I’m the king of rock and roll now and
welcome you to the greatest city in the world Las Vegas baby thank you thank you
very much we are here in Las Vegas and we’re going to show you more than 20
things to do in 2020 make sure you stick around to the end where sandy gets super
embarrassed by two male dancers and we get spotted from one of our filipino
subscribers so before we get started if you haven’t been to our channel before
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up and leave a comment and say hi what are the most popular things to do and in
Las Vegas is take a picture with this iconic sign right here
this sign is the most recognizable sign in the world and a couple of fun facts
about it it was placed here in 1959 it was designed by a woman and cost only
four thousand dollars alright so a little fun fact why are you here a
little Travel hack that we have it’s definitely get here early the line does
get extremely extremely long here and before you know you’re waiting in line
over a half an hour how long were you gonna get a shot with the side ok
another travel hacks don’t tell anyone but you see everybody waiting in the
line to get that dead center shot you just walk over about 10 feet walk right
up get your picture the signs there nobody else in the background and you
don’t have to wait in the long line so definitely take that tip because it’s
going to save you about an hour because look at this line an exhilarating thing to do here in Las
Vegas is take a helicopter ride high above those strip lines you can take a
trip down the strip for starting at 100 bucks for about 12 to 15 minutes a ride
or you can go all the way to the Grand Canyon land in the Grand Canyon and have
a sip of champagne over there and I think that starts around $400 a little
fun fact about this helicopter is that Jimmy use them to take me into the Grand
Canyon and propose so this company has a very special place in our hearts one of
the cool things about maverick is wherever you are in your hotel and your
house anywhere pretty much here in Vegas they’ll send a shuttle out to get you
pick you up at certain time and take you here for free well it’s not for free you
got to pay for with the price of a helicopter but at least you can get here
and now we’re having to have to worry about transportation all right so if you got a few dollars in
spending the night to get rid of I would definitely recommend checking out one of
these Las Vegas Golden Knights games it is so much fun so much energy in their
action-packed it’s so crazy to have a hockey game in the middle of the desert
when it’s a hundred and fifty degrees outside and 70 degrees in there
definitely a must-see gifts gifts and more gifts that’s what
everybody wants back at home when they know you’re coming to Las Vegas so this
is the world’s the largest gift shop and iconic spot in Vegas if you’re here you
definitely got to go and spend a couple hours weighs 20 bucks and get a bunch of
junk that you don’t need to bring back to people it’s huge
it goes all the way from there wraps around all the way to here so no matter
what you’re looking for shot glasses ashtrays t-shirts whatever it is little
mini showgirls you’re gonna find it here shot glass with your name on it
oh yeah they got you covered if you need souvenirs I would recommend this place
right here so if you’re coming to Vegas the mob museum is definitely a place you
want to check out this place right behind me cost 42 million dollars to
build and it shows all the history and craziness and all the epic stuff that
the mob did and bad stuff to build Las Vegas there’s a speakeasy down in the
basement you go down there get a couple of drinks if you want and it’s just a
really cool spot to come if you’re a local to get in the mob see them cost
about 17 bucks if you’re out of state cost about 30 bucks another Las Vegas treasure is the neon
boneyard this place is really awesome it’s all the old neon signs from the
hotels from the past that were on the strip down town actually literally the
Hard Rock just closed and they have the guitar right there that might be the
biggest thing they have back there so it is $30 for a one hour experience in the
main boneyard which is this one right here or $24 for a 25-minute experience
in the North gallery I would go for the 30 and see all the bigger signs and a
way bigger gallery if you’re looking for some off the beaten path something kind
of crazy different out of this world there is a zombie apocalypse competition
here in Vegas they’ve got a lot of things like this all around town this
one goes for about 119 coming here shoot the heck out of each other by zombies
they’re trying to attack you a really cool idea check it out so if shopping is
your thing this town has it all world-class shopping whether you’re at
the Fashion Show Mall or Crystal’s where they have Chanel Tom Ford Gucci or the
Grand Canal Shoppes has a whole selection of stores pretty much every
hotel has its own boutique shops so if you want to go shopping yeah I got
plenty of choices when you come here if you’re thinking about getting married
this is definitely one of the places to come little chapel the West Las Vegas
been here for over 75 years what are some of the celebrities that have got
ready so Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton got married here and Richard
Gere and Cindy Crawford Zsa Zsa Gabor Dudley Moore whole bunch of people has
that old fashioned feel it’s pretty cool another beautiful gym in the Las Vegas
Valley is the Smith Center for the Performing Arts yes we love to Smith
Center we’ve been part of the Smith Center since day one actually filmed the
installation of these poles in the Smith Center and if you want I can put a link
up there and you guys you check it out but the Smith Center is where everything
in Vegas happens great show latest Broadway musicals will eventually come
through the Smith Center and just something amazing to bring all that
cultural spirit in a town that is not really known for that put this missing
on your list check out a Broadway play everybody’s here this semester check it
out all these polls are different heights and different colors would
represent different notes in a song so this is actually the fanfare for the
common man and I don’t know how you can wrap your head around it but if you can
you could figure it out but one of the really cool things that nobody really
knows about a little hidden secret come on over here the last poll right here
it’s silver they left this one unpainted so that you could find a little hidden
treasure here over at the Smith Center Hotels what is Vegas known for all of
the insane hotels here on the strip whether you want something from the
circus circus all the way up to the Waldorf Astoria there is something for
everyone the Cosmo is kind of what we like that modern style is super cool
whatever your style is there’s a hotel for you container park is a great place
to hang out and let the kiddos run free and as the name suggests it’s made from
repurposed shipping containers this is a really great place all the
kids to come and hang out have fun just be free listen to some live music go to
the speaker room build some Legos and play Connect four so something that you should definitely
check out is the dome right behind us for 25 bucks you can see shows all day
long Led Zeppelin YouTube YouTube util so the
dome is really cool one of the major tracks just down here
at container park is right behind me as the praying mantis we’re gonna come back
in a couple hours when it gets dark because that’s what all the magic
happens alright so right here we have what is formally known as the
stratosphere it is now called the strat and you probably know it because of all
the amazing rides at the top we have four rides x-scream insanity the Big
Shot and the new sky jump the sky jump you you leap 829 feet down to the
landing pad holy crap me and Jimmy are gonna do it I hope cross fingers we do
it I don’t know why the hell I’m gonna do this thing with her she’s talking me
into it told us we need to do it about a year ago we went to Tony Robbins walked
on hot coals I’m gonna master that internal strength that I learned from
walking on the coals I don’t know that same you talked me into taking this leap
here and I hate hate hate hate so let’s see we can go what else we got here
alright so if you want to do the rides you can get an all-day ride pass for
39.95 and if you want to jump off it’s a 12999 investment to take the leap and
get your blood pumping and get to the next level of craziness
I don’t know now if you’re looking for a little luxury while you’re in Las Vegas
did you know that you can rent a sports or starting at $199 I don’t know who
would want to come in here and drive some of these cars and just have a
wonderful one-of-a-kind experience down on the Las Vegas Boulevard with the time
this is definitely a win-win for everybody
I like the orange one I don’t know if there’s a clash of my hair what is Vegas
known for entertainment you got shows world-class shows there is
underwater shows they’re sexy shows there’s kids shows there’s magic shows
comedy shows pretty much anything you can imagine there’s a show for it here
after show you might want to go check out the nightlife at these clubs we have
here we have DJs from around the world in addition to the night clubs we have
day club pool parties it’s just like a nightclub with the lights on and you
have water to play in with all the same amazing DJs from around the world if you
haven’t heard of dig this well you need to dig this they have heavy machinery
that you can operate bulldozers excavators and you know what they even
offer and so you lose a lot of money on the strip you know pissed off and they
have something called the aggression session which is where you can crush a
car to death and it’s six hundred and fifty dollars to do something like that
the prices starting at 169 to do some of the other experiences and I don’t know
it’s kind of one of those off-the-wall Vegas things but if you’re into diggin
stuff no trip to Las Vegas would be complete without going outdoors there’s
some amazing things to do here the first one that we recommend is definitely
checking out Hoover Dam it was built in 1936 and contains enough concrete to
build a freeway from LA to New York and the dam provides power to 1.3 million
people in Arizona Nevada and California the next thing that we would recommend
for an outdoor activity would be hiking or driving the loop at Red Rock the loop
is 13 miles long and the entry fee is $15 per car so depending on the time of
year that you come to Vegas another must-see spot is Mount Charleston
if you come during the wintertime you can go snowboarding always 60 miles away
from the city if you come during the summertime you
want to escape the heat a little bit goes to the mountains go for a hike and
check out some of the waterfalls it’s just a really good place to go to
connect with nature so if you come to Vegas and you do scheduling a little bit
of action time you can always head over to the Grand Canyon which is about four
to five hours away at its widest point the Grand Canyon is 18 miles wide and
about 6,000 feet deep and it’s carved out by the Colorado River
the Skywalk cost about 80 bucks per person and you have to wear these little
booties on your feet to protect the glass they built the Skywalk to
withstand 100 mile an hour winds and a magnitude 8.0 earthquake if you haven’t
seen it you got to see it at least once in your lifetime so if speed is a thing
speed Las Vegas has got your back you can race around this track Lamborghinis
Ferraris all these sports cars you name it you can do that here but if that kind
of car is not your thing they just opened a dirt track where you can raise
Baja trucks holy crap how cool is that it starts at 395 and that’s what you
want to do when you come to Vegas check speed Las Vegas out so another great
spot to walk around and explore is the link there’s so many cool restaurants
bars shops the ferris wheel behind us and then just like artists on the side
that you can purchase there for the artwork is really amazing street
performers sugar candy drinks burger sugar back there did we mention I love
sugar I name anything you want you got it here so not only do the kids get to
have all this fun walking around here the parents do to $3 other sides
not only can you get a $3 jello shot but for 40 bucks you can get an
eight-foot-tall drinkin Slurpee Oh crazy drink that better has the good alcohol
wonderful 40 can go fly the zip lines yeah
the fly link zipline is $30 or you can pay an extra 10 and get an express
upgrade so you cut the line all right so if you do want to run on
the high roller first wheel it is $25.00 before five o’clock or 37 dollars after
I recommend the night time one because seeing the lights of Las Vegas is
spectacular and they also have specials where for 50 bucks right now you can do
the zipline plus the high roller so that’s pretty good deal when you’re in
Vegas you need to check out the Brooklyn ball and an amazing venue to watch
concerts she feels pregnant after all the fun and
funny games – done you got to pay them in you got to pay the gentleman Jimmy
I’m gonna kill you and that is the fun of Vegas my friends
so if you come down here have an extra 10 25 ones whatever get yourself a
little street performer have a good time all right we are waiting for the light
show the Viva was it Viva vision light show and now there’s 49 million LED
lamps so we will see what show they put on at 7:00 p.m. City so quick crazy
story we’re walking down here Fremont Street this guy’s from the Philippines
says he recognizes us so we’re gonna go at them real quick oh my god so he’s so
funny he passed by he goes hey Filipino I watch your vlog and I didn’t hear I
watch your block first he just pointed to the Filipino flag on his jack and I
go that’s kind of funny we’re in Las Vegas
why is he like pointing out Filipino and then he says i watch your vlog and I’m
like get out of here all around the world doesn’t matter
where we at it’s just fun and as the people that we meet amazing goes up your
heart every time love it the largest big screen on the planet
please enjoy sights and sounds of the sounds
presentation the smell of marijuana is pretty strong just so you know it is
legal in the state and right now it’s pretty aromatic the killers had a killer
spawn plane at the time but we were scared we put it up YouTube might take
it down so enjoy this song thank you so much for checking out our what to do in
Vegas video we hope we got you covered you come to Vegas with all these cool
things yeah don’t be a hound dog you come on out to Las Vegas baby
I’ll see it thank you thank you very much


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