Beginner Paddle Surfing : Prone Paddling on a Paddleboard

In this clip, you know, generally the progression
that you want to use to get up on the board is you know, you start with the prone surfer
position. By doing that you’re going to make sure that you’re not going to injure yourself.
This is a big board and having this paddle in the equation too, makes things a little
more difficult. So, if you’re going to fall in this scenario, and which you definitely
will the first time around, you’d rather fall from a lower base than you know, if you’re
actually standing upright. So, once you go from the surfer position, that’s the first
step of progression, that’s when you can actually lead yourself up to the next steps which would
be getting up on your knees. Paddling on the surf board in the prone position, the way
that’s going to help you is for instance: if you see out here, we actually have some
small waves, if you need to get out past those waves before you want to actually try standing
up to where it’s actually smooth rolling swell out there. The perfect way to do it is paddle
out there in the prone position. If you’re actually trying to teach yourself up here
where there’s waves and you know different things breaking, it’s just going to become
more and more difficult and although this is a very basic sport, that first prone position
paddling is also going to help you stretch out your arms, which can actually get pretty
tired after you go for a long distance paddle.

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