BANGKOK FREE BUS : Travel anywhere without Money : Do as the locals do

Bus no. 29 Is this the Bus stop ? NO, OVER THERE Roads in Bangkok seems jam packed and that’s the bus stop Its very hot and humid here. i am sweating This is a local bus in Bangkok I am travelling from Mo Chit to Rachatewi and today I am going to stay in Rachatewi at Jun’s house He is also a CouchSurfer. I am invited by him to stay at his house. The noise of this bus reminds me of the old DTC buses in Delhi The roads here are so jammed with the vehicles, that I think it can easily beat the infamous traffic jams of Delhi Wow! I just came to know about a wonderful thing! The bus in which I am travelling is FREE You don’t have to buy a ticket to travel in these buses Anyone can travel in such ordinary buses for free What a pleasant surprise ! The heat, humidity, traffic jam… are so annoying! The people sitting behind have just informed me that.. Not all the buses in Bangkok are free. Only the Red bus or the ordinary buses are free Behind me, there are 2 buses. The Yellow coloured is not free, but the Red one is. Yellow bus is air-conditioned whereas the Red one is not air-conditioned Do I have to get down here ? Terrible heat, Sweating, traffic jam… Its January.. one of the winter months… WELCOME TO BANGKOK 🙂 Don’t know what would be the condition here in the summers Now, I am going to find my host’s house. We met on CouchSurfing This area is called Rachatewi Google map shows me that I am very close to his home. Let me check Ok.. Here it is! Entry ! Now I am searching his house number in my mobile !

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  1. Sir what about your next trip ? Bahut acha lagta hey apka sabi update…. kash kar ke apka video description…maine bhi 1k ber BANGKOK geya tha but free bus mila nehi ussi time pe 😀 Bangladesh jane keliye soch rahahu, thora bahut dar ya doubt tha jayugi ki nahi Bangladesh…but abhi sob clear huya…Thank u sir. From KOLKATA….Jai Hind.

  2. I really liked this video Varun. This video is entirely different from the other travel based videos, as you have explored in an unconventional way. It gave me a feeling like I myself traveled throughout this video. Good Job.

  3. I love your videos ..Appreciate the effort and courage of yours .
    how much total cost incurred for 7 seven days in Bangkok include all ..stay..travelling ..folding and staying also confirm what currency bank use and pls compare it with Indian means 1 Bangkok rupee= 1 Indian rupee


  4. If your time is worthless then its ok to sit in a traffic jam and take hours to reach your destination. My time is very valuable!, I would much prefer to pay 50 baht to travel on the bangkok sky train which is airconditioned or the MRT to avoid suffering the heat, humidity. TIME IS A VALUABLE COMMODITY YOU CAN NEVER RECOUP. DO NOT WASTE IT FOR THE SAKE OF A FEW BAHT

  5. The free bus service of Thailand is designed for its people, and not for tourists. However, the drivers of "free buses" have no capability to stop any tourist from boarding the free buses.

  6. sir iam a big fan of u…u r so friendly with other countries people…i like u sir a lot…fan from india,mumbai

  7. Awesome Thai Videos, watching all of them, Very Informative, And u could take the BTS to avoid humid weather of Bangkok, But Wow, Free!!! Bus Ride, Gr8, I will try it when i go there

  8. free buses they have blue sticker and write something in thai language on the top of door and front mirror

  9. All red buses are not free only those red buses who have blue stickers on front mirror and blue stickers on entrance gate are free. Other red buses charges but very less only 6.50 baht for full journey. Irrespective of whether you travel until two stops or twenty stops the rent is same.

  10. Back in the 80s, 90s and even early 2000s, there were no "Free" buses in Bangkok. This must be a recent facility from Thai government.

    Found it! According to "The open-aired (non-air-conditioned) red buses cost 3.5 baht during the day and 5 baht after midnight, flat rate regardless of distance. Notably, many of these became free of charge in 2008 as part of a measure to help the poor (and help the politicians who cater to the poor vote). If you're an expat, I'd recommend you not freeload on one of these."

    I agree! Do not travel in these "Free" Red buses. They are meant for poor citizens of Thailand. Tourists and backpackers travelling on this would appear to be taking advantage of social programs meant for the poor. Varun didn't know about this, so it is not his fault. Plus, he gave out this useful info, especially in emergency if a tourist lost all their belongings and money, and needed to reach some place for help.

    In 1996 I met a Bhojpuri immigrant from India at a bus stop in near Phaurat. I wanted to take a bus to go to Sathorn Rd. He told me to sit in a similar Red bus. I bought the ticket, and conductor didn't know English. After about 30-45 mins I realized that I am in agricultural area. No more buildings or city. Later on I found out that I was heading towards Ayutthaya. I was told to get off at next bus stop, cross a walk bridge and take the correct number bus. Most Thai people are very helpful.

  11. varun I want to go to bali(indonesia) but im very confused and scared because I never go outside india ever and that will be my first time so plz make tour of bali with expense price in INR

  12. Hi.. thnx for loading ur videos as it helps clueless pple like me to plan a trip. am planning soon. u hv loads of experiences as u travelled. can u suggest which place is gud to visit. pattaya or Bangkok? also a nice homely place to stay. Thanks in advance.

  13. try to visit more places like thailand and south east asia wheir visia is free and the currency exchange is equal or just more to indian inr coz more people will be trying to go and this will be a gud info euro trip is a bit imposible for most of indians

  14. i learn many things by seeing the video.. please suģgest do we need hotel booking prior visiting bangkok for visa on arrival or we can book hotel after reaching bangkok..

  15. Bhai Jan app jab camera ma bat kar rahay hotay ho to mujhay lagta ha k app k sath ma ho or app mujhay guide kar rahay ha

  16. Can you explain behind scene and kind of camera and who shooting you have companions traveler for shooting

  17. yes mee too lots travel in bangkok with free buses.. next i m going to kuala lumpur to enjoy free bus rides

  18. mr. varun please let me know, how u r shooting your journey. i mean, which camera. is it with camera or mobile. which selfie stick u r using. how u r shooting both front and back. how u r rotating the camera. if possible pls let me know.

  19. free bus bangkok are not air-con and extremely hot, if you want to say some thing positive about bangkok , then say, public bus are very cheap(air-con or not air-con)

  20. This is by far, the most informative and practical video guide on travelling to Bangkok I have seen. I have been watching your other videos as well. Keep it up dude. I just wish you had a series on hotels in Pratunam .

  21. Hi Varun, I have been watching your vlogs for 3 days already. Two thumbs up! Anyway you misunderstood about the bus. Let me conclude like this. Air-con buses not free, Red ones may be free or may not. You have to notice the signage in front of the buses as the first guy said. The problem is the signage is in Thai lol. The second you misunderstood is about the weather. No winter in BKK. We have 3 seasons, hot / hotter / hottest. 🙂

  22. Dear Mountain trekker I went to Bangkok several times and travelled by Red bus frequently during my stay and last time in October 2016 and paid 6.50baht for a trip. who told you this bus is free?

  23. this is from bangkok wikitravel " Red bus, 6.50 baht fare. More spacious and fan-cooled (in theory). Unlike other buses, some of these operate through the night (1.50 baht surcharge). These buses are BMTA-run."

  24. Yes free bus, train, even electricity in Thailand for support the poor. Next month will stop free bus but improve quality, the poor will get smartcard, can get free food,bus,train, etc. Healthcare and Education are free too. Next year' 2018, Gov. will start tax for the rich, landlord, housing, increased penalty for commercial and jail.

  25. Agar yahan india me free bus chalegi na to uska bhi bura haal ho jayga ek bus me kamse kam 200-300 log ghus ghus ke baith jaate aur video me to free bus me bhi khali hai.

  26. Sir jin countries me Indians ko bagair visa allow he to vaha jane se pehle hotel book karvana padta he ya jane ke bad kar sakte he

  27. I am always watching your videos. Which is very informative and beneficial to new travellers who wish to go bangkok in low cost. Thank you for your nice videos…. Sanjay Khilari

  28. Varun ji,
    में अपनी फैमिली के साथ Bangkok , Pattaya and phuket घूम ना चाहा ता हु,
    मुझे थोड़ा गाइड कीजिये

  29. सर ये एयरपोर्ट से सिटी सेंटर जाने का किराया कितना है और बस काहा लगती है

  30. Sir Jakarta Ka traffic jam isse bhi Bura tha.i got stuck there for almost 4 hour.. place where I should have reached in 40 to
    50: Minutes it took me 4 hours
    Worst experience ever.

  31. Good morning sir , I have one query ….how do you find hosts in abroad ……ie. how can we find hosts for us in our foreign trip.

  32. हेलो वरुण भाई, मैं आपका पुराना videos देख रहा हु जो नही देखा था पहले। मैं पहली बार couch surfing करने का सोंच रहा हूं अपने Sri Lanka दौरे के लिए। आपसे निवेदन करता हु की एक स्पेशल video बनाएं Couch Surfing के लिए जिससे पता चले कि Host को कैसे approch करे। Geguine Host कोन है, इत्यादि। धन्यवाद ।

  33. Hi Varun I just subscribe your YouTube channel में आप के बनाये video's को देखकर हम जैसे लोग जो अपना देश नहीं घूम सकते, आप के कारण इस खुबसूरत दुनिया को देखने का मौका मिला है , आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद

  34. Hi nice to see your videos. Keep posting. I m traveling to Indonesia with mmt package. Is it safe to get sim on airport after immegration.

  35. Hi..sir can u plz tell me in which month did u travel to thailand??how was the weather there?as i m planing to go there in december

  36. ek humara hi desh hai …jahan English bolna ek Fitoor hai … baki jahan bhi dekh lo …. wo apni bhasha hi bolte hain..😊

  37. I always wondered how you get the flight ticket on such a low cost even when I am searching the whole sinario is opposite even when I am checking the tickets for 9 months ahead.. please help really appreciated… thanks

  38. We being a developing country and considering the greater geography compared to these counties. our govt should also provide facility of free buses or with low cost so that people can get used to travel in public transport.

    This will reduce traffic congestion in major cities , reduced pollution, money save and will witness how one can mange to reach the destination by using public transport.

    Unless we won't let people to get used to it always looks tiresome and makes us to switch own transport.

    at least twice in a year for one month it should be implemented which may help public to get experience of public transport

  39. Sir try to use trolly bag for ur stuff which can also be hanged on your shoulders. Now a days these are available in market.

  40. I Traveled alone in thailand many times, thai people are are very freindly, as long as you are good. by 2am i traveled by taxi from nong koi to udon thani.

  41. I have been living here in Bangkok for 4 years now. I also ride free buses, but sad to say that not all red buses are free now compared before.

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