Balance Surfer instructions

Aloha, it’s Robert Stehlik with Blue Planet Surf. Today’s video is about the Balance Surfer. so I’m just going to go
over the basics, what’s in the box, how to set it up and how to get
started using it. we’ll have more videos about the balance surfer in the future
so subscribe to our channel for future updates. when you open the box you’ll
find inside the balance surfer wood board and three plastic balance modules
the medium green module should already be in the board the other two are on top
but make sure you don’t throw away this little manual that shows you how to set
up and use it but I’m also going to go over that right now in the video to get
started you want to take out the green medium module you can use those little
finger holes to insert your fingers and push it up a little bit so before you
use the boards using any of the balance modules just use it in the easy mode
first we call the office mode because it’s the easiest mode it helps you focus
on your work and has like a minimal amount of balancing that’s necessary and
correct your posture by keeping your weight evenly balanced on both of your
feet so try it with that first you just set it on the ground put one foot on one
side and put the other foot on the other side and then balance it out so that’ll
give you a good feel of how to place your feet should be about shoulder width
apart you don’t have to put it all the way against those curved sides but you
can if you like it gives you a little bit extra stability for the more
challenging modes but try different stances different stance with you do
want to be centered left to right and also front to back so you’re evenly
balanced on the board after you’re comfortable in office mode try the
medium module the green medium module is also great for office use it is still
fairly easy to balance on but it also allows front to back balancing and
rotation so you get a little bit more of a balanced workout if you’re using it at
a standing desk I recommend using easy or medium modules so you can focus on
your work and are not distracted by the balancing and vice versa when you’re
exercising focus on the exercising and the balancing not on something else
ok so regarding the balance modules each balance module has two different radius
curves so this curve here is you see it’s more curved so that makes it
more challenging to balance on this plane and then on this plane this this
side has less of a curve so it’s a little bit easier to balance on this
curve so the insides has a little arrow as well as a little C and the arrows I
don’t know if you can see this but the arrows point towards the direction of
the more challenging balanced direction so usually you would use the more
challenging balanced direction in the direction of your feet so you’ll you
want the arrows usually to point towards your feet if you turn it the other way
the challenging part is more heel to toe and then that way you get more of a
workout heel to toe and left side to side so but all three modules have two
different radius curves and the arrow is always pointed towards the more
challenging balance curve so each module can be rotated by 90 degrees in the
board and will give you either a side-to-side workout or heel to toe
workout there’s actually a total of seven different balance challenges
available each module has two 90-degree options and then the easy mode without
any modules so seven different balance options lots of different ways to
exercise your your feet your ankles and your full body your core so when you’re
exercising on your balance surfer and just working on your balance I like to
just do random stuff like even watch TV and just work on my balance and work on
my core strength and keep your knees slightly bent and just relax and let you
kind of let your hips and your lower body find the balance so that’s how you
use the balanced surfer and I want to say special thank you to all our
supporters on Kickstarter without you this wouldn’t have been possible so
thanks so much for supporting our project and bringing the balance surfer
to life and allowing us to make three different balance modules making it a
really cool system for balance training and for using at work at a standing desk
so the first shipment of our balanced surfers is going out next week Monday
I’m at Monday and Tuesday I’m going to be in California and LA shipping the
boards out to our mainland customers and international ones as well so the first
ones are probably going to arrive at the end of next week
if you’re an internationally it might take two to three weeks to arrive
and our local pickups in Hawaii we’re expecting that shipment to arrive soon
as well late November early December we’ll have those available for pickup
we’re also going to have the balanced surfers available on Amazon Amazon Prime
so you can get them shipped for free and also on our website they’re going to be
available soon so check it out thanks so much if you supported us on
Kickstarter and if you haven’t now is the time to get one so thank you for
watching if you liked the video give us a thumbs up and subscribe down below
thanks for watching Aloha

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