Blue Crush (3/9) Movie CLIP – Broken Board (2002) HD

You could have stayed
down longer than that. I’m tired of holding
my breath, Eden.[ Anne Marie ]
God, shejust loves
pissing me off.Look at her.
She’s not out here to get waves.
Shejust wants to get attention.What does she
see in those guys?
They’re such burnouts.– Same thing you did.
– What? Cut body and a nice cutback. Oh, great.
She got a bad attitude. It’s not who she is.Inside.! Got it.!
I’m on it.! Get off!.Hey, beat it.!Hey, hey, hey.!
Got it.!Hey.!
Hey, where you been?I’m on it.! Get off!.[ Anne Marie ]
Drew, I got it.!Hey! – I had the section.
What’s your problem?
– You need to grow up. It’s not my fault you broke
your board, you stupid kook.
You’re a kook. Don’t drop in on me again.
That’s right, go home.
Beat it.Donkey.

8 thoughts on “Blue Crush (3/9) Movie CLIP – Broken Board (2002) HD”

  1. I have Blue Crush and North Shore on the same DVD. When you drop in on someone it's called snaking someanes wave. Don't do it !!!! Specially in Hawaii. A brawl will break out.

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