Behind the Scenes With Elena Hight

(light music) I am originally from Hawaii, and when my family
relocated to the mountains, my dad had been surfing his whole life. That was his sport and the next
best thing was snowboarding. So, he taught all of us kids to snowboard and it really was like a family outing. I’ve been competing in
halfpipe for 15 years and it’s really challenging
in a lot of ways. Obviously, you’re on a competition stage. Everyone’s looking at you
and you have to perform under pressure, and in opposition to that, I’ve gotten into this
big-mountain riding side of snowboarding with no
other humans in sight a lot of times and have
to perform under pressure but in a very different way. I’ve gotten a little bit into this human-powered snowboarding. I’m really passionate about it. It is basically being
able to access mountains without any sort of
machinery, so no chairlifts, snowmobiles, helicopters,
just your own two feet, and you use a split
board, which is basically a snowboard that splits in
half and turns into skis so you can hike up the mountains
and ride them back down all on your own power,
and it’s a really cool way to experience wilderness. I started working with Protect
Our Winters a while ago. Protect Our Winters is a really
great organization founded by another professional
snowboarder really just trying to get the winter sports
athletes and organizations involved in protecting winter
and protecting our Earth so that we can do the things that we love. We basically go in and teach
kids about climate change, and that’s a really fun program. Kids are so excited about the
Earth and how they can help protect it, and that’s a really fun thing to be apart of as well. I would say the biggest
change that I’ve ever made in my life is actually leaving
this life of competitive snowboarding, to getting
into the backcountry, pursuing filming, and really
trying to tell stories through film, rather than competition. I think that’s what life is all
about, is being able to have those evolutions and those
periods of time where you can kind of turn to the next
chapter in your life and push yourself in new ways. I’ve been really lucky
to live a life that leads to me pushing my boundaries and we’re so used to
being in our comfort zone and living a normal way
and having the security, and I think as humans
we’re more drawn to that, but when you can step
outside that comfort zone and really push yourself
and push your boundaries, whether it’s mentally or
physically or really any way. I think that’s really where
all the magic happens. (upbeat music)

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