Barnyard (1/10) Movie CLIP – Farm Surfing (2006) HD

Orale pig, que? Where’d you get that apple ese? This apple? Oh, pues, it originally was attached to this. Oh shit. Uh, aye Otis? What? What? What happening now?! You know, it’s times like this when I really like to say… orale pinche puto! You didn’t do that!!! Okay, okay! Look, this is bad enough! Please, no one scream, “Tree!” Tree!!!! Let’s surf! Hang on now, boys! Yeah! Hang hoof! Otis? Are we supposed to not yell, “Rock”? We got a gusher! Chicken farm! Oh, I get it. We can’t yell, “Tree” or “Rock”, but you get to yell, “Chicken farm.”

100 thoughts on “Barnyard (1/10) Movie CLIP – Farm Surfing (2006) HD”

  1. going to homeroom at school

    otis,pig,freddy,peck,pip, –me

    raccoon — one person in my way

    tree– a whole bunch of people in my way

    rock — teacher in my way

    barn — homeroom

  2. 0:25 – 2:06 imagine Timmy Turner, Jimmy Nutron, Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star, and Danny Phantom are in the same position as Otis and his friends are.
    Timmy: Danny? Are we not suppose to yell "rock"?

  3. Otis: Chicken farm!
    Pip: I get it. We can’t yell “Tree” or “Rock”, but you get to yell, “Chicken farm”.

  4. Damn I don’t think I’ve seen this movie ever since back in like 2007 or something… I was like 3 at the time. I don’t remember anything of this movie sadly but I do remember watching that tv show a lot lol.
    Btw 0:13 turn on English captions lmao

  5. Kevin James voices a talking cow that goes surfing and kills a guy. What more could you want from a movie?

  6. I turned on the captions and noticed something. After the the mouse says “in times like this I really like to say..” instead of the captions reading “oh caca!” It reads “órale pinche puto!”

  7. 1/10?

    What the hell?

    More like 9/10.

    Would've been 10/10 if it ended with Otis just…. Standing there….. Menacingly….

  8. This movie was child hood and now im older and now I’m confused….. since when did male cows have udders lol 😂

  9. Oh one more thing I don't mean to let school down but every time I have a hard day, or the teacher just gets a little grumpy I watch one of these videos, and it makes me feel better, and damn the music in the background it's so aventurous, like me! Haha

  10. hello everyone if your reading this please your being warned
    Note:This is final chance to leave

    Sorry if its this deep

    nearly there

    almost there guys

    wow i think this is endless

    approaching the message




    so did you know that the main character(white cow)……(forgot his name)has the milk producer thing so what im saying is he is a she

  11. 1:58 Cory: CHICKEN FAAAARM!😫
    🐰Max: Oh, I get it. We can't yell tree or rock, but you get to yell chicken farm.😑

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