Backstroke swimming technique | Arms | Part 2 | How to swim back

The hands during backstroke might seem like
they are doing crazy things when you see them in slow motion. However, once you understand each movement
and practice it, it will make more sense. I divided it in 4 stages. It all starts when the hand is in the recovery
stage. It is easier to get it out of the water with
your thumb first. Then during the recovery rotate the wrist
to make the pinky finger enter first. This is the only stroke that doesn’t have
any gliding. So as soon as the hand enters, you need to
start the pull. The rotation should be quick in order to start
the pull in a good position. The hand actually starts pulling before the
shoulder stops rotating. Now, the main strength of the pull comes in
the middle. The elbow should be slightly bent. At this point the chest should be pointing
to one side of the pool. Once the hands pass this middle point, the
pull changes direction and does a little scoop at the end. This happens partially because the other arm
is about to enter and the rotation of the shoulders is about to reach the highest point. Backstroke is not an easy stroke to swim right,
but there are drill that can make it easier. That is why I will give you my favorite drill
in the next video. In the meantime be sure to subscribe and like
the video! See you next time! Swim fast!

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