BALI VLOG 7 발리여행 브이로그 7편 | Surfing, FINNS Beach Club 🏄🏽‍♀️ 발리에서 꼭 해야하는 서핑, 핀스비치클럽

Breakfast is a chicken sandwich Some fresh fruits and juice… And cappuccino, and smoothie bowl! This one looks so good! We’re going surfing today, so we have to eat a lot. Hi guys! (Giggles) Look at my crazy face! We’ve surfed for about an hour so far. This is our first time surfing! SOOO MUCH FUN! People told me that it’s hard to even stand up on the surf board on the first day. But omg, what the heck! I fell like 3 times, but I was able to stand up and ride the waves most of the times! It was so much fun! We’re just taking a short break now, and we will continue in a bit. We should have filmed us surfing, but we were both out there in the water, so couldn’t! Ah, shoulda! By the way, do you see my face? Before going in the water, we put some colored surf sunscreen and it was pretty at first. But after getting water all over on my face… it’s become like this. It’s strongly waterproof, so I can’t remove it easily! I need to find some tissues to remove it later! Seriously so much fun surfing! This place is called “My Surf School”. Um… per person… Is it $30 per person? Yeah, $30. Yes $30 per person for one instructor per two students. This beach is literally perfect for beginners! Amazing! Highly recommend it!! That way is Kuta Beach. And that way is Double Six Beach. We’re right in between them! Try surfing for the first time! Clear! We’ve been so busy today since the morning. We went surfing finally! It was our first time and unbelievably fun! The beaches here are perfectly suited for beginner surfers. Very shallow even far into the water, but the swells are quite big. So perfect for learning how to surf! You must try it when you come to Bali! Not sure how much it is to learn how to surf in Korea, it’s really affordable here. For a morning class, you start early in the morning and surf for like an hour and a half. After taking a short break, you go out for another hour and a half. If you want to continue even after that, you can. You can practice alone with their board. We wanted to go do some yoga today… but we’re heading to a beach club instead. Actually, I’ve never dressed up like this since I arrived in Bali. Just no occasion to dress up. Usually I dress more natural and casual here. This beach club looks a bit more higher-end and fancier, so I put on a little dressier clothing. It’s a long dress. This is how I’m going to dress tonight! We’re going to have dinner with a couple of cocktails enjoying the sunset! The beach bar we went yesterday was this famous place full of colorful bean bags. The place we’re going today is called FINNS Beach Club. It’s one of the really well-know beach clubs in Canggu. We’re in Seminyak, and Canggu is right beside. It won’t take long at all to get there. We’ll eat some yummy food, and there are huge pools overlooking the beach, and there will be great music too. I heard there are really great pool parties every single day! So we’re heading there to experience that. I will turn on the camera again when we get there! Bye! Hiiiii! We’ve arrived at FINNS Beach Club! It kinda has Vegas vibes here. I’m talking like this (so close) as the music is really loud! Can I get the um, Bintang Radler Orange? Orange? Oh, try lemon, I don’t know. Oh, yeah, I guess I will try lemon this time. And then, we’re gonna order food as well. After. After… Or do you want to order now? We’ll order now. Ok we will order. Soooo, this is what we got. We got some random stuff. Butter chicken and basmati rice, And this is Aussie pizza with an egg on top. Do they put eggs on it normally? I don’t know, I’ve never really (seen it)… It’s like their thing? I don’t know. Anyways, it looks amazing with the sunset over there. The sun looks so small in the camera, but it’s so much bigger in reality. And it’s so pretty. Like a red, burning… red, glowing… ball. lol (Nom nom nom) (Moving however I want…) Wow, 1, 2, 3, wow there’re so many dogs! (Back to dancing!) Enjoy nightly beach club scenes! Clear!

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