE! ok you can have one Oh. word? lit! Good skate guys!? Guys were going on the ice? you’re trash

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