Batman Has Zero F***s | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim

Tell me… Do you bleed? Before you answer, just know
that I don’t give a [bleep] J.K.
I give so many [bleeps] Inside that bag
are all the [bleep] I give. It’s empty. [ Thunder crashes ] Darn it! I’ll just run over
to the [bleep] store. It’s open till 9:00. Oh, no, it’s 9:02. Enough with this silliness.
Your fight is not with me. There is a greater threat. Oh, look!
A vending machine! And there’s one
[bleep] left. All right, you’re gonna
check your pockets and say something like,
“Oh, man, I don’t have a dollar. Looks like I can’t
give a [bleep]” So don’t waste your time. But I have a dollar. [ Thunder crashes ] [ Beeping ] Oh, no! The [bleep] got stuck. I cannot believe you went to all
that effort just for this bit. I’m out of here. Got your [bleeps] here! Fresh hot [bleep]
two for a dollar! No, no, no,
he left, bro. He’s already gone.

100 thoughts on “Batman Has Zero F***s | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim”

  1. This is serious? these guys just commented one sentence of the video and got like… thousands of likes?

    Santa Madre de Dios

  2. For about 4 frames, Superman's fingers are cut off. Did they not have him totally in shot when taking the pictures?

  3. This is totally not believable. Batman wouldn't have a dollar. He'd have his Bat credit card, he never leaves the cave without it.

  4. If Superman stayed


    Batman: “Oh look, more fucks. But oh no! I spent my last dollar.”

  5. I would not be surprised if Batman built a fuck store right next to where they meet just for the skit


  6. What batman wanted to say when the fresh hot fucks guy showed up: "oh no, looks like I already spent my last dollar" devilish grin

  7. Batman :
    What about you Wonder Woman?
    Do you BLEED ??

    Wonder Woman :
    Yes I am, I'm in my PERIOD now, so STFU…


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