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In this episode we take you to Bali. Go on a professional photo shoot and get barreled in the gnarly surf man. My name is Bertie… My name is Darci… …and this is Indonesia from Below. Bali Island of Gods Land of sea, surf, and scented candles. And the next destination for my underwater exploration. Just 30 minutes off the coast of mainland Bali lies the idyllic little island of Lembongan. One of the few places that offers great oceanic activities both above and below the water. Today I am on the beautiful island of Lembongan. And I am very fortunate because I have been joined by former professional surfer turned marine conservationist Darci Liu Dan. And we’re on an assignment for EZ Dive magazine today. So the goal, first of all, we need to get shots of you diving Diving…. Yea, and then afterwards, shots of you doing
– Surfing your thing in the surf right?
– That’s right Okay, let’s get in the water.
– Let’s do it. My name is Darci Liu Dan… …and I was the first professional Chinese surfer. Recently I just passed as a dive master Since then I fell in love with the ocean. And now I am very into ocean
conservation. I wanted to send more awareness to Chinese people and to people from over the world to care about our ocean, care about our Earth. In order to get a nice complement of images, we’re off to a mixture of sites around the island. First stop; an underwater art installation. Set down a number of years ago the Buddhist statues and stupas are not an ancient sacred site rather an interesting art exhibit. Over time, coral has encrusted on the man-made structures creating an unusual artificial reef. With a strong current and lots of particles, it’s important to shoot wide and get in nice and close to your subject. Eye contact between the statue and model creates a sense of intimacy between your subjects. Really tough conditions out there it’s very surgy, terrible visibility, So I had to get really close to my subject. I think we might have got something – anyway, next dive site. Next stop, one of the most famous sites in the area. Crystal Bay. With gorgeous neon-coloured coral and healthy reefs. I’m sure to get some great shots. Now, on land wide-angle lenses aren’t the first choice for portraits. But with even lighting, an interesting angle and a beautiful backdrop underwater shots of models can look great. So Darci well done not easy down there Definitely not easy at all. Freezing cold. I know. Hopefully that gives you an insight Into how difficult underwater photography can be. You’re trying to control so many variables. You’ve got your beautiful model, you’ve got all the sea life to worry about, you’ve got your air consumption, your buoyancy. All of these things as well as your camera your settings two strobes on top really really difficult but I think we got something. I think so. One more shoot to go. With zero surf photography experience to date I’m having to learn fast. Positioning is everything Trying to predict where she will and won’t be whilst dodging the barreling waves is really tough. So when in doubt, stage a few shots behind the break It’s important to use a very fast shutter speed to freeze your subject as she flies past your head Getting so close to a surfer can be unnerving but thankfully Darci’s a pro. Darci, that was so much fun. I know. So much fun! I really enjoyed my first ever surf shoot. I know, luckily I didn’t kill you with my board. No, you were very controlled down there. How’s the surf, nice? Yes, pretty good. It’s quite a new set of challenges. Obviously when you’re taking pictures of fish you don’t have to worry about being pummeled on the head by waves the whole time so a new set of skills learned. Darci had a great time surfing I hopefully got some photos. A successful day. Gnarly… Lovely little Lembongan offers a lot from a very small base. From surfing to diving here it’s possible to get your daily dose of ‘Vitamin Sea’ both above and below the waves. And now fingers crossed my pictures make the cut.

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