Beautiful Romania – Snowboarding in Busteni 2017 | 02

Hello friends and good morning! Today we are going to take a ride with our snowboards To have some little fun, shoot some time lapses. Just a little fun And Ollo…. Will teach us how to snowboard! Right Ollo? The Great Ollo! No…not quite haha Welcome to Busteni 🙂 This is my first… Lap on a snowboard… …after three years I think… And I really love to snowboard! Right on, *****! It was AWESOME! 🙂 The first lap of the year 2017 ~amateur invisible guitar solo~ Good job, mate! Good job! Woah! Lots of…kids… Not too many moms, you know! :)) HAHA! Next One! Wooooaaaaah!!! What do you think about today? Awesomeeee Awesome Finally awesome! Really awesomeeeeeee :))

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