Big Wave Surfer – Gabriel Villaran – Ep 1

My name is Gabriel Villaran. We are here in the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. One of my goals this year is to be one of the top big wave surfers of the world in the Big Wave World Tour circuit. Gabriel has taken the right path by choosing to focus his career on big waves because he is a solid and advanced surfer. There is a big difference between surfing small waves and big waves. When you are surfing the big waves, your life is in danger. You’re playing with your life. I think I became curious of the big waves when I was a kid and when my friends bothered me. Actually, I was pretty scared of the waves, who wouldn’t be? The other kids would bother me saying that I only liked small waves. It was because of that that I wanted to prove them wrong, so that’s when I decided that I had to start surfing big waves. One day by chance, I went to Pico Alto with some Kon tiki friends and grabbed some good waves. Since then I realized that there was something I liked about that. Chasing the Swell was a project that we did with Red Bull in 2012. It was an idea I had a long time ago, to pursue the same swell through the Pacific Ocean, going from south to north and making two or three stops to surf the same swell in different countries. It was an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life. The waves in the three countries were good, solid. North Shore at Oahu is the perfect place to train, it has all the scenarios you can think and imagine. You can surf bad waves, good waves, perfect waves, giant waves. You can do yoga, run along the beach, and swim in the sea. You even have organic food in many places that helps you a lot to be well fed. And it has a climate that varies every five minutes, it’s amazing because that makes you ready for everything. You just have to have one goal: catch the biggest wave, surf it and don’t fall. It’s perhaps easier for me but at the same time gives me a lot of adrenaline and I think that is what fills me as a surfer. The best thing for me is that someone can do a sport and give it all doing it, right? I mean, deliver everything, to give even your life to do what you love.

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  1. I have no idea what's going on in this video but I have learned Brazil has beautiful men. Thanks red bull for the informative surfing video.

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