Bataleon Party Wave 2020 Snowboard

Hello, welcome at Blue Tomato. I am Björn of Kanoa Trading. Here in Austria I am responsible for Bataleon
Snowboards. Here I present to you the new line the upcoming winter 19/20.
We’ve got here the Bataleon Party Wave. As the shape might already tell, the board can be ridden five
to ten centimetres shorter than your regular all mountain board. Wide
and short shape, a fun shape, so to speak. We have installed a Low Camber, we have the Freeride Triple Base, with the extreme uplift of the Sidekick in the nose and tail area. It’s clearly visible here. This helps to get buoyancy in powder
and also on the slopes, to smoothen the snow. So, to give you
a smoother running behaviour on the board. Like I said, it can be
ridden five to ten centimetres shorter than you used
to ride a regular all mountain board. The board doesn’t just feel awesome in powder or off-piste, it’s great on-piste as well. The board is ultra much fun to carve on the slopes. It’s available in three
different sizes: 148 cm, 151 cm and 154 cm. Just check if there’s a right size for you. If you’re looking for a fun shape, a fun board for on and off-piste,
then the Party Wave is just perfect for you. Party on. Feel the party wave and have fun with the Bataleon Party Wave this winter.

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