Big Wave Surfing in Chile, Peru, and Mexico – Red Bull Chasing the Swell 2012

A historic surge heads to Chile, Peru, and Mexico …in a matter of one week. I was in Europe participating in some tournaments, but the swell had such magnitude that it caught the attention of all big wave surfers. Hey Ramon… Ok perfect, I’ll call you once I’m in Santiago. Bye. Every time Ramon and I see on the Internet that the waves have perfect conditions, we do our best to follow them… So, we went to Chile, Peru and Mexico. The next morning we went directly to Ramon’s house and there weren’t any waves. It went down a bit. It was a relief to see that the swell had arrived, because this meant it would make it to Peru and Mexico. Good session men! Amazing. We didn’t make our flight that night to Peru. We had to sleep at the airport, so that we would get the first flight in the morning. We knew that the swell would be there in the course of the morning. Pico Alto is a wave that is more intense then dangerous. Ramon surfed really well that day. At the final he fell and hit himself with his board. Then he didn’t have time to catch some air because the wave pulled him in… so he had a tough time. Unfortunately, we couldn’t count on a great surfer for Puerto Escondido. This is probably one of the most difficult projects that I’ve participated in my life, because of the importance of the waves, the magnitude of the swell and the physical effort that it demanded. For me it was a new experience. I’ve never surfed in Puerto Escondido with waves of that magnitude. I saw a mountain of water behind me, did a half turn and started paddling like crazy… and my board went perfectly with the wave. Thank God I did everything ok and got the chance to see one of the greatest visions that I’ve seen in a while. We took a chance… and its true that sometimes you can lose, but when you win, you can win a lot.

52 thoughts on “Big Wave Surfing in Chile, Peru, and Mexico – Red Bull Chasing the Swell 2012”

  1. This video is awsome *-*
    But it would be interesting if we could see the whole surf,
    when the jetski tears him in till the end.

  2. Yes but this doesn't involve bungee jumping in a porta potty or voluntarily getting maced in the face (or any other part or my body…:)

  3. I met one of the photographers for this video on a plane from Panama City to Lima last month. He showed me the unedited version of this video. Sooo cool! What's up, Roger!

  4. Bad editing. Quick cuts prevent us from seeing if he made it or not. Unwatchable. I would think a company the size of Red Bull would be able to hire a better film maker.

  5. amazing!!! First time I saw a video of Ramon was pipeline I think, with all the biggest names in surfing, him being a goofy got to the finals and when I heard he was like what!!!!
    I'm a goofy Peruvian surfer living in japan and I get a lot of inspiration with goofy surfers like ROB MACHADO, CLAY MARZO, CRAIG ANDERSON and from latinoamerica RAMON NAVARRO.
    good for villaran and all the latinoamerican surfers too.

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