At One With the Water | The Swimming Nature Difference

I’ve always had a very special
relationship with water. All the most important moments of my life have been in the pool. But when you’re in the water and you’re immersed in it, it’s very therapeutic.
It’s where no one else can get to you. I’ve known Eduardo now for a few years, and what became evident to me was his passion for swimming, and for teaching
others to swim. But the difference with Swimming Nature is the attention to detail, but also the care that the teacher takes with
the swimmer to make them feel comfortable in the water. I think
that is kind of key when you’re doing something for the first time,
and you’re slightly vulnerable. I think that you learn an awful lot more from somebody when you just engage with one person. You’re not trying to look after ten people in the pool. From the very first lesson the students are developing a bond with the water. They’re overcoming their fears, and they’re learning to control their bodies. Eduardo’s methods come from twenty-five years of experience, being on the pool side, being in the pool and teaching. In order
to learn the correct mechanics of the strokes you need to put your head in the water. We also use floatation as a tool to teach. We don’t need any artificial buoyancy apart from their own body. Our teaching programme consists of sixty-four modules, covering all aspects of swimming from adaptation to the water, right up to medley and tumble turns. The relationship of the teacher and the student is key. When the teacher
gives a big high five to the student on every skill that they have achieved
it’s the biggest source of motivation for the student.
It’s important that kids learn to swim simply because it can save your life,
it’s a life skill and it gives you confidence! By learning a new skill you
feel good about yourself. I’m proud to support Swimming Nature as
they prepare every student for their future.

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