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Hello to our Blade & Soul family in North America and Europe. My name is Jaehong Kim and I am in charge of the Blade & Soul service for North America and Europe. I am very happy to meet you through this video. In honor of Blade & Soul’s 4th anniversary in the West, I would like to talk about what the future holds for the game, and reveal some details about the upcoming dungeon and third specializations some of you are curious about. With the launch of Frontier World, we wanted everyone to get a fresh start in a newly created Blade & Soul UE4 environment. Frontier World will be supported independently from the existing Blade & Soul servers. We will continue to keep Frontier World updated for optimized gameplay to provide the best possibly gaming experience. We will continue to add more classes and legendary dungeons of higher difficulty. We’re also considering introducing new systems, such as giving dungeons seasonal progression, to add new player gameplay growth goals. From the story side, the current saga will end with Act 11 In the next saga (starting with Act 12), new ties will unfold for your character as you contiue to explore an ever expanding world while continuing your journey with familiar faces into new lands. It definitely is challenging to add an additional specialization, since we want to provide new battle (gameplay) techniques while maintaining the unique characteristics of each class We are always working towards finding ways to maintain the unique class characteristic resulting in a experience that is fun and something we can be proud of. For the Assassin’s third specialization, our core concept was making assassins seem more assassin-like. These assassins absorb their targets’ shadows and utilize them to empower their abilities. They turn their opponent’s shadows into the instrument of their own demise. They can use crowd control skills on multiple targets, which can turn the tides of battle for parties, or they can use shadows in RvR (realm vs. realm) combat to control multiple targets in an area. We have a plan to add new class who’s focused on using orbs and divine energy. We cannot share more information since we are still in the concept development stage but we are designing the class with the idea of exploring new features that would expand the player’s combat experience The new legendary dungeon, “The Steelbreaker” has three bosses. Players will face against “REV-A DEV-A,” a complex automaton that uses magnetic energy in the underground Silversteel passageway, “TPK 5000,” a mega automaton who runs the Steelbreaker, the ultimate weapon of the Silversteel Army. Lastly, players will have to defeat the ultimate automaton created by siblings, Zinji and Hyon. In Act 11, your journey will follow Mushin to the Divine Realm and what he’s been up to while there. You will encounter new characters, along with the old ones such as Jinsoyun who will play an important role. Please look forward to it in the game We did receive a lot of feedback since we introduced the Shackled Isles PvP mode. And from that feedback, we have discovered a number of combat related issues that have a negative impact on the overall experience and we are looking for solutions to the issues We are also trying to revise the level design and game rules so that the game can be played more strategically as the play zone continues to change and move.

10 thoughts on “Blade & Soul Developer Q&A”

  1. this is the saddest shit I've seen so far, apart from the producer's letter this year about 2019.

    literally not a single player in the whole EU/NA playerbase has ever asked these questions.

    the disconnection between the playerbase and the devs is just, insanity. amazing.

    on top of that: you didnt even arse to put in subs in the video so instead people have to use youtube caption. are you serious ncsoft and ncwest? xd

  2. love to see more videos like these! devs should always tend to be more transparent and listen to player feedback.
    this is certainly a step into the right direction!

    i´m looking forward to returning to the game once UE4 has rolled out.
    to me it was a bummer to find out that 6v6 PVP content was gear based, and that PVE content need months of grinding for you to reach the endgame and join your friends that are ahead of you in the game and with their gear. (most raid parties don´t even want to take you with them because you do not have peak attack stats for example… very discouraging)

    i hope the dev team can work something out to make pvp more fun again with equal player stats regardless of gear (for 6v6 etc) and make it possible for returners, to rejoin their friends faster without needing to grind for months.

    nothing i would love to see more than blade & soul flourish again!

  3. It's nice to finally see some of the faces behind the game from the KR team.

    However the Q&A seemed pretty random with these questions and the developers seemed pretty uneasy and as if they'd read everything from paper without actually talking to the players.

    If these Q&A's would happen more frequently with questions centered around a specific topic and the dev's being more engaging with the viewers it might be a first step into a good direction. But in this format it just seems a bit… off currently.

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